Tide holds at #2; Longhorns new #1

“Being ranked No. 1 shows respect for what we’ve accomplished through the early part of the season, but nobody really knows who is No. 1 at this point,” Texas coach Mack Brown said Sunday.
The new AP and coaches polls are out. The Tide is #2 in both. Here’s the AP summary:


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    1) U$C is 4-1. Georgia is 5-1.

    2) U$C lost to an unranked opponent, with only one win prior to playing them. UGA lost to a top ten opponent.

    3) U$C defeated Arizona State 28-0. UGA defeated Arizona State 28-7.

    4) U$C is ranked 4th in the nation. UGA is ranked 10th in the nation.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  2. 8

    If Bama keeps winning it will take care of itself. They won’t be left out like that second-rate program in this state has been. That being said, I think it will be very difficult to make it through this next stretch of games without a loss. If they go undefeated, they deserve to be no. 1.

  3. 9

    UA4life Your post in Shanes last blog was funny but I have a question..
    If Mccain dies (God Forbid) Do you really want PALIN(HOCKEY MOM) with the NUK CODES??? I DONT !!!!

  4. 10

    Omni, you need to worry about who’s gonna be the next Auburn coach and what sorry azz team is gonna beat the hell out of you little Aubie’s next PUNK.

    What’s all this BACK-STABBING I’m hearing about. You little Aubie’s ain’t BACK-STABBING Tommy Tuberville (The Biggest Liar in College Football) again, are you?

    Don’t forget 6 in a row. Maybe you little Aubie’s know deep down there wouldn’t be no 6 in a row if Bama weren’t on probation and lost 21 scholarships not to mention another 21 +/- that didn’t want to sign because of probation.

    That’s right you little Aubie’s remember The Biggest Liar in College Football lost to Dubose and sissy Fran before Bama went on probation.

    That’s why this BACK-STABBING of The Biggest Liar in College Football is so easy for the little Aubie’s.


    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  5. 11

    CB fuk u buddy your the PUNK I bet your pants sag to huh sissy?
    and Im not worried about who the NEXT coach at AU is they will handle their business accordingly AND I AM SOOO SICK OF HEARING YOUR PROBATION BULLSHIT! EXCUSES FUKN EXCUSES I have lost many things BUT I LL BE DAMNED IF I USE THE EXCUSE THAT I WAS HANDICAPED YOU STUPID LIL TROLL LOSER STFU AND GET A BETTER EXCUSE,…. Oh by the way WHAT JUST WHAT are you gonna use if the IRON BOWL doesnt go they way its on paper supposed to go? honest now dont say ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN CUASE IT COULD just answer the truth what are you gonna do?

  6. 12

    so omni p, let’s see if i have this right:

    you’re concern for the possibility of sarah palin and her hand on the nuclear button is going to steer you to vote for barack obama and his leadership of our nation over the slippery slope into socialism.

    never mind the fact that palin does actually have some working experience in the executive branch and obama has zero.

    (and please save the garbage about running a campaign. he should be smoking mccain’s ass under the current circumstances. if he does win it’ll be because he barely beat the bradley effect)

    with some of your latest posts concerning auburn and alabama you almost had me thinking you had half a brain.

    hey omni p, democrats have controlled congress for the past two years. how much has your gas gone up since???

    got a 401k??? left???

    yeah dipshit, go ahead and vote for comrade obama because in your sexist mind you can’t tolerate a woman in power. (or is it a conservative woman in power??)

    here’s hoping you don’t get what you deserve, dumbass.

  7. 13

    AND you worry about BAMMA more than your TAXES if ya want but I think the person who controls the money I have is who im gonna worry MORE about!AND A NUT JOB FEMALE WITH THE CODES TO END THINGS SCARES ME MORE THAN A DRUNKN BAMMAR AFTER A WIN IN THE IB!!!

  8. 14

    And I thought the cure for Cancer was pretty much at the top of the medical field list. Thanks Omni for proving me wrong.

    I would have to bet our PUNK omni didn’t write much about Palin until the little Aubie’s got their azz kicked by two sorry azz teams.

    GO HOGS!

    Shane’ it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  9. 15

    Dang Omni, your psychotic tendencies are showing. But this is a football article, and this is not really a political site. Of course if Auburn was undefeated and Bama was struggling you would feel better I am sure. But remember, it is not the good things in life that define you. It is the bad things and how you handle it that make you who you are. So, as an Auburn fan this year, you should have plenty of character by the end of the season.

