Shane: Ranking the SEC at the midpoint

By Shane from Centerpoint
There isn’t a pundit on earth – not even Danny Sheridan – who could’ve come close to predicting the bizarre outcome of the first half of the 2008 college football season. The Southeastern Conference has been especially wild and unpredictable. From Vanderbilt’s leading the SEC’s eastern division to “Bama’s back” becoming a reality, some of the usual suspects who annually lead the pack are being left behind, while other league programs are rising fast.

The following is a quick glance at each SEC team (ranked by performance), and how they shape up at the halfway point of the season:

#1 ALABAMA – Although this writer picked Alabama to finish 10-3, most of the experts agreed on 7 or 8 wins. The Tide isn’t fancy or flashy. It is all about power, speed, and efficient intensity. Bama hasn’t trailed an opponent this season on the way to a perfect 6-0 record. Barring catastrophic injuries, the first 22 are championship caliber players.

#2 FLORIDA – Florida might’ve tripped on a Rebel, but this group of highly-talented athletes can dominate when running on all cylinders. Florida is the “real deal”. Tebow and those three speed merchants can be lethal at times. The Ole Miss loss may be the last defeat the Gators suffer this year.

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#3 VANDERBILT – Head coach Bobby Johnson has built a solid, competitive football team that makes the most of an opponent’s mistakes while making very few themselves. The talent level at Vandy is at its highest level in years, maybe the best it’s ever been. In spite of a recent loss, the Commodores can play with the best of the SEC.

#4 GEORGIA – Other than the first half of the Alabama game where the Tide literally blew the Bulldogs away, Georgia is playing like a top level SEC squad. Quarterback Matt Stafford is NFL quality and the running back Moreno is a star in the making. Some key injuries have already dampened Georgia’s chances for a shot at the championship, but major talent is available to help give them an opportunity for a great year.

#5 LSU – The Fighting Tigers are adjusting to a drop in the level of talent on the team when compared to years past. Florida exposed weak play in the defensive backfield and LSU players seem much slower than they’ve been over the years. Nevertheless, this is LSU we are talking about here; they have the potential to beat anybody on their schedule. This is a physical football team who always plays hard and will get better as quarterback play improves.

#6 SOUTH CAROLINA – Darth Spurrier has an abundance of talent on defense that can keep the Gamecocks in any contest, but Steve can’t seem to find a quarterback (his specialty) to run his “fun-n-gun” offense. Too many turnovers and not enough point production follow this team around like a plague. However, never count Spurrier out.

#7 OLE MISS – Houston Nutt has a stable of excellent talent left by departing coach Ed Orgeron and the Rebels are .500 mainly because of the difficulties that occur during transition years. On the Saturdays that Nutt is able to get his players on the same page, Ole Miss can beat anybody – just ask the Florida Gators.

#8 KENTUCKY – Rich Brooks is a very good coach who knows that defense wins big games. He and his staff have recruited some very talented players on that side of the ball. The Wildcats are another team like South Carolina that stays in games because it’s pretty good on defense. The loss of Dickey Lyons Jr. will hurt the offense, but Kentucky has bowl potential.

#9 AUBURN – Tommy Tuberville’s spread experiment will go down in history as one of the worst blunders of his career. He doesn’t have an SEC caliber quarterback and his vaunted defense has been worn out and crippled by the inept performances of the offense. After he fired the guy that designed the Auburn “spread” offense and handed it over to two of his cronies, who knows if Tuberville can stop the bleeding and salvage some respect.

#10 ARKANSAS – Arkansas is another program that decided to convert its offense to a wide-open attack. At first the Razorback faithful had to be wondering if they hired the right guy. In his last game, Bobby Petrino confirmed the soundness of the decision when he whipped a good defense (Auburn’s) soundly. That was Petrino’s first signature win at Arkansas. Arkansas is improving and seems to be working toward being competitive.

#11 MISSISSIPPI STATE – Sylvester Croom appeared ready to bring a consistently winning tradition to the Bulldog nation, only to come out of the gate this year with nothing to offer. Maybe Croom can’t change the culture of mediocrity that has existed in Starkville for years. He was supposed to produce change and instill a victorious attitude, but he has yet to produce a winning product on the field.

