Tuberville=Vladimir Putin?!?

Outrageous. That’s the only thing that came to mind while reading Paul Finebaum’s latest. In his widely read column, Finebaum compared Tuberville’s actions to the Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

After the perfect season in 2004, all was forgotten. But on the other side, it was not forgiven. Now, with real and nearly absolute power, Tubs decided to do his Vladimir Putin imitation and crack down on the vanquished opposition.

In the months following Jetgate, Tuberville not only stayed mad, he got even, helping to push out William Walker, the president who helped engineer the coup, and David Housel, the athletic director. He cut off and isolated trustees who had dared to go against him, barely giving them the time of day.

It is unfair to call a fine family man (wait, someone already used that line). It is unfair to call someone as honest as Tuberville by such a crude term. Seriously, why compare Tuberville’s actions to the actions of a ruthless dictator/killer?

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The only thing Tuberville has killed have been offensive coordinators.

Considering how bad the Auburn offense has been—it was a mercy killin’.

Didn’t Finebaum get the memo? The only coach the media can compare to ruthless killers is Nick Saban—Josh Moon is notorious for comparing Saban to a mafia boss.

But Tuberville should be off-limits. He has won consistently. He’s always entertaining. And best of all, Tuberville visited the troops in Iraq.

Tuberville deserves the praise and support of the Auburn family. He deserves the respect and thanks of the people of this great state. The media owes Tuberville great deference. In fact, the media should be obsequious towards him.

Why aren’t the Alabama homers in the state press taking up for the Auburn coach? Are they upset over the beatings Tuberville has administered? Are they trying to get him fired so he won’t hold up a seventh finger?

The media and especially Paul Finebaum are being irresponsible in their treatment of Tommy Tuberville.

In response to this outrage, I’m canceling my subscription to the Birmingham Post-Herald.