    This comment brought to you by Dr. Brando
    Have a Nice Day!

  10. 16
    Ballplay Indian.

    I thought that the might TAHD could never be jumped like Auburn did in 04…..What happened ? Make no mistake, if Missourri wouldve won, then yall would be sittin at #3…..Looks like the rest of CFB sees yall as a little over rated as well. But I didnt mean to flame.

    And as far as politics gop. Im a Conservative Republican ,m that means I have no one to vote for. For those of you who think that Obama is the answer, please wake up…….The dude would love nothing more than to grab our guns and tax the crap out of us.You know us southerner religous/gun toters (his words) . The dude is a total freekin communist. If you vote for him your insane.

    As far as Mcain goes, well , he isnt the answer either. I respect him, but I sure dont agree with him. Hes a career politician. enough said. They ought to have a term on congressman.

    It sux that Auburn isnt even worth talking about. I had to resort to politics.

  11. 17

    It’s nice to see that some little Aubie’s can take a break from their coloring book and type in a bunch of nonsense.

    Just remember Ballplay, if you color outside the lines no milk and cookies before bedtime.

    GO HOGS!

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  12. 18

    LOL Ballplay. I really do feel for ya’ll. Bama has spent the better part of the past decade kind of wandering in the dark. But about the rankings… if Bama stays undefeated, it will be there in the end. See, it would mean Bama beat LSU, and ever who the East winner is, probably FLA. 2 more top 10 teams. So Bama is in control of its own destiny. No strength of schedule arguments to be made here. If anyone gets left out undefeated, look at Penn State. They have only a 1 game season really. But it looks like a lot of people have been over rated this year. Bama is better than Auburn this year that is for sure.

  13. 20

    what ever I never said I was voting for anyone But since you asked I am Voting for Pakelika 😉 Look dude I was talking to UA hes the one who brought in the politics But how can you say Obama Has none and she has more are you really stupid he is a Senator ya know? let me also state for the record I MAKE THE MONEY MY WIFE CONTROLS IT AND I ALSO HAVE STATED IN MORE INTELLIGENT CIRCLES THAT maybe it is time for a female to run the country just not one who tells her son i cant run tfor the senate becuase you wouldnt have a team mom Females are more inclinded to make EMOTIONAL decisions remember and this my friend whether your an AUBBIE or a BAMMER IS TRUE HELL HATH NO FURY AS A WOMAN SCORNED !!!! vote how ya want and if your trying to blame gas on democrates remember how BUSH made his money! and PALINS SPOUSE now politics are gone WAR POLYTECH BITCHES!!!

  14. 21

    oh yea FB it was an inside job, we let them come here live tax free and gave them money for education and THEY FUKD US BUDDY thats what kind of inside job it was, now spin that

  15. 22
    Ballplay Indian.

    Crimsoon doosher….What in the heck did that even mean ? At least bring some game before you talk smack. ……..dork.

  16. 23

    oh yea FB it was an inside job, we let them come here live tax free and gave them money for education and THEY FUKD US BUDDY thats what kind of inside job it was, now spin that. Oh before you start My son-in-law is from Bangladesh and is Muslim

  17. 25
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Politics, smholitics, let’s talk about how Ballplay thinks Alabama’s monumental victories over Georgia, Clemson AND ARKANSAS were a fluke.

    Ballplay, I know deep down inside, behind those orange and blue colored glasses, you’re a pretty objective guy, but goodness, you’re as delusional as they come right now.

  18. 26

    BAMA IS one strong team that no one is looking foward to playing.we will rock ole miss ass next you better belive.NO if and but about it bama will win west division.just to strong of a team.with LSU LOSING and they still have S.CAR AND GEORGIA AND BAMA so i know dam well they will lose one of them.that will put us in.of course BAMA will go UNDEFEATED THATS A FACT.//GOD BLESS ROLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEE

  19. 28
    Ballplay Indian.

    What is a log cabin Republican ? Im a conservative. Here lately , that isnt a Republican. I believe in the Coonstitution. It has been the equivalent to a roll of Charmin the last 30 years. Im pro life, pro 2nd amendmant, anti “civil union”, (sorry tmc1), I guess you could say Im a redneck.

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