Tuberville=Vladimir Putin?!?

Outrageous. That’s the only thing that came to mind while reading Paul Finebaum’s latest. In his widely read column, Finebaum compared Tuberville’s actions to the Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

After the perfect season in 2004, all was forgotten. But on the other side, it was not forgiven. Now, with real and nearly absolute power, Tubs decided to do his Vladimir Putin imitation and crack down on the vanquished opposition.

In the months following Jetgate, Tuberville not only stayed mad, he got even, helping to push out William Walker, the president who helped engineer the coup, and David Housel, the athletic director. He cut off and isolated trustees who had dared to go against him, barely giving them the time of day.

It is unfair to call a fine family man (wait, someone already used that line). It is unfair to call someone as honest as Tuberville by such a crude term. Seriously, why compare Tuberville’s actions to the actions of a ruthless dictator/killer?

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The only thing Tuberville has killed have been offensive coordinators.

Considering how bad the Auburn offense has been—it was a mercy killin’.

Didn’t Finebaum get the memo? The only coach the media can compare to ruthless killers is Nick Saban—Josh Moon is notorious for comparing Saban to a mafia boss.

But Tuberville should be off-limits. He has won consistently. He’s always entertaining. And best of all, Tuberville visited the troops in Iraq.

Tuberville deserves the praise and support of the Auburn family. He deserves the respect and thanks of the people of this great state. The media owes Tuberville great deference. In fact, the media should be obsequious towards him.

Why aren’t the Alabama homers in the state press taking up for the Auburn coach? Are they upset over the beatings Tuberville has administered? Are they trying to get him fired so he won’t hold up a seventh finger?

The media and especially Paul Finebaum are being irresponsible in their treatment of Tommy Tuberville.

In response to this outrage, I’m canceling my subscription to the Birmingham Post-Herald.


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  1. 2
    Ballplay Indian.

    Its all a conspiricy……Bammers run the media and the governnment . I think I hear a black helicopter………… Really, I tend to believe we over think a lot of this junk. Auburn sux right now and the buck stops at the head coaches door. I like Tubberville , but he is the one who is ultimatly responsible if Auburn doesnt do well. Not the Offensive coordinator, or the staff.

  2. 3

    I tell you what Ballplay, I don’t know how old you are, but if you know any old school Auburn people, you know what I am about to say. I come from a family full of ’em and it is some crazy talk. All the stuff about Bear Bryant and his mafia, how they cheated and bought players, heck Bryant even had Auburn put on probation. He even paid opposing teams coaches so he could win. The Red Elephant Club is a ruthless organization comparable to the Sopranos. Even the former AD Navid Nousel compared Bama to the Nazis, and Auburn the bastion of all that is good in the world fighting against the ultimate evil (Bama).

    It is a lot of this kind of talk that really pushed me to be a Bama fan, because those people are just crazy. It is funny to hear the crazy Bama side too, but Auburn wins at the crazy talk, hands down.

    But you are right about Tubs. I think he is a good guy. He is pretty funny at times, but the shots he takes at Bama is classless. The coach shouldn’t act like the fans, or be a cheerleader either. And you are right about his responsibility, but I would think Auburn would keep him around another year to try and right things. If not, I think they maybe let him resign before they fire him. I am beginning to wonder if that big buyout is hurting both parties. Everyone was laughing at the Saban contract at the time, but now people are starting to realize maybe that is the way to do it. And people are starting to say that Bama got a steal.

  3. 4
    Ballplay Indian.

    Im not going to compare Bryant to Hitler or Stalin. But I would say that he took full advantage of his power in state. Who wouldnt ? And by his own admission he would sign players that would never see the feild, just so he would not have to play against them. And then there is the whole extra SEC game thingy. He was a brilliant head coach. I wouldnt say he intentionally broke the rules, but like ANY good coach , he pushed the envelope. As far as Bama being the great world evil,,,,,,,,,,I would probably have to agree on that one though.

    Just kiddin, its only football. (riiight)

  4. 5

    A lot of rules were changed because of Bryant. I would say that the game, as it is set up today, was because of what Bryant did. It was not a history of cheating, and bogus NCs. But you would be surprised at how many Auburn people like to believe these things. And the hatred is unreal. I just don’t think the Alabama side has ever been so full of hate toward one team in particular. We like to spread it around to all of the teams in the SEC. But to be an Auburn fan is too absolutely loathe Alabama. Since Sabans arrival, that hatred has become even more venomous. What did Saban ever do to ya’ll?

  5. 7


    I come from a Family of ONLY Au fans some older than me and most younger and I have never seen hatred like that of BAMMARS maybe its just us but really, Down here in South Alabama its crazy.
    The fans are OBKNOXIOUS and FAIR WEATHERED. I havent seen this many Bamma flags in forever and on a DIverse bunch so I think your post could for sure be argued both ways

    I didnt CUSS 😉


  6. 8

    I do have MAD RESPECT FOR THE BEAR buuuut we all know he played the rules to his advantage and bent some as most do, BUT THE BEST OF ALL TIME BELONGS TO HIS NAME!!!

