Tuberville comments on Ray Cotton

Tommy Tuberville likes Ray Cotton. How much? He compares the recruit to Jason Campbell. Here’s what he had to say watching a high school football game as reported by The War Eagle Reader:

HARWOOD, Md. — “He sure looks like Jason Campbell, doesn’t he?” Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville says.

“He does, Coach. He’s even wearing his number,” I reply.

“He is, isn’t he?” Tuberville says, as Meade High School quarterback Ray Cotton (#17) wings a pinpoint throw toward our side of the field, falling incomplete 15 yards down the field possibly because of the young, chilled hands of a cold receiver.

A few quick questions, is that a public comment on a recruit? I didn’t know coaches could talk about recruits. (Can a blog even be considered a public comment? Was it even fair to Tuberville to report what he likely thought was a private off-the-cuff conversation?)

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Here’s the NCAA rule on public comments prior to signing day:

13.10.2 Comments Before Signing.

Before the signing of a prospective student-athlete to a National Letter of Intent or an institution’s written offer of admission and/or financial aid, a member institution may comment publicly only to the extent of confirming its recruitment of the prospective student-athlete. The institution may not comment generally about the prospective student-athlete’s ability or the contribution that the prospective student-athlete might make to the institution’s team; further, the institution is precluded from commenting in any manner as to the likelihood of the prospective student-athlete’s signing with that institution. Violations of this bylaw do not affect a prospective student-athlete’s eligibility and are considered institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1. (Revised: 1/14/97)


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    Not sure…I’m sure plenty of our folks will find fault and the Barnies will defend…sort of a gray area in my view. Doubt they will put up many roadblocks over this regardless

  2. 3

    Fair enough. But the public was around…right? I would think the NCAA would define public comment anything to people outside the institution. Regardless, I just think it unfortunate the quote was published.

    I think the only result of this will be to make coaches even more reclusive with the public.

  3. 6

    Yea this is just stupid talk and Tubbs better be glad Shane wasnt around or this would be a lynchin! Jeez what is the big deal of course it was PUBLIC they were at a HS FB game on the sidelines for anyone around to hear …
    alot to do about nuthing OH YEA THATS RIGHT we were off and couldnt lose so this is AUburns weekly tounge lashing!


  4. 7

    Cappy, you’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me. Are you seriously calling Tubs out for “pushing the rules”? How many times have you bammers sat here and defended Saban after half the coaches in the SEC said he was repeatedly violating the no contact rule? (Remember the whole reason the “Saban Rule” was adopted?) All the bammers said that the other coaches were just whiners. What does this make you for whining about this bs?

  5. 10

    Come one brother, This is Tommy (The Riverboat Rulebender) and Auburn we are talking about. Their Rules are different from the Rules that everyone else must follow. Because they (and Fat Phil) are the teacher’s snitches in the SEC.

    And on the same subject. Wasn’t Kodi Burns supposed to be the big answer to the Auburn QB question. And wasn’t Chris Todd supposed to be Auburn’s next big thing? And wasnt Caudle, and Trotter, and lets not forget Furr. He was going to be on the Heisman watch his first game. Jesus f*cking Christ…. isnt EVERY QB Auburn recruits supposed to be the “Next Big Thing”? This is just another small-time bullshit county fair fluff piece made in the juggheaded attempt to try to buy Tuberville some time before he flies his pinebox off to his next bunch of gullible dolts.

  6. 11
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1.Who says that ? Ive yet to hear Auburn being called a qb school anyhow. Nor Bama. Heck man JPW OWWNS every qb record at Bama. Is he the answer, or reason for yalls success.

  7. 12

    Hey BLOWER: Is that the best you can come up with? Your team sucks so you come here and suck too? I doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe they can make rule named after Tubs.
    The Tuberville Rule: If you block someone low and from behind, you are ejected from the game. Formerly known as a chopblock, it is now referred to as a ‘Tuberville’

  8. 13

    Part one of a series of stories this week. I present this story to you as what I experienced on Friday night. Coach Tuberville and his assistants did not know that I am part of a blog and their comments were made from coach to fan. I’d like to share some of what I saw, as an Auburn fan. War Damn Eagle. (that should help answer your questions, this is the beggining of the article)…

  9. 15
    Ballplay Indian.

    What a difference six months and sven wins make. Never mind the fact that about eleven of yalls players got incarcerated. As long as Bammers winning, who cares right ? As long as your winning.

  10. 18

    Who cares what Auburn does! They have a second rate program which has not won a NC in 51 years. Why do we always have to read post about them? Sometimes I think we are as bad as the Aubies. We best start worrying about the Texas,Penn States, and USC or we are going to stay mediocre forever just like our cross state stepbrother with two mascots. Win Bama win and let the Barners take care of them selves and continue to wallow in yesteryear.

  11. 20
    Ballplay Indian.

    Nateg. You and the rest of the idoit bammers that refer to Auburn as “second rate” are nuts. If anyone in this state is second rate . Its bammer. And Bammer fans, yall are 5th rate. At best.

    Its not 1969 people.

  12. 22

    Ballplay, it is 2008 and Aubren aint keeping up this year. But Aubrun will always be the second football program in this state. If Auburn would just worry about being Auburn and not worry about trying to be Alabama, then maybe you would have a case. OK State will never be OK, Texas A&M will never be Texas, Michigan St. will never be Michigan, etc. That is just the way it is, and you Auburn people are the only ones in the country that think otherwise. And ya’ll think Bama people are delusional. Alabama is THE state school, so maybe if Auburn moved to Idaho or something maybe ya’ll would have a better chance.

