Horror! Could Erin Andrews bolt ESPN?

The best part of college football just might be Erin Andrews. And now comes an interview in Sports Business Daily—that reports Erin Andrews may be interested in moving beyond her present sideline reporter’s role. Awful Announcing had this take on the revelation:

I can’t say that I’m surprised. I mean when your two favorite sites are People.com and TMZ.com, AND you’re an attractive female, your path is basically laid out in front of you. I could honestly see EA with Kevin Frazier on Entertainment Tonight within the next two years.

I can honestly say the only thing that made the West Virginia-Auburn game watchable was a glimpse of Erin Andrews. OK. Maybe watching Tommy Tuberville get out-coached by the clueless Mountaineer staff was fun too. Andrews was a vast improvement over most of the other female sideline reporters, who looked more like they should be in a Chick-Fil-A commercial than working a football game.

Below find a video via Fandome that shows UT’s Bruce Pearl doing to Erin Andrews what most guys would like to do…

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    Don’t care. She’s dumb as hell and repeats what the Producer says. This story is the shit in the middle of the Twinkie.

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    I’ve never understood the infatuation with Erin Andrews. If anybody remembers her blunder filled two year tenure at TBS as the Braves studio host, you would see that she is one of the most ill prepared and mistake prone sportscasters out there. Every night during the 2003 baseball season was a train wreck waiting to happen. And she hasn’t improved much, if at all. I think ESPN only hired her because they wanted a “hot” blonde to play sideline “reporter” with her “fan Base” consisting of nothing but immature, horny college students.

    Plus, she’s nowhere near being the hottest looking woman on ESPN. Ever heard of Bonnie Bernstein, my personal favorite of anybody at the four letter network???? If there is anybody who combines stunning beauty with sports knowledge and preparation, it’s easily Bonnie, who, I assume, lists her favorite websites as espn.com, nfl.com, nytimes.com, and cnn.com, but not particularily in that order. Let “EA” go to Entertainment Tonight or similar shows. I certainly wouldn’t miss her.

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