Target on their back

By Shane from Centerpoint
Now that the Crimson Tide has laid siege to Athens and totally destroyed the 3rd ranked Georgia Bulldogs a new challenge begins to surface, one totally unfamiliar to the recent Alabama football program. Instead of progressing along under the radar, the Tide now has to perform with a huge target on its back.

For years other SEC teams lead the charge and stole the limelight. Now the conference’s original “bell cow” carries a badge that has the potential to make or break the season.

Every team that Bama plays will be gunning for them harder than if the Tide had remained in the shadows.

Alabama will be their bowl game.

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Too many times prior to this year the phrase “Bama’s back” has surfaced only to crash down on the football program’s head in November.

However, this time around the situation is different – head coach Nick Saban is trying to ground this team. Want proof? Right after the Tide finished crushing the Bulldogs beneath their feet, Saban was on national TV chastising his squad for not maintaining consistency for four quarters.

Alabama players have stated how hard the coaches have been on them since last Saturday, reminding them about the Tulane game and what happens when they become complacent. The coaches are trying to help the Bama players realize that they must raise the level of intensity every game in order to win, regardless of the opponent.

Only time will tell if this Tide team has enough maturity to carry out the mission. The potential to fall in love with their accomplishments to date is always dangerous. Many pitfalls lie along the way.

This is the University of Alabama. Tradition allows team goals to be aimed at the national crown every year, yet since the turn of the century the idea of Bama actually obtaining a championship has been a joke. However, surprisingly, this year that goal is becoming a reality.

Nick Saban and his staff have formulated a championship personality within this team that is based on hard-nosed brutality along the lines of scrimmage, with intense execution from everyone else being the mantra.

The senior leadership on the team is limited. Juniors and red-shirt sophomores are required to step up because, in spite of recent success, this team is literally one of the youngest in the nation. Youthful football teams are usually easily distracted. Alabama’s success so far is a testament to solid coaching by Saban and his staff.

The Tide’s success this football season lies squarely on the backs of the players. For the first time in years, Alabama controls its own destiny.

The people who watch football for a living have seen this team and they know how good it can be. Whether Alabama reaches the top of the heap will depend on its ability to raise the level of performance every week.

One thing is for sure – if this team stays focused and plays to its potential – it will be very hard to beat.

Finally, the Alabama Crimson Tide is ahead of schedule in the “process” – and the process seems to be for real. Barring any slips along the way, the Tide stands to win it all. Does that sound familiar? Is “Bama back”? Time will tell.

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  1. 1

    Very easily Shane’s best blog post. You were realistic and your chest wasn’t beaten as much as usual. I agree with almost everything you said. For once you weren’t full of, well, SHANE.

  2. 2

    Finally, the Iron Bowl will mean something. It seems crazy now, but when Auburn marches in to Tuscaloser this November, and owns the Tide again for number seven, it will be the best win yet. There is no question the Tide is performing well now, but that team will fold when they feel they are on the verge of something big. The dynamic has changed, and it requires maturity….which the Tide does not have yet.

  3. 3

    To Bamasux, to afraid to use your usual post name because of how ridiculous you know that sounds? You know the Auturds will be embarassed by the Tide this year and the forseeable future, go ahead and learn to deal with it stepchild.

  4. 4

    Listen to all the hope from the Auburn guy, hoping with all his might that Bama falls. You can almost here him begging for God to intervene. What would be funny is Auburn getting number 7, and Bama still goes on and wins a NC with one loss. It has happened before. AU beat Florida when Florida won it all a few years ago. But you keep on hoping Aubbie.

  5. 5

    I agree with Dennychimes – Shane’s best column to date. Expectations of the Tide nation need to be “tempered” a little. Shane’s realistic reminders of the “possibilities” and “pitfalls” pretty much echoed Saban’s sermon to the players this week. The Tulane game should be a lesson remembered for the rest of the season.
    And, congratulations, Shane, for not mentioning the “other” school across the state. However, as usual, this forum will be a vehicle for the back and forth “barbs” from the frequent visitors to this site.
    After your last blog, I believe there were in excess of 200 comments – mostly, though, using the space as a forum.