#12 TENNESSEE – Phil Fulmer is a “lame duck” coach. He knows it, his assistants know it, and his players know it. Even the fact that he brought the Vol nation a coveted national championship in 1998 and also took his team to the SEC title game last year will not save him – Fulmer is toast. The answer to “why?” is simple; the lousy losing team that the “Great Pumpkin” has put on the field is unacceptable to the men who sign his paycheck.

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  1. 1

    Where are all of the whining Aubies now? Probably trying to figure out where they are going to put all of their AU gear up for the winter. Wait, it’s not winter yet? Don’t tell Tubby, cause its getting AUful cold in Lee county. Roll Tide!

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian.

    I cant argue with that. Im still amazed that he didnt use “Bell Cow” when talking about Bama. I guess there is a first time for everything.

  3. 4

    Once again SHANE GREAT BLOG!!!

    and I agree with it all,even FLORIDA not losing again I picked em to win the SEC and they showed LSU and Will show BAMMA
    why they were picked their a FLIPPIN MACHINE when they are on!!!

    WAR POLYTECH BITCHES!!! aka matt and FB

  4. 6

    I’m surprised Injunballplay had time to respond. I’m sure his sister would rather have him back in bed. What a loser.

  5. 8
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Not to devalue their current success, but I think Vandy is ranked a little too high in my opinion. I still believe UGA and LSU are better programs.

    That’s just theory for now because we won’t actually know until they all play each other in the forthcoming weeks.

  6. 9
    Bama Fan In NYC

    PS: My goodness… WHERE ARE ALL THE BARNIES? Kevin, you’re a puss. SixDownNowZero, you’re a puss. And toomuchjackandcoke, you’re a puss.

    Why is it you guys swarm our boards with your inferior trash talk, yet you don’t even have the decency to show up here and stomach all the crap you’ve spat at us? It’s ridiculous…

  7. 10
    Ballplay Indian.

    SpecailEd….Are you my new stalker ? Dont you have some calculus books to study ? Or maybe a quantum physics class to teach tommorow ?

    As far as Shane writing a good blog. Heeeeeeeeeelll no. If you pick Bama to go undefeated every year for 40 years, your bound to be right once every 40 years halfway throught the season.

    I said I agreed with his rankings. Shane is a complete spastic.

  8. 11

    Shane, since you’re mastered all there is to know about college football, have you ever given thought to politics? What is your take on the U.S. economy, and do you have a plan to revive it?

  9. 13

    NYC: I guess we need to give props to Omni, Ballplay and Julio. Even if they are still wrong 🙂 . But the rest won’t be back, unless Auburn wins another game or something.

  10. 14

    To the Barners lurking: Did you delusional rednecks really think that you were going to stay ahead of the University? It’s time to put the wheels back on Tubby’s double wide and move him down the road because the landlord of SEC football is evicting the squatters. Remember, the sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and then and the sun has set on you. Get your water hose and put out the Barn fire before all is lost. Enjoy your return to 2nd tier SEC football.

  11. 15

    Moneyman, you said it all brother. The barn’s 15 minutes of fame are up due to the 800 pound gorilla waking up. The sun is setting on the orange and puke. Bama is near the peak again and it sure feels great. Barners are second tier and second rate fans.

  12. 16

    NYC I’ve been here just about everyday during the week, just like always. I’m not gonna get run off just because Bama’s won a few games and Auburn has lost a few. Bama’s earned you guys the right to talk some smack right now, so let it rip. I can take it as well as I can dish it out.

    Dyesmoneyman, you are an exceptional revisionist. “The sun shines on a dogs ass every now and then”? The sun has been shining on Auburn over Bama for about 25 yrs now. Since 1982 (“the post Bear era”), Auburn has a record of 16-10 over Bama; has won 5 SEC titles compared to Bama’s 3; and has won more games overall. (Talk about 1992 all you want, but you can’t tell me one thing Bama acccomplished on the field in 1992 that Auburn didn’t in 04. That includes leading the country in scoring defense.) The 60’s and 70’s was a long time ago, pal. It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than having one good year at the same time Auburn is having a lousy year for UAT to take over Auburn as the premier program in the state.

