Tide gets back to basics

“We certainly tried to spend a lot of time on fundamentals,” Saban said Monday. ” In a day in age where a lot of people think it’s what you do and not how you do it that determines whether you’re successful or not, we’re still old-fashioned in terms of how you do it is still pretty important.”
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    Thats right baby getting back to the basics of winning big.It would be nice to see a great first half of kick ass ball like in georgia game or sixty minutes of it.If you can put 31 points on a team in first half you should win.A week off should help but some times it can hurt you also but this team will prevail by 17 this week.THEY will be ready because we have the COACHING and team wants to make a statement for number one.

  2. 2

    I hear ya JW. First half of the season is done. New season now is 0-0. Bama has got to prove itself all over again. This is the time of the year we usually see the signs of fatigue and depth issues in the past. Let’s see if they can break that trend this year. I think they will, but they will have to do it to prove it to themselves.

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    I know one thing //i am ready to see my bama team play.Hate off weeks.Hoping for big win and they really need one.DID not know ole miss run the wildcat offense but should have known with nutt being there.Do not think that will bother defense to much since they seen it last year against ARK.WOULD LIKE to see ball go to JULIO a little more and see him break off a big run.That my friends would really be sweet.

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    I think Kentucky may have been on to something, the way they were jamming our receivers all day long. The two long Julio receptions that were called back were iffy calls anyway. But Kentucky had a plan to hurt our passing game. I hope Saban and his coaches worked on a remedy during the off week. We will have to throw the ball to win sometime this year, or at least keep the running game honest.

  5. 7

    We will wear their defense down eventually with power back legs of Coffee, Ingram and Upchurch and McCoy will be back to take some constant heat off of Julio in the passing game

  6. 8

    Trap game this week.
    Ole Miss has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Just like they did with Florida. I look for Nutt to come up with some more of his gimmicks.

  7. 9

    I think Ole Miss will come in and jam the receivers as the plan. When Nutt was at Arkansas last year, he did the same thing for the 1st quarter, but changed his plan after Wilson got hot handed. I don’t think Ole Miss has the corners that Kentucky had. Ole Miss will stack the box and try to stop the run, with man coverage, and they will stay that way until Bama hits the big throws. It will be easier this week with McCoy back, so Julio won’t be covered up as much as Kentucky did. So I believe the passing games success will determine how Bamas day goes.

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