  6. 6

    Listen to barack, I mean bamabrando talking about hope. What I said is based upon a lot more than you Bammers irrationality. For whatever reason, Auburn plays it’s best when they are the underdog….that’s the reason they have wreaked havoc on the top 10 for all these years. They usually play poorly when they have alot to lose. Remember the 2004 Iron Bowl? Pitiful performance….but did manage to win. I’m not talking hope, I’m talking statistical probability.

  7. 7

    So you are basing your hope on what has happened in the past? Look, Shula is not coaching the Iron Bowl this year, and I like Bamas chances against The Tony Franklin Systemâ„¢. That wasn’t in play last year, but it sure is this year. You had better hope that offense gets going, because 3-12 points won’t be enough to beat Bama this year. But you keep crunching them numbers to try and find some meaningful hope. Times they are a changing…..

  8. 8

    WOW! The KAA (Kool-Aid Anonymous)meetings must be working!!!

    “This is the University of Alabama. Tradition allows team goals to be aimed at the national crown every year, yet since the turn of the century the idea of Bama actually obtaining a championship has been a joke. However, surprisingly, this year that goal is becoming a reality.”

    Seeing this gives me hope that perhaps McCain can win this election! All these years and finally, Shane has admitted the truth of the state of affairs in Tuscaloosa.


  9. 9

    I would also say Auburn had a lot to lose against LSU, and you see what happened there. Are you seriously comparing this years Auburn team to the 2004 Auburn team? Go compare stats from those two teams and see what you come up with.

  10. 11
    Ballplay Indian.

    Shane …..This article is almost readable….Other than the nauseating bama homerism, thier was no Auburn bashing. Wow… How refeshing…

    And Shane…..Do you have to use the term “bell cow” in every article you write ?

  11. 13

    Good work Shane.

    My only point of disagreement is this: Although the Crimson Tide has in recent years endured a low ebb in the quality of the football program; they have never really lost the targets on their backs.

    Like other storied programs such as Notre Dame, the sheer historical weight of the Crimson Tide football legend has continued to be a motivation to opposing teams. Witness the significance that the Auburn Nation places on their own recent success versus Bama.

    They don’t really care if Alabama has only posted three wins during the season. Whenever Auburn defeats the Crimson Tide, it is cause for celebration of the highest order. The trees at Toomer’s Corner groan under the weight of rectal hygiene products as if they had just won a National Championship.

    The pressure will be turned up a notch now that Bama is back on the road to a successful season. While an opportunity to upset the Tide is always a special event for lesser football programs, the motivation will be more of a factor now for the higher echelon teams such as LSU.

    So, the “target” is there. That much is beyond dispute. But this is not an unknown issue for Bama. They have dealt with this phenomenon before. If they are to have a burden to bear in their quest for the Championship, this is one to carry with pride.


  12. 14

    I agree with you TrueCrimson, good post. It also happens in the coaching changes. How many raises has other coaches got because of Alabama? It also looks good to have a win over Bama on your resume, whether Bama is good or bad. It seems like it has always been like that.

  13. 16

    bamasux says “Auburn usually plays poorly when they have a lot to lose” I don’t know what they have to lose other than some good jet fuel, but they have damn sure been playing poorly

  14. 17

    Hey Bamasux, put down the Auburn University cow pasture shrooms and wake the hell up.
    You’ve barely beaten Alabama during our years of sorrow and before those trying times began, Tubs was 1-6 against Alabama (dating back to Ole Miss) and all of his losses were by embarrassing margins and after that, most of his wins were by an inch.
    Don’t get your hopes up this year because his time has come and gone and now it’s time for Alabama to show you AUtards who and what he really is.

  15. 19

    Bama(Tech)Sucks, it seems to me like Alabama has been the underdog in their two biggest games of the year, thus far, and what were the results? And against the teams that were the underdogs, what were the results of those? None were close, and the closest game was won by a 14 point margin where three of our offensive starters, were forced to set that game out as well. Thank you and come again!