  7. 10

    Ballplay & Omni: Well I believe every team that has success is going to have the bandwagon fans. A lot of people I barely know that knew I was a Bama fan has been acting like they are my best friend now. I do give some people hell about it though. Where were these guys before now? They have went out and bought new flags and such. I still have some of the same stuff I bought in the 80’s LOL. The Auburn bandwagon has being filling up for sometime now, so where are most of them this year? I think we can agree on one thing: We will be supporters of our teams regardless of the situation. ROLL TIDE (but I will never say the other cheer though.):)

    Oh yeah, Omni, Auburn has the record over Alabama in the rules breaking thing you mentioned.

  8. 11
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando. You may be right about quantity, but in the quality dept. we cant hold a freekin candle and you know it. Buying a player steaks for his family vs. paying a crappy offensive linemans high school coach 200,000 ? Is that even in the same universe ? Thats like comparing traffic tickets to time served in the state pen. There is no comparison.

    Hey man , you stirred up the wasps nest.

  9. 12

    Ballplay: Bama didn’t do it, but had to pay the price for it. It was a crazy Bama booster, competing with a crazy Tennessee booster. Look up the facts. Why wasn’t Dubose charged with doing anything? Auburn had nothing to do with it. But Auburn was paying players to come there because they wanted to beat Bama. But Bama has paid the price, so has Auburn. And Pat Dye is still around Auburn. But it is just like Aubbie to spin it from the truth though. But you keep trying though, okay?

  10. 13
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando. Im not saying we didnnt get caught cheating because we did. But there was a trail leading back to Dubose assistant. If there werent then they wouldnt have lowered the boom on yall. And the TRUTH is , they did. You call it spin, I call it history.

  11. 14

    Hey I only said played them to his advantage and bent them BUUUUUT …
    can u prove that AU leads u guys with facts or accusations??????

  12. 15
    (used to be) Coach Tony Franklin

    Tommy Tuberville is the sorriest bastard to ever wear men’s underwear.
    Tommy Tuberville makes Stalin look like Ghandi on prozac.
    Tommy Tuberville is the Offensive Co-ordinator’s worst nightmare, and is the equivalent to career quicksand.
    I cant believe that I gave up a job that at least afforded me a modicum of respect and sales of my sure-fire, cant-miss offensive genius, (750 yards and 75 points a game GUARANTEED!) to work for Dale f*cking Gribble. I thought I hit bottom after the Kentucky debacle, Damnit to hell!
    I’m Tony Franklin Damnit!
    Where is my publisher! I need to write a book!

  13. 16

    Ballplay: The trail to an assistant was never proven, hence the defamation lawsuits. The only thing proven was corrupt booster in Tennessee and 2 corrupt High School coaches. Look up the facts. But all that is in the past. But the things at Auburn are more suspicious to me. Look at how many past coaches and assistants are still on the payroll. Terry Bowden has implied there was paying for players going on when he got there. He shut up quick because he was on Auburns payroll for a long time… Wayne Hall (Dyes moneyman) is STILL on the payroll… Hell I bet Pat Dye still is too. And there is a reason you won’t hear Tony Franklins side too. Auburn has perfected the pay-for-play system. Thats okay, because that is what you guys have to do—even when Bama is on probation. I know this stuff goes on at Auburn, like I have said I have family that has been big Auburn boosters for decades. I don’t care if you believe it or not, but I know a little about how some particular big-time Auburn boosters behave, and how they try to influence the football program.

  14. 17
    Ballplay Indian.

    So then you think Bama was wrongly convicted ? Give me a break dude. Yall got busted and you deserved it. It was so bad they nearly gave yall the death penalty. You were put on probation, I looked it up and its a fact . Im just cuious that if the whells fall off , will I hear the probation B.S. again. Or maybe the lack of talent excuse. You wont hear an excuse from me other than coaching.

  15. 18

    Did I say that Ballplay? Yeah they paid the price. It was lack of control from Dubose. He wasn’t found guilty of anything but screwing the secretary LOL. I do believe that the punishment was way to severe, and members on the board that dished it out even agree on that now. But it doesn’t matter, it is over and the people responsible are not around the program anymore. Not like Auburn. That was my point. But now that the wheels are falling off at Auburn, things are likely to get worse. There has been smoke around the Auburn program here and there for a while now. Thats how it got going at Bama. But don’t act like Auburn is such a cleanly run program and Bama cheats. That makes you look retarded.

  16. 19
    Ballplay Indian.

    I would dare say that right now, Auburn is cleaner run than Bama. Maybe not very effeciently run, but cleaner IMO.

  17. 20

    And I would dare say that Auburn is the third most probation riddled school in history, look that one up! And I would dare say that Alabama is run cleaner than Auburn.

  18. 21
    Ballplay Indian.

    Again. We could argue about this till the cows come home. Axe murdering to traffic violations. Where does it end ?

  19. 22

    It ends with you admitting your the third most cheatin school in history and admitting your team sux while your at it wouldn’t hurt

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