Vandy win about…parity

Getting back to football. Did you know the 5-0 record posted by Vandy is a sign of parity in college football? You didn’t? Neither did I until I read this column from the Opelika-Auburn News. Here’s the whole thing:


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    WTF is a “sports designer”?

    I will agree that there is more parity in college football that there once was. Part of this is due to scholarship limits. Part of it is due to greater investment in the sport beginning at the High School level.

    More raw talent is now being developed to a much higher level than it was in decades past. That is why you now see true Freshmen contribute in major college football programs. There was a time, not so long ago, when Freshmen weren’t even allowed to play.

    Add to this the fact that the US population has grown faster than the number of NCAA college football programs and it is obvious that there is simply more talent to go around.

    That said, Auburn University doesn’t appear to be sharing in the newfound parity in college football. Apparently, the parity is not equally distributed. Ironic… No?

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    Sports designer most likely means he designs and lays out the sports section in Quark or Indesign or whatever program Media General uses for layout.

    I agree parity is greater today, but that is a topic discussed ad nauseam last season. It’s old news—it is like dog bites man.

    The new parity is a result of all those factors you mention. Kids who enter college today are as technically developed as most college juniors or seniors from years past because of the improvement of player development in junior high and high school.

    That plays an even bigger role than NCAA scholarship cuts—there just isn’t as big a difference in a player at an Alabama or Texas compared to a Vandy or Baylor as their used to be.

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