  16. 21
    Ballplay Indian.

    LCN……Ole Miss is the Bermuda Triangle of coaching. Tubbs was lucky to get out alive. Therefore , you cant count a coachs record while at Ole Miss.

  17. 22

    Would somebody please give Ballplay Indian a tissue or one of Otis’s bottles.
    I’ve never seen Ballplay Indian so wimpy before.

    Hey little Aubies, how’s Otis’s spread offense working out?

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  18. 23

    Omni, Ballplay: Good to see you guys back! I was worried about you all last weekend.

    Two things, first…Bama has a really good chance (and I mean really good) of getting to November undefeated. In that case, they could really do some damage. However, I’m still apprehensive about a possible trip to the NC game. November has been a horrible month for Bama in recent years and until they show me they can win those games, then I’ll think about an NC trip because those wins would really measure what will happen in the West and who gets to go to the SEC CG
    Secondly, Bama has to stay healthy. If they don’t they will not beat LSU and probably not Auburn either (I say probably because they have looked so bad the past few weeks). Depending on where the injuries happen, either way it will expose they lack of depth this team actually has. I think that is the key. Stay healthy, and have a better year, if you don’t it could get ugly.

  19. 24

    If they do stay healthy a “better year” could mean I trip and a real shot to play in the SEC CG…and if they win it, well, they’ll go to Miami.

  20. 25

    Oh, I forgot…I know a lot of people have said this but as I was reading this article I thought, “this is pretty good, hell, I think it’s Shane’s best”

    Good job Shane.

  21. 26

    Miami is the Keystone

    The concerns are warranted. The Crimson Tide still lacks experienced depth at several critical positions. Key injuries could turn this beautiful dream into a horrific nightmare.

    But consider this. What if Bama stays healthy? What if they continue to play at this high level? What if they make it back to Atlanta in December and end this season the same way they started it in the Georgia Dome?

    There is little doubt that the University of Alabama would then be chosen to participate in the BCS National Championship Game.

    How cool would it be for Nick Saban to make a triumphant return to Miami with a National Championship football team?

    Who was it that Alabama defeated the last time they won a National Championship?

    Oh yeah…

    I remember.


    Things that make you go Hmmm…


  22. 27
    Ballplay Indian.

    Crimson Brother,,,,As much as you would like to think Im down about this years team Im not….Yes, our offense could be better. Our defense is awesome. Yes , we have a loss. To a top five freekin team. That barely won to boot. A team that yall have to play , mind you. And a team that will probably beat you. We are ranked thiteenth in the nation. I am not upset in the least dude. Theres a lot of football left to play………

    Bama people arent used to being gracefull winners. I guess when you have sucked to the degree that yall have for 10 years running, it makes you into a sphfinker…..Please show some class, and act like youve won something in your life. I mean heck, yall claim forty eleven championships dont ya ? Act like youve actually won 1 or 2 of those fabricated pieces of hardware. Act like youve been there before.

    But guys….Make no mistake. Your little run is coming to an end soon. Nick will have yall at midseason form in no time. I think that Kentucky could sneak up on yall. All it will take is the one loss to get the snowball running downhill, then the house of cards comes down, and back to suckdom you will go.

  23. 28

    Ballplay Indian’

    Don’t you feel better now that you got that out of your system!

    Don’t be WIMPY like you were on the other post.

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee Couty cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  24. 29

    Auburn fans will never come to terms with the fact that the success they’ve enjoyed over the last few years has been mostly related to wounds Bama inflicted upon itself. With those wounds healing, and recruiting getting back to what it always was, Barners are destined to be the step child again.

    Congrats Auburn! You got to play a little bit while your natural-born step-brother was in timeout. Now that he’s been released to go play, you will have to get readjusted to life in the back seat. Hope you like it, not.

