Ole Miss-Auburn, Alabama-Ark St. and Fl-Ga

Live Blog (test) for the Ole Miss-Auburn game. I thought about giving this a try for next week’s Alabama-LSU game, and what better time to test it than this week. Don’t expect any insightful commentary (like you come here for that anyway…) UPDATE: Will post thoughts on Alabama-Ark St. and Florida-Georgia as things unfold. Also, look for game summary stories below the live blog coverage.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    I know that yall have a boner thinking of Auburns pathetic showing. Just remember this. If yall are numer one going into the Iron Bowl, Auburn will bw more than willing to ruin your season.

  2. 8

    Ballplay, all your tears you have cried won’t magically bring back Brandon Cox, no matter how many days you do it. Why would Auburn wait to the very end to bring it? Don’t you think they would have brought it by last week? It is looking like they have nothing to bring. Your best hope is that Bama takes pity and spots you 21 points before the game starts.

    I hope that Bama runs the score up. You know, for style points.
    Auburn aint ruining no ones season but yours.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Look Brando. I will admit that Auburn is sucking hind titty right now. Its flat out humiliating. It sux. And yes , Bama is looking pretty dang good right now. Very consisitant play from Bama more than anthing else. Im hating football right now. It sux. The only silver lining for our season right now is to ruin yours. Its the only hope that we have. And your right. The odds are heavily in your favor. But I can always hope that we ruin your season. It is all that Auburn has left.

  4. 10

    Ballplay: Sorry for your loss(es). But I told you early in the season it is coming, and you thought I was crazy. I tried to say, hey, Auburn was imploding at the beginning of the season with all the fighting, but I was told I was crazy. Fights happen in practice all the time. You Auburn people are way too slow opening your eyes. But most are starting to seeing it the way it is going to end. The streak is almost over. The Golden Age of Auburn football is done.

  5. 11

    Wow Brando, you’re trying to tell us that you knew Auburn would be 4-5 after 9 games in the season when all those silly fools that call themselves sportswriters had Auburn in the top 10? All because you heard some fights broke out in practice during 2 a days? Wow, you’re quite the forecaster.

    Now that you’ve vented your conspiracy theories, let’s examine the real reason that Auburn has imploded. First and foremost, above all else, Tubs took a huge gamble on Tony Franklin and the spread and it came up completely snake eys. It was a failure of biblical proportions. (and yes, the whining about the other offensive asst’s being nothing but obstacles is true also). That’s 90% of the problem. The reamining 10% is that Auburn is more injured right now than they have been in about 10 years on offense and defense. The injuries probably cost Auburn victories in the Vandy and Ark games. They were mostly healthy for LSU, and they would have lost to Ole Miss and WV anyway. The rest of the talk about team chemistry and the defense “giving up” is garbage. you know why the defense has suddenly looked bad the past few games? Here’s a little snippet from a recent article by Charles Goldberg that might give you a clue:

    “The latest defensive injuries include a possible broken hand for defensive lineman Mike Blanc. The other injuries include noseguard Tez Doolittle (groin), defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks (ankle), who played two plays in the second half of Saturday’s loss to Ole Miss; defensive end Antonio Coleman (two bad ankles), linebacker Josh Bynes (deep thigh bruise), linebacker Craig Stevens (turf toe), linebacker Merrill Johnson (hamstring), cornerback Jerraud Powers (hamstring), cornerback Neiko Thorpe (ankle), defensive end Michael Goggans (ankle). Linebacker Tray Blackmon (wrist) is out for the rest of the season.”

    See, there are 11 players on defense. 4 of Auburn’s starters were pre-season all SEC, i.e Marks, Coleman, Blackmon, and Powers. When all 4 of those guys are injured, the team’s defensive production drops off. I know that’s no fun for you to acknowledge, and you’d much rather blame the dropoff to “team chemistry” and pre-season fights, but the truth is a little more boring.

    P.S. Injuriea are reasons, not excuses. Injuries are part of the game, and you play through the best you can. Contrary to bammer philosophy, this does not mean you place an asterik beside any of the losses. They were losses, plain and simple.

  6. 12

    Julio: I did say when the fighting was going on and that guy transferred there was division on this team. I didn’t predict the record. After the first few Auburn games, you could tell something wasn’t right, and it kept getting worse. Usually Auburn starts slow but gets better toward the end of the year. They progressively got worse this year. But with 2 new coordinators, new QBs and the loss of your best D-lineman, I thought Auburn was over rated at the beginning. I also said that Clemson was over rated also, but Auburn people said that I was biased since Auburn beat them. That is no conspiracy theory. Yeah, I am saying the sportswriters were wrong. When you look at Auburn last year and see what changes were made for this year, you could see this was a rebuilding year for them. No way they should have started in the top 10. And some sports writers did say this, but of course you didn’t read them, you were too busy drinking the Tony Franklin kool-aid.

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