Tuberville’s fate might be sealed

One of the main arguments for keeping Tommy Tuberville at Auburn is the cost of the buyout. However, that isn’t going to be a problem, according to one trustee.

The Auburn Beat
“I feel whatever decision (Gogue) makes, he will advise Board members,” McWhorter said. “We have $6 million, but we don’t want to spend $6 million.”

Will Auburn fire Tuberville now or wait until the end of the season? Will Auburn’s leaders risk Tuberville working his magic and raising another finger?

This is going to be one interesting November and December with turmoil engulfing Auburn and Knoxville. Expect a few briefings on UT’s coaching search as it develops.

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    Evan Woodberry is trying to make a big deal out of the fact that the trustees wouldn’t come out and make a statement, but that’s a red herring and he knows it. The main reason Auburn got put on probation by SACS was due to trustees meddling in athletic affairs. Woodberry knows good and well the trustees aren’t going to comment on whether the head football coach should be fired in light of the past, especially one of the trustees that was on the jet in 03. The only amazing thing is that Spina was stupid enough to come out and make a comment before the WVa game.

    Woodberry is also trying to make McWhorter’s comment about the $6 mil seem gratuitous, but I bet it wasn’t. In fact, I’m sure Woodberry specifically asked McWhorter if Auburn even had $6 mil for the buyout, and McWhorter simply responded that Auburn did have $6 mil but that doesn’t mean they want to spend it. McWhorter was stupid to take the bait and answer, but that’s not suprising. He was an idiot when he got on that plane in 2003 also.

  2. 3

    You spelled ‘believe’ wrong Grammer Queen. If Alabama beats Auburn the whole Auburn ‘family’ will turn on him.

  3. 4

    Well Ballplay, Tech just put down Texas, Bama is going to number one, something we can only dream about, speaking of dreams last night I had a dream that Saban left Bama and our team was good, how ridiculous is that? Our coach sucks, our team sucks, I suck, you suck. You know we have zero chance at a bowl game now don’t you? Did you buy into any of my spewage about Saban going to USC? Do you think any Bammers bought it? I know, I know, why would Saban leave the best school in the country because money does not drive Saban, We would pay Saban twice what Bama is paying him to come to our shithole, we might as well, we are paying a half dozen coaches now that are not even at our outhouse. Ballplay, can it get any worse? We have a TEN year coach that can’t get us NOTHIN for the trophy case, Saban will continue to beat us recruiting and whip our ass on the field as long as he is there for years to come. Please come over tomorrow and snuggle with me and make me feel better. I love you!

  4. 7

    Hmmm, I guess i really hit a nerve when I mentioned that USC will be lookin’ at Saban when Pete Carroll bolts to the NFL. You bammers are still trying to smear me for it a week later. Just remember bammers, there was a reason that Saban specifically demanded a “no buyout for taking another job” clause. You’ll understand why in the not-so-distant future.

  5. 8

    Evan Woodberry is one of the few Auburn beat reporters who has the balls to ask the really tough (read, unpopular) questions. Time and time again, he has avoided the weekly spin machine to ask the questions that make some people squirm.
    Lets be honest, We dont want to hear the weekly excuse/hype machine. Hell anyone can sit there like a sycophant and write down the information like a secretary. We wont to know the real news, potential problems and upsides that could effect us down the road. In Aubuen there are 2 types of reporters. Evan woodberry and Phillip Marshall. I would take my news from Evan Woodberry any day of the week.
    He is not a Bama homer. But I respect him as a reporter for the times he has jumped out of the lock-step.

  6. 9

    You sure do keep up with the contract obligations for Alabama coaches. I dont think Coach Saban will be going anywhere though he is practically a God already.
    he is a commited man when it comes to building great programs.
    And well, Both he and his wife have donated tons of time and money to the community and charities in Tuscaloosa. I.E. they have put down roots. But hey, if that is what you have to tell yourself to compensate for Auburn’s latest down fall…. Knock yourself out.

  7. 10

    One more thing Ballplay/julio,
    EVERY PREDICTION YOU HAVE EVER MADE HAS BEEN, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. So nobody is really scared of this prediction of DOOM and GLOOM in T-Town….
    Sorry, Bama is a top tier program. #1 in the Nation. We dont really have a lot of the problems getting Coaches that a lower tier or mid major school like Auburn would have.