  25. 30

    UA4life welcome back yourself I thought you were still somewhere “HAPPY” screaming BLACK WHAT? No bro I totally agree with you If bamma stays healthy they have A REAL good chance to DO it even IF we beat you guys like YOU SHOULD get beat 🙂 anyway my 2 cents


  26. 31

    HEY PBBtider,
    PLease dude we have ALL come to terms why we are here and most bammas know we could give a damn about your wounds and all that jazz and the 6 in a row being tainted because YOU were crippled, and I beleive it was Julio that reminded you guys about our probation when you were beating us, so seriuosly sling some shit or facts but DROP THE CRIPPLE ACT!!!


  27. 32

    Ballplay, I must object. Look at what Dave Cutcliff and what Houston Nutt is doing there now. Tubs was certainly a better coach than Orgeron, but Tubs just couldn’t win SEC games. In fact, in 1997 when Auburn hired Tubs, they hired him away from the only SEC program they managed to beat that year… Ole Miss. There are some elements where I don’t agree with George, because when the Iron Bowl rolls around, you can toss all the records out the window. I’m not counting this year as a sure win, because Auburn’s defense is too good, and by the time they play us, their offense SHOULD be improved just enough to win big ballgames. And in our case, you never know what two or three injuries can do for a team. So we’ll see what happens when that day comes. But for now, I’m enjoying the win over Georgia until someone bothers to spoil it for us.

  28. 34

    bamabrando….you must be beyonf help. I’m absolutely not comparing 08 Auburn to 04 Auburn. That’s my point. Auburn was expected to beat the sh*t out of Bama in 04 with that NC team, but was down 0-6 at halftime. Turned out to be a lackluster win, at best. 2005 rolls around, Bama’s 9 and 1 and expected to give Auburn a real battle. Do you remember what happened? I bet Brodie hasn’t. The “close” 28-18 score was a lot like the “close” 41-30 score ya’ll had against UGHA. It wasn’t.

  29. 35

    Ballplay,have you been out in the garage huffing gas again? You have been saying we are going to lose everygame since Clemson, you are bound to guess right one of these games in the next few years, unfortunately for you it won’t be our last game of the regular season we lose, and you are right, your offense could be better, because it sure can’t look any worse, and if Aub is the 13th best team in the country the 12th must be UAB.

    Vandy 17
    Aub 13

  30. 36
    Ballplay Indian.

    Cutcliff was sheetcanned if I remember correctly. And Chris, Nutt got some talent from Orgeron. But we all know that nutt is an average coach , and soon Ole Miss will be an average team.

    C.B. I dont know what came over me. I guess I had a case of woosidus.

    Bamaman…. Like I said , your little run is about to come to an end….GO CATS !!!!!!!

  31. 37

    Like him or not, Houston Nutt has developed a reputation for beating great football teams with mediocre football teams.

    As for Ole Miss firing Cutcliffe, that might have been the most stupid thing that they ever did.

  32. 38

    I like hearing all the talk from the Aubbies saying that they aint worried. I think when they write that it somehow reinforces their hopes. You guys are counting on Bama sliding once again at the end, I can respect that. But, what if it don’t happen this year? What if Bama wins very convincingly? I think the odds are better for that to happen this year. You talk about Auburns great Defense. I say Bamas is even better. There is no comparison with the offenses. Is it going to be another Punt, Bama, Punt? That would be the Auburn Mans wet dream. But thats all Auburn can do this year is dream. I am afraid you guys may have a couple of more losses before the Iron Bowl. But ya’ll can dream for now. Good luck with Vandy. Ya’ll will probably need it, like ya’ll had from that other team in Tennessee. What would have happened if UT didn’t drop the ball in the endzone?

  33. 39

    Hey I will admit it BB I am worried BUT im more PISSED off! IM pissed off that EVERY damn week WE see the SAME OL SHIT!
    GET rid Of Franklin OR let KODY Lose or WIN the damn game if we are gonna keep that SPREAD SHIT! and I said it the other day if the IRON BOWL was played today specially on paper I WOULD BE SHAKIN LIKE A PUPPY TRYING TO PASS A PEACH PIT!!! BUT I aint skeered 🙂


  34. 41

    I hear you Omni. I know I shouldn’t judge Auburn because clearly I am biased, but I didn’t understand why there needed to be a change. I though Borges was effective when Jason Campbell was there in his senior year. Brandon Cox was clearly no Jason Campbell. Maybe Tubbs pulled the trigger too quick. He hired Franklin awful fast too. But, as a Bama fan it does seem to me that maybe he done this for help in recruiting in this state, since he runs those HS clinics and his videos, books, etc. Do you think Saban is having an influence on Tubbervilles decision making?

