It is over in Knoxville: Fulmer won’t be back is reporting that Phil Fulmer won’t return next season as coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. The report by Chris Low cites multiple sources. It also says an announcement is planned for later today at Neyland Stadium.

Tennessee fans excited about the coaching change should brace themselves, at least according to Mr. College Football.

I would say yes but the competiveness of the upcoming coaching search might make Tennessee pull the trigger early. Again, I’ll try to prepare my Tennessee friends. If Tennessee goes looking for a new coach, it will not be an easy search.

More updates later…

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Last Tuesday this article was moved by the AP on Phil Fulmer. It has extensive quotes by Fulmer defending his career record. Here’s a very revealing quote about Fulmer and UT: “This program is much bigger than me or anybody. Nobody wants the best for it more than I do.” I believe him. He loved UT and loved being coach there.


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    Then Lester Miles. . . . Saban has a way of making his school the measuring stick for the rest of the boys heheheheehe

  2. 4

    Ballplay, quit crying and whining just because your team sucks. Reality doesn’t set in very well for you does it?

  3. 5


    Have you guys fired your coach yet?

    Also, if we lost to LSU and Auburn, we probably would not be playing in the SEC championship game (Florida); unless LSU lost another game.

    I guess all Auburn fans are hoping to get that Iron Bowl win to try and make it to the bowl.

  4. 7

    You just destroyed what little credibility you had with the above statement. Barn better get ready for one bad ass whipping this year.

  5. 8
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bushsux….I dont have any credibility to lose. So that arguement is null and void.

    As far as a bowl. I doubt we go. But if we do. We can ask any Alabama fan the way to Shreveport La. After all , yall play there every year.

  6. 9

    I’ve got news for you. Unless ya’ll get a whole lot better in the next couple of weeks the only place the barn will be involved in a bowl game is if they buy tickets to one. Heck, Shreveport is a hell of a lot better than sitting on your @ss at home. Which is what you barners will be doing. Get used to it with Bama back at full force.

  7. 14

    Ballplay, does it do your heart good to try and get in the last word? I have a twelve year old nephew just like that

  8. 17

    Bamaman: Be careful. Ballplay will threaten you with a ‘verbal beatdown’ that he is so proud of. He must really think coming here running off at the mouth is going to help him feel better. Remember the days back in August, where after every article, the first comment was Ballplay Indian saying some smart-ass comment. It was every day, almost every article. Those were the days when he was so sure Auburn was going to win the west, and Alabama was going to get blown out by Clemson.

    Ballplay: Several people owned you just in this thread.

  9. 18

    Wow Ballplay/Julio
    You never cease to amaze me with your total lack of football knowledge.
    Any bowl Bama gets is better than the best Aubbo Tech could land.
    As I recall, at the beginning of the year you were saying Bama would go no where. And Aubbo Tech might make a National championship run. Thus proving you dont know a thing about anything but fantasy football.
    Shouldnt you be rolling next year’s sure-fire, can-miss gimmick for the Aubbos?

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