Tuberville defends Franklin

Tommy Tuberville’s promise of big changes to the Auburn offense apparently didn’t materialize on Sunday. In front of the press, Tuberville took up for his offensive coordinator. Here’s the AP version of what’s going on down on the Plains.


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    Well I said it if Franklin is the one calling the playes Then of course other teams are gonna be licking their chops.
    My nephews PeeWee team would be too Hes a lackluster fool that needs to be dealt with swiftly! Tubbs did like I would do if my wife was in the wrong I would Defend her till I died in public BUT when I got her HOME!!!!


  2. 2

    You little Aubie’s don’t start jumping ship yet. Otis is a Genius with the spread offense. Tommy Tuberville is a Genius for hiring a man like Otis. It’s not time for you little Aubie’s to start backing stabbing each other.


    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  3. 3

    Hey CB flip off bro I aint jumping SHIP stoopid,I am stating the obviuos which is something a SIMPLE ASS BAMMER like you can nor will do,I have been an AUburn fan all my life and I will be until I make that UPPER ROOM! Stay out of GROWN FOLKS BUsiness!! ROOKIE!!!
    I bet Your ass was calling for Shulas head and if you wasnt it proves my point

  4. 5

    WELL being that bama has had a few bad years in the past i can feel what the war eagle fans are going through.auburn should get a big win over ark and make fans feel a little better.but really that dam spread really is not auburn football.auburn has always been a smash mouth run down your throat team.when they get back to the basics things should turn around .if not look for the same results as now.GOD BLESS ROLLLL””TIDE

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    To any who wear orange and blue,

    The offense on the plains is complicated. I am sure you understand, but it is still football. It takes talented athletes to play in this league. Look at both of your QB’s. Which one could run any type of offense? Now, who the heck recruited them? Your problems start at the top. The same as BAMA’s have for the past ten plus years. As to whether, Shula’s head should have or not been called for, most of the current team are Shula recruits. Hmm! Shula recruited well, but could not coach. Tubberville has proven he can do both at times, but he has put it together once. Or did Borges? Proven point: the orange and blue have the best defense in Tubberville’s tenure and the worst offense. Hmm!

    You need something to build on for next year already. I do not see it happening. Your talent level on offense is desperate for another Rudy Johnson. I think you know that miracle was Tubberville’s first bailout. Big AL, J. Campbell, C. Williams, and R. Brown were Tubbervilles’s second bailout. Do you really think those miracles could happen again on the plains?

    I hate it , but things are headed in the correct direction finally. The way things have always been in Alabama; heading for championships and wishing for championships. I am not saying we are going to get a championship soon, but you well know, we will before you.

    Been around long enough to never pull for the underdog. He loses most of the time. Do you understand the difference between most and few? One of the “FEW” greatest football teams in the history of the NCAA resides in your state, and you choose the underdog. No one from the plains likes to discuss history, but if you live much longer, you will learn history predicts the future most of the time. Oh, excuse me, do they teach history on the plains, or does it hurt to bad?

    Mostly just for fun, but it is the truth!!!!

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    Omni: Sorry about your loss. In this time of sorrow, we send our most sincere condolences. But Bama is still gonna whoop that ass in November.

  7. 9

    Omni: I would hate to have to take your money, you guys will need it all to pay Tubbys buyout this year. 🙂

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