ProFootballTalk slams B’ham’s Dr. Andrews slammed Birmingham surgeon Dr. James Andrews today. Dr. Andrews was quoted in a Los Angeles Times story commenting on the infection problems following Tom Brady’s knee surgery. Andrews told the Times, Brady appeared to be responding to antibiotics. However, PFT blasted Andrews for making a public comment.

Here’s the reality, in our view. These doctors are every bit as competitive as athletes, if not even more competitive. Though Andrews said that ElAttrache is “very knowledgeable and as good a decision maker in taking care of athletic injuries — including complications — as anyone in the world,” we’ve got to think that, at a certain level, Andrews is miffed that the most famous surgeon in the sports world wasn’t asked to operate in the first instance on its most famous football player.

And so when ElAttrache ran into a jam, who did he call? Since God was out of the office that day, ElAttrache settled for the next best entity — Dr. Andrews.

We also can’t help but wonder whether Andrews is trying to get himself in line to be the fixer, in the event that the old-new ACL has to be scrapped and the procedure re-done from scratch.


It would seem unlikely Dr. Andrews would make any public comment on the situation without authorization from Brady’s camp.

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