  13. 23
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy, just cause your name is the same as the state dont mean a thing..Ask Cal. Ask Ohio. And no we are not the only ones who think otherwise. Bama fans are the most arrogant period. Your 7-0 so that means your “back” right ? Bahr is a gazin uponst the gridiron once more , right? Like I said , its not the 60s. Yall are the only ones who think otherwise.

  14. 24

    No, it doesn’t mean we are “back”. We never left. Just had a bad period of time, like Michigan, Ohio St. And USC have had. Auburn has not even earned the right to be among the elite college teams. Bama took a step back and Auburn hasn’t done much of anything to put such a divide between them. It has been close the past 25 or so years, but Bama has won as much as Auburn, or close to it. Even with the bad years and probation, it has been competitive. But Alabama is THE state school, not because of the name, but because it has always been. Auburn is a tech school. Always has been. Just because you CHANGED the name doesn’t change the truth. That is a fact. Not arrogance.

    No one says this is the sixties. this is 2008 and the future is bright for Bama once again. You Auburn people are the ones thinking Bama will never do anything again. You really don’t think Auburn could suffer a dry spell from time to time? You guys act like you really accomplished something bigtime with the six in a row crap. LSU has done it. Tennessee has done it also. Ya’ll are not alone in that. Take it away, and what do you got? A bunch of mediocrity. LSU has done more than Auburn, Florida even has done more than Auburn. Heck Vandy has a winning record on you guys. When Auburn finally does something big in its history, come back and we will talk about me changing my opinion. But hide and watch- Bama will win another SEC championship and another NC before Auburn does. You guys just get to be spoilers, the spot you have been in a majority of your history.

  15. 25

    Gee Brando, that’s a pretty long “down period” that Bama has been on. By that rationale, I guess Minnesota, Army, and Princeton are still “elite”. They’re just goin’ thru a little dry spell, kinda like Bama. For the record, the only team that has won more SEC championships than Auburn in the last 25 years is Florida. Auburn has 5 (tied with LSU). Tenn has 4. Bammer has a whopping 3. (yes, we all know about the MNC of 92. Good thing an opposing coaches brother couldn’t anonymously cast a sabotage vote gainst Bama that year, huh?) Maybe you guts will win another SEC championship before Auburn does, but you’ll have to win 2 just to catch up in the post bear era.

  16. 26

    Julio, you can paint a time period with an orange and blue brush all you want, but the bottomline you could never catch our SEC record, much less our NC’s in your grandchildren’s lifetime, but it is Aub as usual that has the catching up to do. . . . .and it is not looking good present or future. Also, the Saban rule was put into effect by lazy ass coaches and duck hunters that do not want to try and keep up with the recruiting master.
    So spare us with the catching up bs.

  17. 27
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando….this is what I heard….Blablablablablalblallbalablb bla bla bla……..bla Bahr…..Blallalalalablablalbal….Got 12 ? Blah blallblablablablablballba.

  18. 28

    Brando, it’s always funny to hear you bammers talk about the “duck hunting” episode. You geniuses do realize that the infamous “duck hunting” trip occurred during a dead period, right??? You do realize that means that coaches are not allowed to have contact with any recruits during that period, right???? Are you saying that Saban was on the road visiting recruits while Tubs was duck hunting??? If so, I’m sure the NCAA would love to hear about it.

  19. 29

    BB,……. guys.
    Dont you know? …..havent you heard? Auburn’s big #2 finish in 2004 made them elite. They one the SEC that year. And they had the greatest team EVER! (Just ask any Aubbo)
    Granted, Bama is at #2 nationally right now but it isnt the same as when Auburn does it once every 25 years!

    Saying Auburn is “Elite” is as dubious as being the finest balerina in Opelika.

  20. 30

    Big Ears SAID he was hunting while he was trying to figure out if Arkansas would have him, and isn’t it a dead period at Aub now?
    Ballplay says: Blahblahblah. . . I wish we had just 1. . . blahblahblah. . I am an idiot. . blahblahblahblahblah. .my team is an embarassment. . . blahblahblahblah. .we probably won’t even make a bowl this year. blahblahblahblah. . I wish somebody thought we were as good as UAB. . blahblahblahblah. . I am a loser on a Bama website trying to make them believe we matter. . .blahblahblahblahblah. . .
    Tony Franklin is going to spill the beans on Big Ears. . . . . blahblahblah. . nobody will won’t a temporary position as OC. . blahblahblah

  21. 31

    Oh and Julio aka Einstein, go back and read the recruiting guidelines when Tubs was duck hunting, yes Saban could be visiting recruits, now he cannot, like I said because of lazy ass coaches and duck hunters. If you need the website for the recruiting guidelines time period that was effective starting 8/1/06 I will be happy to supply that for you.

  22. 32

    Julio: It is really funny to me that you spend time on a Bama site thinking you know it all. Why do you even care to be here? I despise Auburn and you will never see me running to a Barn site trying to argue. Julio, I am sure you are a great Auburn fan. But you are so wrong about a great many things, and there is no point in arguing with you. You and the rest of the ‘Aubren Family’ huddle together and tell each other Auburn is the greatest thing, Bama is just old and decrepit, never will they accomplish what the mighty Auburn Tigahs have done. You know it is coming, and things are changing right now as we speak. Be proud man. I sure am proud of Bama. But Auburn is still in the shadow of Bama, and you guys act like abused step-children about it.

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