  13. 17

    Auburn has been down before….Bamas been down. I’ll guarantee, one way or another, Auburn won’t be down as long as Bama was. If the Board sets out to hire another coach, you can bet they will put more thought into it than the Bammer buffoons. It won’t take us hiring 5 coaches before we stumble across the right one.

  14. 18

    You barners talk about the past 10 year, 25 years, even 50 years but the fact is you still have not won a national championship. Get that through your thick skull. Bama is back and is being driven by the best coach in college football. Live with it. Look at the recruiting classes and the borders of the state being locked up and hand picked by CNS. It’s over guys. Like I said, live with it.

  15. 19

    On top of that the barners still don’t have as many SEC championships as Georgia Tech. How many decades have they been out of the league?

  16. 20

    Based on the complete schedule, I would have ranked them differently, but it is only an opinion.

    1. Alabama

    2. Florida

    3. Georgia

    4. Vandy

    5. LSU

    6. South Carolina

    7. Ole Miss

    8. Auburn

    9. Kentucky

    10. Arkansas

    11. Mississippi State

    12. Tennessee

  17. 21

    Julio, I can tell you one thing we accomplished in 1992 that Aub didn’t in 04….yes, another National Championship ring. Auburn, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. And Julio, Auburn has never broken any of our records, most wins, most points, bowl games, longest streak, most SEC’s, most National Championships, oh, excuse me, forget that last one, sorry.

  18. 22

    Julio, Alabama will always be Auburn’s daddy, past present and future, now buzz off the mighty Tide’s website Aubsessed loser.

  19. 23
    Ballplay Indian.

    Why dont all you Bammer retards write Shane in on the upccoming election? My gosh, there is enough of you degenerate bammer hicks out there that he may have a chance.

    And Educator1, teaching a sexual orientation class at the local transgenders anonamous class doesnt qualify as an education bub.

  20. 24

    1. Alabama

    2. Florida

    3. Georgia

    4. Vandy

    5. LSU

    6. South Carolina

    7. Ole Miss

    8. Kentucky

    9. Miss St.

    10. Arkansas

    11. Auburn

    12. Tennessee

  21. 25

    Educator and Bamaman, I must concede the point that you have both made. Alabama certainly has an abundance of ancient championships that happened before most of us were old enough to remember, or even born. Why, you guys are right there in the same leaugue with Minnesota, Army, and Princeteon when it comes to ancient championships. How proud you must be. You guys are the Minnesota of the SEC!!!! Call me crazy, but I take a little more pleausre in victories that I actually have a personal memory of than some ancient championship that only Grandpa can tell me about. Go Gophers!

  22. 26

    Julio, do you mean you are younger than 16 years old? you know when we won our last one,and you were not even around in the 70’s? Well, you better leave now, your mommy is calling you for milk and cookies. Since you want to talk about the present, I can tell you who Auburn is in the same league with. . . every pitiful team that is not in the top twenty five, bwahahahahahahah, I would say yall are in the same league as UAB bwahahahahahahahah and maybe your great grandaddy can tell you about when yall shared one bwahahahahahaha

  23. 27


    You ignorant man. LOL. So now we find out that you are 15 years old huh? What a joke you are. The fact of the matter is that the barn is and always will be wannabes. I consider myself to be a young man and I can remember all of the championships in the 70’s and the one in 92. Get back with me after you’ve won as many SEC rings as Georgia Tech. Until that time you inbred barners are irrelevant. I would tell you to get back with me when you win a MNC but that’s never gonna happen.

    Playswballs, you really are a sick b@stard. And a very illiterate one at that. What the hell does “anonamous” mean? LOL. Could it be that you meant anonymous? LOSERVILLE


  24. 28

    Educator1 Says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 12:38 pm
    Moneyman, you said it all brother. The barn’s 15 minutes of fame are up due to the 800 pound gorilla waking up. The sun is setting on the orange and puke. Bama is near the peak again and it sure feels great. Barners are second tier and second rate fans.