  35. 42

    Ahh, the Barners are coming out of the trailer park and are posting from the public library computers once again. To hear the frantic Barner calls this week as they realize that Tubby’s last ditch effort of bringing in a radical change in the office to maintain some sort of relavance, brings a smile to my face. The wire road rednecks fully understand that the Tide has turned and the cream has risen to the top once again.

  36. 43

    The barn is going to give out rings if they win at Vandy this weekend. Tubbs thinks the team should be rewarded for such a historic victory. Barners: Where rings are awarded for mediocrity.

  37. 44
    Ballplay Indian.

    Educator1…….That was not a clever ,funny, or witty post. That was just gay. Much like yourself….. Bama is the school with the history of giving itself credit where its not due. I dont want to open pandoras box with the whole bogus championship thing. But hey, you should think of that crap before you post something that hypocritical.

  38. 45

    Ballplay…come on man. You are about as full of shit as anyone on here. I like you dog, but your crazy. You have picked Bama to lose almost every contest they’ve had. If you know a little about football, start acting like it. Another thing, I can’t believe you said most Bama fans aren’t “gracefull winners”…you call most Auburn fans that post here graceful winners?!? Omni up there is already calling for Franklin’s head and you, bamasux, and sixdownnow7 are already saying Auburn is going to beat Bama…thats so dumb it makes me laugh. I literally read that stuff and laugh at the screen…and although that may be the extent of funny moments I have in my life (j/k) it’s really pathetic. Look, I know UA is winning and winning big and Auburn is struggling and winning not so big but please, lets alteast leave that shit alone…there is a whole lot of season left for both teams. Truth is no one knows who’ll win that game because you can’t tell what will happen. Ballplay, you should know that…whats your record for picking Bama’s games this season? 2-3? Maybe you should be like Franklin and apologize and admit your wrong and a dumbass because you hardly know whats going on. You let your hate and anti-Bama attitude pick your games. Good thing you’re not a gamblin’ man.

  39. 46

    Bamasux: the ’04 Auburn team wasn’t an “NC” team. All they won was the SEC CG. No title that year dog. You remember.

    Omni: I was postin’ last Saturday on Shane’s previous article. I made a post after the game vs. UGA and several days after that (until he wrote this piece). I never heard responses from ya’ll. And you should know, I wasn’t worried about the blackout, I picked Bama to win. Unlike you Orange seein’ Aubies. By the way, I’m 5-0 in picks with Bama and 5-0 with picks on AU (I picked them to lose against LSU). I need to start a service!!

  40. 47

    Screw you playswballs. Your opinion means nothing to those that post regularly on here. You are the hypocritical one. People’s National Champions??? I guess all the undefeated season where Bama wound up #1 after winning their bowl games isn’t enough to be a national champion in the eyes of you qu@@r barners. And that has happened multiple times but you ignorant, jealous, little brothers have a deranged perception of reality when it comes to matters such as these.

    Envy will kill you little man so I suggest you get some counseling to extend your years a little. By the way, if the Barn wins this weekend they will tie their series record with Vandy at 20 wins a piece. Now that’s something to really be proud of. Get those rings ready!!!! Woooo Hooooo

  41. 48


    Always remember that Georgia Tech still has more SEC championships than you barners and they’ve been out of the league for decades.

  42. 49

    All that truly matters at the current moment is Alabama is in for a potentially upsetting game against Kentucky and Auburn is in for a potentially upsetting game against Vanderbilt. When the final week is upon then we can continue this conversation. But as of right now, we shouldn’t be worried about each other, we should worry more about ourselves than anything else.

    Roll Tide!

