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    The only glimmer of hope for some Auburn is for Bama to have players hurt. See how sick and twisted they are? Their hatred is just unreal. SBPD above is obviously mentally challenged also. Does that make any sense at all to any of you guys? Ballplay, quick I need a translation please. I don’t speak Aubrenese.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando.I think its just hate in general. Hes our verson of JW. No need to wish somebody harm. I hope he and the rest of the Bama team are 100 % for the whole year.
    I went to the LAMO game and was reminded just how young these guys are. Gabe McKenzie sat in front of me. He just graduated. These guys are just young men trying to find there way in life through sports and education. I bet they dont get into it as much as we do. These guys are just kids. I wish all of em the best on both sides. Some people need to get a life.

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    Sorry SBPD,
    Cody will be QUITE well when Auburn comes to town. Wish all you want, but he will shred your paper o-line.

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    Hey Im gonna stick up for JW hes not that kind of Bammer! BUt there are a couple here that are… I cant see wanting someone to get hurt just to win a FB game. and denny maybe u need to eat or something Cody wont be able to catch those slingshots coming outta that back field! unless theres a GRAND SLAM BREAKFAST ON THEIR BACKS 🙂 BETCHA…..

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    BALLPLAY i do not know what i have ever said to make you feel so bad towards me but i’m very sorry if i did.this place is just a place where people get together and blog sports.some times people say things that are very uncalled for.i did not graduate college or high school so if i ramble on and u do not understand just look over it.even tho i did not get a education i still do very good for my family.also ballplay you do not have to worry i will never say anything about you or say your name to any one on this site any more.any way best wishes and good luck to you and family god bless you.

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    Okay Ballplay Indian, stop it. Your talk about these guys being young men…you almost sound civil, and human (gasp!). Don’t talk like that; it makes it hard to dislike you when you do!

    Seriously, Cody will be fine after the next two games, come in to give us support against LSU (though probably not 100%), then finish off MSU and Auburn. We’re looking at a solid 11-1 or possibly 12-0. Who in their right minds would have imagined this before the season???

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    JW, you are one of the most honest guys posting, not trying to be someone your not, I remember you telling me about about growing up in the projects across from legion field as a kid and I am sure you probably didn’t have every opportunity as alot of people did like a Ballplay Indian. But to be honest with you Ballplay was probably just poking to personal just to be flapping his gums, don’t take it personal, you are just like most, like to talk smack about your team because it is fun. I have gotten into it with Ballplay a hundred times and we both know when we cross the line and usually back off. I am confident you will get a sincere apology from Ballplay, I think I know him better than that. JW, Good Luck to you and your family, God Bless and Roll Tide.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Good grief boys. Yall all need to take a midol. My jab was at the turrett like posting JW , not the message behind the post. Sorry dude. I feel like Im talking to my wife here. Man up you bunch of poods.

    Intheknow. You will not here me try to degrade any player unless they are a thug. It takes a special young man to do what any college player does. That being said. I do give the coaches crap. Heck , if I made 4 mill a year, unload all the crap you want on me. Ill be laughing to the bank baby.

    I know I get a little fresh with the whole “I hope Pugh chop blocks somebody”……. But its all in fun. Wouldnt want any body to get injured. Plus it really has a way of ticking people off.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Uhhh….That would be your boy JW with the hurt feelings guys. This is turning into a bad episode of Oprah. I am pretty much a humble dude except when dealing with bammers. I still say that Auburns going to whip your tails a home AGAIN. Yall do know that the Legendary TIDE has never beaten Auburn at its own legendary home field named after its own legendary coach dont you ?

    And Brandy ….losing never humbled yall. So why should it humble me ? Yall do know we still have a winning season right now , dont you ?

    And yes Bamaman, my wife probably would kick my ass. Shes mean.

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    Thats right Ballplay. It only happens to you Aubrun guys. Ya’ll still have a winning season? I could care less. I won’t go over to any Auburn site to gloat in ya’lls failures this year. All we have to do is wait on you guys to come to us, and show your Bama hate. I love it! Bear really put the fear in ya’ll way back then. It is funny how that hatred has endured for so long. Ya’lls greatest fear is what Saban is building at Bama, and ya’ll are beginning to wonder if ol Tubs is going to be able to keep up, and at what point do you pull the plug.

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    Ballplay, and you might as well say Aub is going to win this year, you have said every team we play is going to win. . . shows how much you know, you are 0 for 7! And remember your new post name after the IB will be Auburnisajoke.

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