  8. 11

    Wait… I just had a thought…. Maybe CTT can get the job out in USC…. No….nevermind… I forgot they dont even know who tommy tuberville is…..But still, he will probably be out there “hunting” and making jackasses of himself and the auburn faithful if someone doesnt chain him down.

  9. 12

    Julio, man you are brilliant! How do you know so much about Saban’s intentions? I’ll tell you how, you don’t, that is only your inner soul praying that he will leave. You can understand this in the not so distant future, Aub will be an embarassment to the SEC. Oh, I am sorry, that is now. If Aub wants to go to a bowl game this year let me know which one and I will get them some tickets to watch. bwahahahahahahahaha

  10. 13

    If you wish real real hard Julio, Saban may leave so you will feel better. But you hoping he will leave is the only bright spot you Auburn dweebs can hope for now. You hoping he will leave is proof enough to me that you Barners are fearing what Saban is going to do at Bama. Its like deja vu to the old Auburn people. One thing against your USC argument. If Nick and his wife didn’t like living in Miami, she probably won’t like L.A. either. You just worry about who is going to replace Tubbs.

  11. 14

    The idea that Saban would go to USC is, at best, misplaced. While Saban may indeed go somewhere else, it won’t be Southern Cal.

    Of course, if my biggest rival got to #1 in 22 games while our coach couldn’t do it in ten years, I’d want him to go away too.

  12. 15

    Wow, tmc considered my predictions about Saban and USC to be so lacking in credibility that he felt the need to post 4 separate replies in response. Yes, it’s obvious that you aren’t the slightest bit worried about it, tmc.

    Brando, it’s pretty easy to understand Saban’s “intentions’. He made them quite clear when he insisted on a one way buyout provision in his contract that is absolutely unprecedented in the history of college football. You can ignore that all you like, but all you’re doing is sticking your head in the sand. Saban insisted on that clause for one obvious reason: he knew there were some other jobs out there that he would be interested in, and he wanted the unfettered freedom to take them if they came along. I’m not saying there are a lot of jobs he would leave for. But look at this objectively (if that’s possible)..USC is far and away the best job in college football. If Saban can get that job, and USC offers 5.5 or 6 mil per year (which they could), of course he would take it. The question is not whether Saban would take the job if offered, but only whether USC would offer it to Saban. I think they would, because it’s the safest move they could make. I think another good fit for USC would be Chris Peterson from Boise State (who I would love for Auburn to hire if they did fire Tubs), but Saban is safer because he’s more proven. You bammers can hurl your empty insults at me in response all you like, but I’d like for you to point out one thing I’ve said that is wrong.

    P.S. That’s great that Saban put up 1 Mil for the scholarship fund at Bama (I truly mean that), but you’re dreaming if you think he would even think 1 second about that if USC came calling offering $5 or $6 mil.

  13. 16

    Julio: Blah blah bah blahblahblah. Pure speculation from a proven Bama hater. Keep on hoping though. It aint happening anytime soon. Saban is getting older, and according to him he will probably retire in 10 years. Not much time left to go moving around again. I am not sticking my head in the sand. I am fully aware on the implications of the contract. He could leave, or he could stay 10 years. You don’t know what his intentions are, so you are trying to manufacture some. You do not personally know him. Again, it is just your speculation. You could be right, but I think you are wrong. Truth is you would trade coaches in a second if he could do for Auburn what he has done for Bama. Your jealousy is showing. But ask yourself this question Auburn Man: What will happen if Saban is at Bama the next 8 years? Speculate on that one, and lets see if you are right about that. Your track record on here is not very good. You suck at predictions, and nothing you have speculated on before has happened. You can say whatever you want, but you are the one who is blinded by your Bama hate.

  14. 17
    Tony Martin is a prophet

    Forget all this crap. What I want to know is when is Tony Martin coming out with a new song about the TIDE??!?!?!

  15. 18

    Brando, I am not merely “speculating”. My prediction is specifically based upon Saban’s own action in demanding that one way buyout. That was not a minor, standard, run of the mill request. To the contrary, it was absolutely unprecedented. When someone makes a demand that bold, you have to stop in your tracks and ask “Why?”. The answer speaks for itself. I really don’t mean to sound insulting in saying this, but if you don’t understand that it’s obvious you have no experience in any type of business negotiations.

    I agree with you on Saban’s ten year window. I think USC will probably come open after 2009. That would leave another 8 or 9 years for Saban to stay at USC, which is a hell of a lot longer than he’s ever stayed anywhere before.