  43. 50

    TUBBS???? I Like him but I kinda think its time for Someone new, I mean I was a Tubbaville FAN but what ever prompted his decision to GO spread, i dont think its as much NS as it was everyone who was winning NCs (Florida) were running the Spread and maybe that used car salesman franklin SOLD him on it. UA4life I dont understand your 12:38 post and Im an AUburn fan and I have the right to call a spade a spade and FRANKLIN is a HACK and yes sir whether TUBBS stays or goes Franklin I would bet is GONE or he should be… especially if Bama BEATS POLYTECH like they beat UGA and We can Still beat bama in Nov. Im just saying Bama is hitting on all cylinders now and we are not! AND I am VERY sick of watching the SAME BULLSHIT team take the feild with those same BULLSHIT PLAYS. AUburn is and could be SOOOOO much better..


  44. 51

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.



  45. 52

    September 26th, 2008 at 5:52 pm
    UA 23 UGA 35

    UA4life this was my first prediction then on saturday morning I said it would be a defensive fight and a close game either way i was wrong but I never said UGA wuld hand them their asses!

    And I was ONE of the 1st one period on Sunday morning to come in here and EAT CROW!! 🙂

  46. 53

    September 28th, 2008 at 8:38 am
    Well I have hurled personal insults at just about every bammar in here BUT I have always give all SEC temas bamma included their DUE! AND DAMN!!!!! I Beleive!!! I reference songs here and there and this one may seem a lil different than normal BUT R> KELLY
    “I BELEIVE I CAN FLY” THEY ARE BACK GUYS and honestly I like it! DOnt love it as if was POLYTECH but hey CONGRATS TO all of you guys and a special one to JW you have been called every name in here but WE CAN CALL YOU RIGHT from now on caus u have called him bro ….
    as far as AUburn goes I LL take a Win GUYS!!!


    September 28th, 2008 at 8:40 am
    And the team i saw last nite …
    The West insnt a question The NC is!??
    But hey if they do it I ll win 20 bucks
    I won 20 and a ^ pack Of Corona last night on BAmma

  47. 54

    UA4Life….what’s all this “dog” shit about. Bammers come in two types–the stump dumb, blue collar, never set foot in a college class redneck variety, and the wigger, bust a ghetto sag, flat billed Alabama hat(crooked to the side), low rider driving variety. You must fall under the latter. Dog.

  48. 55

    This is to bamasux,
    Theres not any room on this site for your red neck post at 3:48pm.
    Man, theres just a few bottom of the cellar people like you, if I were an AU fan I wouldn’t claim you as even being a
    AU fan. Most all the AU fans on this site are at least logical but but you are just sickening.
    Please go to another site and post your trash. AU or Bama fans don’t want to read about how dumb, blue collar or what ever else you post about each others fans. Go somewhere else and post your profanity.Please.

  49. 56

    Bama12….I can assure you I’m no redneck…since when did stating the facts elicit such a negative reaction? If referring to people as “dog” is your idea of intelligent posting, maybe I am at the wrong site.
    It’s funny how when someone gets the least bit controversial in their post, you refer to them as obviously an illogical, bottom of the cellar, redneck.

    Are you not guilty of the same thing??? Dog.

  50. 57

    It appears that an immature child has made a mistake and entered this comment sector. Yes, I mean Bamasux. I can tell by his limited vocabulary that he lacks intelligence. He also tends to ramble like a 15 year old teenager. His mommy needs to take away his mouse. Everybody else seems to understand at least a little about class.

  51. 59

    NO NO NO i wil take up for ANY AUburn Fan who speaks the Truth and thats all Bamasux did. BUT Bamasux for your INFO they dont drive LOW RIDERS anymore They sit up HIGH on 24’s with no tints so you can see who is inside “ITS TRICKY”


  52. 60

    OMNIPRESENT….you are absolutley right about the “twenty fos.” I don’t know what I was thinking. I dated myself!

    I’m catching a lot of flak, I must be over the target.

