How’s that spread working out for you?

Vanderbilt 14 Auburn 13
AP: Mackenzi Adams came off the bench and threw for 153 yards and two touchdowns, and No. 19 Vanderbilt beat 13th-ranked Auburn 14-13 Saturday night to improve to 5-0 for the first time since 1943. (Updated) Story below.


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    Bama Fan in NYC

    I know we’re kindly repaying the Barnies for all the garbage we heard during the offseason, but we shouldn’t be too quick to speak.

    I know Kentucky’s defense is no better than API’s, and if we only managed to hang one offensive touchdown down on them, what gives us the right to think we’ll hang more than 7 on them?

    I know the purpose of the blog has nothing to do with what I stated, but I am a Bama fan, and I know what we’re ALL thinking right now.

    They lost to a GREAT team, a team that I’m sure is a lot better than Kentucky, on all levels. Though it has yet to be proven, but as of right now, it stands true.

    We need to work the kinks out before we talk, or either wait until the Iron Bowl is over.

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    I can agree, we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves, especially after a lackluster game today. But then again, an Auburn loss always makes up for a bad day in T-Town!

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    I DO not know what game bamafan and rhyno watched but i take nothing away from kentucky.that team looks like it could be a very good football team in future.yes bama did not play its best but its the SEC.Kentucky was not the BALOR BEARS OKL PLAYED.BAMA had a big game last week and we all should have known it was comming a bad game.really tho not that bad fumbled twice in side kentucky 20 yard line and missed field goals.UNDEFEATED THATS WHAT I SAY BABY.GOD BLESS ROLLL;;;;;;;;;;;;;TIDEEEEEEEEEE

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    Bama Fan in NYC,

    Remind me to never invite you to a party. Kentucky has a good football team and their Defense is head & shoulders above Auburn’s. This is not your Father’s Kentucky. This is the team that defeated LSU last year. There is a reason that they entered this game 4-0.

    They played a good game yesterday and Alabama played a sloppy game. Alabama won because they have a better team and they overcame whatever adversity they faced.

    This is the kind of game that builds character. You are fortunate indeed if you can play one of these games and come out with a “W”. Bama has still never trailed in a game.

    I’m glad that Bama has an off week. Ole Miss is also a good football team and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just ask Florida. There are no “gimme games” this year. Every victory will be the result of a hard fought struggle.


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    TRuecrimson it was to early in morning for me ”””see above but you said it all KENTUCKY was no gift game.kentucky will beat a top SEC team this i said this is where heart and taking it to another level comes.i think i saw that in game with last drive that got field goal.any way we are still UNDEFEATED with a tuff road a head but i still feel this team will not lose a not think nick is showing all his cards either LOL.GOD BLESS ROLL;;;TIDE.O I REALLY WANT TO BE AT THAT PARTY.GUESS I WILL HAVE TO CRASH IT.

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    ft. benning ranger

    Kentucky isn’t that good in my opinion. We think they are good because they almost beat us but they never could get their offense off of the ground. They scored twice and that was only in crucial situations. They remind me of Tulane. We thought they were good, but look at them now. I hope the players learned their lesson that you always have to show up for SEC games no matter who the opponent may be or is it could end disastrous.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    We are terrible on offense. Period. But , yall do realise that we scored more offensive points than yall on Saturday, right ? !0 points for Bama 13 for Auburn. Our kicker cost us a close game. Bottom line is yall won though … Congrats. We are still going to win the Iron Bowl.

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    AND seriuosly TC you think Kentuckys defense is better than AUburns? NOW thats EXCUSES and I never thought YOU would be one for LAME excuses HEAD AND SHOULDERS HUH?? DA!!!

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    Yes. I honestly believe that Kentucky’s Defense is better than Auburn’s.

    You don’t need an excuse when you win. That is only an opinion. I haven’t seen anything take place on the field of play to cause me to have a different opinion.

    Auburn has a good Defense. Kentucky has a great Defense.

    I can’t say which of those two teams has the worst Offense, but Kentucky managed a few big pass plays when it counted.

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    I won’t sit here and defend Auburn’s offense to anyone, but you guys are crazy if you’re comparing defenses with Kentucky. Auburn had four starters that were out due to injuries, including SenDerrick Marks and Jerraud Powers. Powers hurt the most, becuase that’s how Vandy was magically converting those 3rd and longs over and over again in the 2nd half that other teams have been able to do only 15% of the time.

    Even with those injuries, Auburn’s D only gave up 14 pts. That loss was blamed on one thing only: the offense. How in the #@&* do you rack up 125 yds in the 1st quarter doing nothing but running the ball, and then quit running it? I could care less if they were stacking the box with 9 players, they still couldn’t have stopped Auburn consistently. That was insane. In the next to last drive in the 4th quarter, Auburn ran on 1st down for 4 yds. Then stupidly tried to pass on 2d for an incompletion. 3rd and long rather than 3rd and 2, so they had to pass again. Boom-sacked for am 8 yd loss. Amazing.

    Keep talking smack, bammers. You’ve earned it. Auburn is looking as bad as they have in years right now. I don’t blame you.

    P.S. A loss in the Iron Bowl now would sting 1000 times worse, wouldn’t it?

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    Julio, you’re complaining to the wrong group of people. Just remember we originated the splendid offensive performance in the first half and the tremendous drop off in the second, so we can relate somewhat.

  12. 17

    Julio is still holding out hope. Really, do you really think that Auburns spread attack is going to put up a lot of points in the Iron Bowl? And you spend time here talking about how delusional Bama people are. Well, I guess that is all you guys can play for now, so keep on hoping I guess. If Bama scores 14 in the Iron Bowl it will be enough.

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    LOL at Omni. Yall aint played a good offensive team yet. But keep on praying for a miracle. Maybe the stock market will crash and they cancel the season. You got that going for you anyways.

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    YEP BUT how about that WAGER? BB?
    ANd really unless Coffee and Ingram continue to do
    it for BAMA , If you guys have to rely on JPW I ll take my chances on you scoring 14 i. e. Kentucky Game…..


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