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    Bob from Corner

    Everybody in the Crimson Nation needs to relax — we came out with a “W” and not a “L” like those pieces of shits down there on the plains at Kow Kollege — we are halfway through the season and we are *UNDEFEATED* — and don’t forget about the polls — we have a much needed bye week coming up to heal and get our shit together to face an Ole Miss team that punked Florida — yeah, they can win on the road whether it’s the Swamp or T-Town — hopefully film will be reviewed and mistakes will be corrected and players can hit the weight room up and bulk their shit up — we need to continue to PIPE HIT motherfuckers — good ‘ole smashmouth football that will put the opposing teams’ quarterback in the dirt — RELAX Crimson Nation — did you honestly think at the beginning of the season we would be where we are right now? I personally didn’t expect a trip to Atlanta until at LEAST the 4th year of Saban’s command — he is WAY AHEAD OF MY SCHEDULE at this point — even if we have one loss we have still accomplished a SHIT LOAD — if we can handle LSU and Ole Miss — we got it — doesn’t it seem that we play better on the road this year than at home? — weird huh? Maybe too much complacency at home with all the support, maybe too much ASS KISSING is a problem and a little adversity is what sparks the fire in the belly of the football player — if we take it one week at a time with a “W” and not a “L” it’ll probably be against a still feared Florida/Georgia or a Vanderbilt team that we WILL seriously JACK UP — but anyways I’m getting ahead of myself — I hope Saban and his coaches do hardcore drills and strength and conditioning with full team classes on film during these 2 weeks — Houston Nutt has got his shit together in his first year at Ole Miss and now it seems like this is not a team to be overlooked — I really did expect a sluggish big hangover game against Kentucky because lets face it — they don’t have the stature that Georgia had — sometimes when you play football, you just lose the fire in the belly and that could be a MAJOR problem in the future — and unexpected “L” to a team that YOU KNOW they had NO BUSINESS winning against us — back to the Kentucky game — they penalties were out of control — the refs seemed to have Vegas bookies on their personal payroll — but that is an entirely different subject that I won’t get into — in summary — remember where we are — WHO GIVES A SHIT if we drop to No. 3 or No. 4 after the bye week — THE AP POLL IS NOT IN THE BCS calculation formula — whoever wins the SEC Championship is the *ONE* who will be formulated to hold up the crystal trophy at the end — patience my fellow Crimson bleeders — good things come to those who wait — and lets not get spoiled on undefeated seasons and high rankings — never drink the kool-aid until the concrete is enscribed with those words — and you know what I’m talking about —- LET’S CONTINUE TO KICK SOME FUCKIN ASS AND PIPE HIT MUTHAFUCKAS LIKE WE HAVE BEEN DOING and keep our eyes on the prize because we got nothing to lose —- “Bob from Corner” holdin tha shit down every week with a big ole sniff of crystal — trophy that is —

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    This team just wasn’t ready to play this game… two missed field goals, more penalties than every college football game combined since day one, JPW TRIPS in the redzone, JPW throws a near perfect interception on a scoring drive, turnovers, and we nearly lost one fumble IN THE REDZONE, yadda yadda yadda. I doubt we’ll play like this against Ole Miss, but who knows.

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    Hey Bob from Corner, your language on a site that women post is what makes other make fun of our class or lack thereof, how about coolin it with the vulgarity.

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    Bob from Corner

    I’m sorry for using language that everybody else uses in the real world —

    Remember that anyone can use your name on a blog — so things I say might not be me.


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    Bob from Corner

    Oh one more thing — there are women out there with filthier mouths than us dudes — but then again — I love a female with a mouth!


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