  53. 61
    Ty from T-Town


    Shane,we must be doing something right.
    We all expected the process to work, but
    who the hell thought that it would happen so fast. I have always felt that the Alabama football team had that nebulous target on their backs, even when they were not playing well, but your column was dead-ass right.
    The target is now real, but it seems to fit their style. This team seems to thrive off of the spotlight; let’s just hope that it doesn’t fry their brains.
    Coach Saban, is not just tapping the brakes, he is throwing out a freaking anchor. He spent all weak, chewing everyone’s ass out. I guess he is still pissed about the way they played over at Athens; but that’s not weird at all, if you consider that ESPN Gameday is in Nashville and Ole Miss is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
    I have to feel that Logan Young is looking down from that big liquor store in the sky, and having quite a laugh.

  54. 64

    Well Bamasux,
    Maybe you should change you handle to Auburnsuxa$$. A loss to Vandy, wow you have better get Lauder’s jet fueled up. I hear that Phillip Fulmer may be available. War ……………..Franklin, I guess, dumbass.

  55. 65

    Omni: I think I was talking about something you said to me about still screaming “blackout blowout” but I don’t really understand it looking at it now. Oh well, it was a thought I had then, not now. I think I was saying not to many Auburn fans came in after the Tennessee weekend but thats neither here nor there.

    Bamasux: I don’t know why I say “dog”. I’ll tell you this though, the two types you describe, well…I really don’t fit either. I have a college degree, from UA and I grew up and went to school with many African Americans who used the term. I’m certainly not what you would call “blue collar” right now, althought I’ve worked several “blue collar, punchin’ that time clock” jobs while growing up. I’m also not a “wigger” and I don’t have flat billed caps and saggy jeans. As a matter of fact (because I played baseball in high school) I HATE the flat billed cap look, I don’t think it’s very becoming of a good ball player. Anyway, I also do not drive a “low-rider with twenty fo’s” as you put it (which was funny by the way). I guess I get it from my black friends. I don’t use it in the office or very often anyplace else. I was just typing and it came out. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it. Are you racist? You must not like it right? I bet you didn’t like that lose against Vandy lastnight either did you? So much for Auburns “favorite in the West hopes”. How about this: Take your Aubie self out of here and spread your negativity someplace else. I don’t even know why I spent two minutes explaining myeslf but o well. I’ll talk to you later, dog.

    Bamaman: Great call on the pick. Taking Vandy was gutsy. I, on the other hand picked Auburn. The firt one I’ve lost all year. I did take Bama as well but didn’t cover the spread. All-in-all, I’m glad they’re 6-0 and in control of their on destiny in the West race with LSU. Anyway, good call man.

  56. 66

    UA4Life…thanks for the bio….you do sound very white. Anyway, I’m not glad to see Bama have success, but it will make our games that much more relevant and important, the way they used to be, and should be. Things are beginning to come to light here on the Plains, and Auburn’s offense will start clicking once Tubs either a) let’s Tony run it the way he wants to, and with the coaches he wants to, or b) do (a) as soon as possible. Tubs allowed this for the bowl game, and it worked fine. For some reason, internal politics on the coaching staff is keeping it from being fully implemented. My guess is that to install it correctly, a few existing coaches and personal friends of Tubs will become obsolete. When the heat gets turned up on Tubs, he will make the necessary changes, or he will be changed.

  57. 67

    bamasux: I am white ass-hole…you must be racist. You have a problem with everybody. And I got news for you. Nothings coming “to light” down in Lee County. They’re going to the darkness and they’re probably going to stay there for a long time. What did I tell you? Go spread your Tommy T, spin master bull-crap negativity someplace else. If you really believe what you posted up there you’re in for a rude awakening. Tub’s always throw’s his men under the bus just like you said “When the heat gets turned up on Tubs, he will make the necessary changes…” you know as well as I do he want be changed himself. He is a damn coward, always blaming someone else. Never taking the blame. He’s a baby-back bitch (which is what one of my black friends told me to call your racist ass) who doesn’t accept his own responsibility!

  58. 68

    I take that back, he did put the blame of the Vandy lose on him. But I think that was the first time I have ever heard him do that. Just imagine the yelling he did at his assistants before he went out there! He’s still a baby back bith anyway.

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