    As to “speculating” on what happens with Saban if he stays at Bama the next 8 years, I’ll tell you the same thing I said when he was hired, when he went 7-6 last year, and this past summer. Saban will drastically improve Bama to a point they have not seen since Stallings. I think he will definitely win the SEC at least once, and possibly twice. (I don’t think it will happen this year, because I think Fla has hit a groove where they are unstoppable.) It goes without saying these days that any team that wins the SEC could possibly win a NC, as well. Auburn’s days of dominating Bama are over, but you’re crazy if you think Bama is about to start dominating Auburn in the same fashion. I think we’re probably gonna go back to the days where Bama and Auburn trade wins at their home games. (Yes, I’m sure you’re convinced that Bama will go 53-3 over the next 4 years and win 3 NC’s. Afterall, it’s not like Fla, UGA, Auburn, LSU, Tenn, Ark, or Ole Miss will be competetive at all.)

  16. 20

    Julio, Bama will start dominating the Auturds with Saban at the helm and maintain all of our records over the turds, so you keep praying Saban will leave. Saban already said this is his last stop so get used to it. And don’t throw Aub in with the Fla’s and Ga’s about being competitive, they will, Aub will not with those East Popcorn State, UAB recruits the great duck hunter is getting. You know what the reason is that none are leaving with the threat of Tubs firing don’t you? NOBODY ELSE WANTS THEM! Which bowl game did you want me to get tickets for the mighty tigahs football team to go watch. Bwahahahahahaha

  17. 21

    “Brando, I am not merely “speculating”. My prediction is specifically based upon Saban’s own action in demanding that one way buyout. That was not a minor, standard, run of the mill request. To the contrary, it was absolutely unprecedented.”

    The 32 mil contract was unprecidented also

  18. 22

    Julio: You are absolutely speculating about his intentions. You don’t know them. I am not arguing about the contract. Saban didn’t have a buyout at Miami or LSU either. You are trying to imply he doesn’t want to be at Bama and he will leave soon as a ‘good’ job in your opinion opens up. Do buyouts really matter anyway? How many coaches get fired a year after negotiating a buyout and extension? You make a big deal over nothing, Mr. Business Negotiator. You hope he leaves so bad you can’t stand it. My opinion (yes I am speculating) is that once he starts winning the Championships, he won’t make the mistake like he did at LSU and leave again. He knows now he wants to be a college coach. He could have had the USC job before Pete Carroll, and he will be there awhile longer too.

    You just worry about your own damn coach and the mess that he has to deal with. Bama is doing just fine, so you can hate that much more. How many coaches will Saban cause Auburn to hire in the next 8-10 years? While we are speculating on the future, I think Bama will put a least 6 on Auburn in a row. Don’t think it can’t happen. But you are no business man, nor a negotiator, and you don’t know crap about Alabama football. Next question.

  19. 23

    You’re an angry little bammer, ain’t ya Brando? I must have really hit a nerve. So sorry. You’re right Brando, it’s just pure “speculation”. There must be a million other reasons why Saban would have demanded a one-way buyout other than wanting to leave for another job(although I can’t think think of a single one, and you haven’t offered one either.)

    P.S. USC is a “good job” only in my “opinion”? Yeah, there’s a real variance in opinion on whether the USC job is worth a crap. Not like that coveted Alabama gig, huh? Tell me again how many coaches have turned Bama down in the last 8 years? (Riley, Beamer, Davis, Rodriguez, Grobe, Saban…oops, forgot. Mal Moore crawled down to Miami on his hands and knees with $32 million dollars and bought Saban despite being turned down. Roll Tide Roll!!!)

  20. 24

    Julio, you are really making a big deal over nothing. You have got to get the last word. You keep your Auburn conspiracy theories going. That is what Auburn people do when they know they are going to be dominated. Bear really had Auburn feeling second rate. Saban is starting to do the same. All you can hope for is that he will leave. I don’t think he will. It is a matter of opinion. All you said was your opinion. I said mine too, and you think you are right and I am wrong. That is cool. Time will tell. But I am not angry, I am very happy with what has been going on at Alabama. Auburn dweebs lurking on Bama sites like you, I just don’t have much respect for. Enjoy your last 3 games, see you next time, when the next Auburn conspiracy comes up. I am sure you are working it out now.

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