    Ball I said he was an EDucator OF lies and dreams Like Science or something…

    And If julio is 15 HE KNOWS a HELL of alot more than YOU about CF PERIOD MUCH LESS AUBURN>>>>> LOSER!!!

  25. 29


    Thanks for proving my point about barner trash being illiterate. That’s incoherent dribble. Have fun in loserville.

  26. 30

    Ball I said he was an EDucator OF lies and
    dreams Like Science or something…

    Can I carry this to an english professor and see if they can translate?

  27. 31

    Bamaman….here’s a few more records us “Barnies” will never break…..number of coaching hires in a 5 year period, number of years we allow a drunk, cheating, adulterous coach to remain, number of players incarcerated in a 1 year period, number of BOGUS NCs, number of redneck fans….the list of records is endless.
    Maybe you are right, we could never hope for all of that.

  28. 32

    OMNI florida had one break out game and spanked LSU ass thats it.other games have not been really blow outs.They had one good game thats it.Florida wanted revenge for last year after getting beat.A game they should have won.I would love to see bama and florida play.bama would hold there own against them.any how good luck omni.

  29. 35

    Bamasgreat says maybe you are right we could never hope for all of that. . . .and Bama could never hope to be the third ranked team in all of the land for cheatin like the Auturds.

  30. 36

    Bamasgreat, how did you know we had a drunk adulterous coach? Was he cheatin on his wife with you loser, maybe the great duck hunter should take up drinking, whatever he is doing now sure as hell isn’t working bwahahahahahaha

  31. 37
    Ty from T-Town

    Shane, the two prior columns were strangely prophetic. The target is now clearly on the back of the University of Alabama, and the declining situation at Auburn University is now distinctly obvious.
    Tuberville has always been one of college football’s most calculative survivors, but this time he will probably leave with a pine box full of C-Notes and a shit-eating grin on his face.
    Like most riverboat gamblers, he is a good swimmer. We will probably see him again.
    I am quite aware that the mid season predictions are as speculative as one of James Span’s seven day forecasts.
    I even understand the logic behind the fact that the number ten team has already beaten the number nine team on the field, but the most notable twist in the mid-season poll; is the one you have finishing last.
    It seems that Knoxville Phill and his neighbor Cramer; finally have a show about nothing.

  32. 38

    Ah… back from yet another vacation and I read all the posts that the Capstone report has to offer.
    I dont know where all the aubbo trash talkers went. I guess it is kinda hard to eat alot of CROW without any tobasco sauce to enhance the sweet, sweet after taste.
    Shane, once again you have proved that you are RIGHT.
    Thats right, I said it folks, SHANE IS RIGHT AGAIN.
    Remember the bold predictions he made before the start of the season about the Spread Eagle and Tony Franklin, THATS RIGHT. Nailed it. The last second full court shot just before the buzzer to win the NBA championship and Shane hit it.
    Somehow he keeps hitting on his predictions. I guess that means alot of people need to start manning up and giving the ol’ devil his due. Because this year, Shane is BEELZEBUB.
    Shane YOU ARE THE MAN!

  33. 39

    Burt Says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 5:53 pm
    Ball I said he was an EDucator OF lies and
    dreams Like Science or something…

    Can I carry this to an english professor and see if they can translate?

    decipher that!!

  34. 41

    Bamaman and educator, as I stated before, Auburn has been a far superior program than Bama in the past 25 years, aka post-Bear. As I also stated before, Bama accomplished nothing on the field in 92 that Auburn didn’t in 04, including leading the country in scoring defense. The only difference was that there were 3 undefeated teams at the end of 04 rather than two in 92. (Spare me the bs about how Bama wouldn’t have been shut out of the title game because of their “national perception”. Bama struggled to beat So. Miss, La. Tech, and Miss. State in 92. Bama was also a huge underdog to Miami in the Sugar Bowl. Had Fla State, Notre Dame, or Penn State also been undefeated that year, Bama would have been playing for second just like Auburn in 04).

    Educator, if you have an actual memory of those MNC’s from the 70’s and even 60’s, then good for you. I’m impressed that you’re here, because most AARP members don’t know how to work a computer. As to considering yourself to be a “young man”, I guess it’s true when they say 60 is the new 40. Now go take your Viagra and Metamucil.

  35. 42

    Omni, “QUITE DRINKING”? If you’re telling me to stop drinking then it should be spelled QUIT. If you want me to drink in silence, then it should be QUIET. Also, “YOUR” should be YOU’RE or YOU ARE. But if you want to continue writing in gibberish, I suggest you change your name to EnglishIllit.

  36. 43

    Julio, if it makes you feel better that Auburn has been a better program, you keep saying that. That is not the National perspective nor the state perspective. Only Auburn fans feel that way. You want to ignore the past Bam accomplishments, but you only want to list Auburns good accomplishments. Well, you hang on to your Auburn past. The Golden Years of Auburn football are waning, and your greatest fear is that Bama will return, and most likely will win ANOTHER National Championship before Auburn. Do you not think this will happen in the near future? Based on what is happening NOW, in the present, with the recruiting and showing on the field? Do you think if Auburn slips a little, that they will be having to play catch up with Saban?

  37. 44

    Brando….errr, I’m afraid that the national perspective IS that Auburn has been a superior program for the last 25 years. See, that national perspective thing is kinda quirky because it’s actually based on results rather than delusions. Unlike Bama fans, national perception actually is aware that Auburn has owned Bama for the last 25 years, that Bama is on it’s 9th coach during this period, that Bama has only 3 SEC titles in that period, that Bama’s had 5 losing seasons since 1997, and that Bama’s been on probation twice since 95.

  38. 45

    Okay Julio, you dweeb, then how come every time Bama does a little good, it makes the national news. Sports Illustrated, ESPN, everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon really quick. Not so with Auburn. The truth is, Bama is more accepted to the national audience, and Auburn is more regional. That is the facts. Thats why CBS picked Bama-Kentucky over Auburn-Vandy more than anything. Tim Brando even said that in those words. So, you continue to build on that Auburn image. No one even knows where Auburn is unless you are from around here. Ya’ll are more like Rutgers or something. Auburn is not considered to be a traditional college power, because the lack of National Championships. Auburns claim to national fame is being that team that went undefeated and got left out of the BCS. Auburn is the posterboy for that situation.

  39. 47


    I believe you can thank THE BEAR for the people that jump bandwagons when you guys revive that program in the least bud,but that is just my opinion. He left Alabama one hell of name dude. I ll bet there isn’t anyone who does not think of THE BEAR when Bama is mentioned

    P.S check this one Burty


  40. 48

    Julio, have you no shame man, as I stated what Bama did in 92 that the Auturds didn’t in 04 was bring home yet another National Championship. How can you even mention the word superior over your big brother for one year, ten years or one hundred years when you hold ZERO,ZILCH, notta dam record over the Tide in ANY game records? Hell, man you can’t even count if you think you have to be sixty to remember one of our many dominant era’s as the one in the late seventies, last time I counted that was only thirty years ago, not to mention the last one sixteen years ago. But you go on and keep posting on the Tide’s website trying to make anybody that will listen believe that your one SEC coach and embarassing team has any national relevance. The only national thing being mentioned about the turd program on a national level is what an embarassment they are. Bwahahahahahaha

  41. 51

    Oh my! The Barners are really upset! 2nd tier football and The University’s little brother will always be your place. Your cow college is a joke nationally and here at home.

  42. 52


    My point is in your mouth ROOKIE, You see I may not be a person who writes well but I can say FUK U IN Several different verbal ways so HAVE A NICE DAY

    and damn ED thats some serious shit for and educator… is it pediphilia u teach?
    anyway your a COLD MUTHA!


  43. 54


    Somebody used my name. That wasn’t me. But I sure am glad they attacked Bammasx. He’s the epitome of a barn fan. Illiterate and irrelevant.

  44. 57

    and as I said bamaman, tell me one thing Bama accomplished on the field in 92 that Auburn didn’t in 04. Let me repeat – ON THE FIELD. In fact, Auburn had a far better performance on the field in 04 than Bama did in 92. Auburn defeated 4 top 10 teams that year, whereas Miami was the only top 10 team Bama faced in 92. Fortunately for Bama, there were only 2 undefeated teams at the end of 92 so they didn’t have to worry about Bob Stoops’ brother anonymously casting sabotage votes in the coaches’ poll.

  45. 58

    I think it sux how someone can just use your name on here but I reckon thats the way it is. DAMN BURTY CALM DOWN MAN ITS JUST A BLOG,then again I guess an Internet GANGSTA such as yourself knew that right?


  46. 59

    Julio, I told you what our performance “on the field” got us, what did your great performance get you, a Golf Digest Your the Greatest Certificate
    Bwahahahaahaha, and like I said before whenever you beat any of our records ON THE FIELD then and only then can you open your piehole. Julio, you got a lot of nerve even talking about big brother as bad as your team sux, do you think yall will even make a bowl game? I doubt it

  47. 60

    Bama better start playing in the second half or they will get beat sooner rather than later. All the remaining teams on the schedule have a good defense. In some cases it’s better than good. Bama has been outscored in the second half so badly, it makes you wonder how they are 7-0. But alas, they are 7-0 and rank #2 in the BCS standings. They better get the second half straight.

    On the other hand, to Educator: Bamasux is as irrelevant as it gets. Plus he’s a racist who is lower than the nuts in his own turds. I don’t know if Auburn’s program can handle another huge embarrassment in front of the whole country again. If they lose to West Virginia it could be the beginning of the end (as if it isn’t already!)Having said that, the could win and go on a run to salvage the season. I’ll guess we’ll see soon enough.

  48. 62

    Shane, I cant argue too much with your analysis on ranking the SEC teams. However, I have the luxury of posting this a few days after you initially wrote this blog and some games have been played since then. So I’d rank the teams as follows:

    1. Alabama: Only because they are undefeated. This could change in upcoming weeks.
    2. Florida: tough as anyone in the SEC imo. They stumbled against Miss, but have come up fighting with blood in their eyes. Florida is tough.
    3. LSU: though definitely beatable, they have a lot of talent and are still dangerous.
    4. Georgia: We smashed em but they have talent and decent coaching. Good program.
    5. Vandy: Good solid talent and the ‘Dores finally have a good coach.
    6. Kentucky: They better hang onto Rich Brooks as long as they can. Kentucky hits hard and earned my respect.
    7. Ole Miss has a fine coach now and they are hard to beat (as we learned Saturday).
    8. South Carolina: when will the Gamecock nation realize that Spurrier is more concerned with playing golf than coaching? He’s had plenty of time to build up that program and has failed…miserably.
    9. Auburn: Turmoil on the plains. Nuff said.
    These last 3 kind of belong in the cellar together. I don’t know which the best of the 3 is as they all are poor.

    10. Arkansas: Petrino may build up this program again, but I think DMac saw the handwriting on the wall. Its gonna take time to install the wide open offense Petrino likes. Question is…will he hang around long enough to bring the Hawgs back?
    11. Tennessee: I think they are slightly better than MSU. They should be. They have a decent enough defense I think. Will Phil be around long enough to bring them back though?
    12. Mississippi State: Sylvester Croom is a good man. I like him. I like his family. But how much longer will the ‘Dawg fans give him to win the SEC?

  49. 63

    I agree with you bamasux. I do feel that Auburn looked exceptional this weekend. I just heard that Kodi has been placed on the Unitas Award watchlist. He and Chris Todd are the first real successful two-quarterback system that I have seen. Based on this weekend’s performance, Auburn is now a legitimate contender for the BCS title. They control their own destiny, and if they win out, will probably be in Miami in January.

  50. 65
    shane blows paul daily

    the only thing shanes knows about getting “nailed” is when skillet head paul nails him from behind.

  51. 66

    Bamasux: You hate dog. You piece of shit racist. Get out of here before your mom comes and whip’s your ass for not takin’ out the trash. Bitch.

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