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    Most fans are unhappy with our poor second half performance, which we allowing UGA to nearly come back.

    But I’d still take an uneasy win over any sort of loss.

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    When u are winning 31 0 at the half it is pretty hard to lose in my book then you put 10 more on board in second half should be game over.first half was all bama second georgia .just not enough time and to much defense for georgia.that’s why they play for 60 minutes…..A lot of mistakes in second half but i would rather have them in 2 half than 1.if papa nick don’t want his cup of koolaid then i’ll drink it]]]]]]]god bless rool””tide””

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    and Ballplay you are still a dumbass Auburn fan concerned with all things Bama. I guess it is more fun to talk crap to Alabama fans than to root for your pathetic Auburn Tigahs this year.

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    Tide Freak

    A very merry Roll Tide to my fellow constituants. I feel like I want to just run around screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs I am so ecstatic about the way we are playing. But, as JP Wilson said we need to remember that we have 7 games left this year and although we are # 2 or # 3 depending on the poll, we need to hope this team is careful how they digest the media attention they will receive. As fans, we just need to be proud of our guys and support our coach in the way he handles this team, obviously he is doing something right. If Saban says no Kool-Aid, then no Kool-Aid. Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Omni you are a douchebag. Bama is rolling and Auburn is on the verge of collapse. Have you been watching this season so far? You know it is coming too. And why are you here again? There is nothing you can say that proves anything I have said wrong. Maybe you can bring a little more to the table next year.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Why all the hate Brandy ? Yall should be on the kool aid. To heck with what everybody says. Id be drunk as cooter brown if Auburn beat Jawja like a yard dog the way yall did. It was impressive. I must admit, I was pulling hard for jawja. But aafter the 2nd quarter, I knew the game was over. Muckh like here, I run my mouth like the dickens in reality too. By reality, I mean not online. Im just as bad in person …..Scary I know. But dude did I catch the crap Sunday. WOWWW!!!!!! Most ws deserved. But some people I didnt know were chiming in…More power to em baby. I KNOW id be hammered on the koolaid.

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    Ballplay: I am only here to counter your trash talk. If you want to try and be nice, then cool, lets talk about football with a reasonably sane conversation. But if you want to talk smack, I can give you all you want. It is all in good fun. But in reality, I get on with Auburn people just fine. I can take a loss without any problems. The Auburn people whom I am related to come from prominent Auburn boosters, and have a building named for them at Auburn (Sewell Hall). I know, I am so ashamed of this.

    But I was born a Bama fan. I know I had a choice, but I would have been an orphan. But I have been around since Bear was coach, even though I was very young. It is good to see the types of teams most Bama fans have only read about finally arrive again. Auburn has done well, but still can’t compare to Alabama, even with 6 wins in a row. I know you can’t understand, Alabama fans act like it is no big deal. But ask yourself this: When it does end, is it really a big deal? What is Auburn left with? 1 SEC championship in 10 years?

    There is a difference in the two programs, so to a Bama fan like me, I fail to see the big deal about Auburn. Yet yall seem to act like Auburns sole mission is to beat Alabama. It is not as much to be and Auburn fan, but an Alabama hater first. It goes back generations. Bear made AU feel so inferior over 30 years ago, its being passed generation to generation in their DNA. Thats domination, and 6 wins in a row don’t compare to that.

    Bear beat Auburn so much, the AU grandkids still feel it. Yall got a turn for awhile, but Bama will be tough for the next few years at least. I am sure you have your reasons for rooting for Auburn and that is fine. Coming to a Bama site to stir the pot is what I have seen from you, for a while now, so all I am doing is giving back what you have sent.

    If you want to be civil, then start doing it.

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    Everybody leave Otis alone. I see Otis bringing a National Championship to the Plantation soon. The Otis spread is the future. Leave Otis alone PEOPLE.

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

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    Dude Brandy You didnt say anything factual all u did was call Ballplay names and ask the same tired STUPID ASS QUESTION why are we here! YOUR THE REASON SON!!, and to bad you dont know what douches are for cause if you did there would be one hangin out your lips right now!


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    OK omni i’m ready to sling.bama goes 12 o undefeated.how do you like that.it will happen just sit and watch.i’m always right.got to go nick just paged me.rolllllll….tideeeeeeeeee god bless

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    At Alabama, we have a 24 hour celebration policy. As soon as the 24 hours are up, it’s time to move on and focus on our next problem: Kentucky.

    They could potentially rain on our euphoric parade. So we do not need to take them lightly because they could possibly be a better team than UGA, but we don’t know it.

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    Aww Omni, did you get your feelings hurt? Come on man bring it on. You are just in denial of the truth and thats what pisses you off. The facts are this: Auburn does not compare with Alabama even with the streak. DId you read that? I didn’t call you a name this time, just stated the absolute truth. Even if you win this year it is still the truth. OK State will never be Oklahoma, no matter what they do. Michigan St. will never be Michigan. Auburn will always be perceived as that team that went undefeated and didn’t play for a NC. So if you want to dispute that go ahead. Or you can flame on over here and call names. I can do either one you want, but I am still right. And you are still a douchebag.

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    Brando, here’s what you don’t get. You bammers keep basing your belief that Bama is a superior program based 99% upon what happened prior to 1980. That was nearly 30 years ago. (Yes, I know about 1992. I also know about Auburn in 2004. Bama accomplished nothing on the field in 92 that Auburn didn’t in 04.) The fact is that Auburn has had a comparatively superior program over the past 30 years, which is really the only period of time that most people 45 and younger have any true memory of. It’s true that Bama alreday has more NC’s than Auburn could ever hope to catch up with in most of our lifetimes. Who cares? That’s in the ancient past. I’d much rather have a program that is respected for it’s current accomplishments with a bright future to look forward to. Otherwise, you’re just Minnesota, Army, or Bama.

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    Julio Julio Julio. College football is all about tradition. Just because your team doesn’t have much of one, (except the Toomers Corner thing) then that don’t make it irrelevant. I am aware that the past doesn’t help win games right now, but what I said is the truth. Auburn has had some good seasons, whether it be last year or 10 years ago. It is not helping them this year. So that 6 win streak you are so proud of doesn’t mean much this year either. You say number 7 is coming, I say it will come to an end. The difference is you are coming to a Bama site to say it, and I am just throwing it back. But Bama overall in its existance compared to Auburn overall is the better program. Take the whole body of work, not just the times you want to count. And Auburn is not respected much for its current accomplishments. What have they done that is significant? 1 SEC cahmpionship in 10 years? Bama has the same. Auburn has a 6 game streak over its rival. Auburn beats a lot of ranked teams when no one expects it. But what do you have to show for it all? Not much really. But you set back and watch as Saban shows you how to build up a strong program in this state. Tubberville benefitted mostly from Bama mistakes with coaches. I am saying that all of that is over, and you can see it coming.

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    Auburn’s number one tradition in recent years is using Alabama’s weakened state to their advantage. If you need proof, let’s see how the two teams fare in the next few seasons.

    Auburn also had a tradition of losing seven Iron Bowls in the 1990s when Alabama was operating at full strength. When our fall out began, so did their “dominance”. Aubies are too blinded by the light to admit that fact though.

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    Brando, Brando, Brando. Minnesota and Army have a better “overall body of work” than Virginia Tech, Florida, Georgia, LSU, West Virginia, Boise State, etc. Who would you rather be? By your rationale, you’d rather be a fan of Minnesota than Georgia right now because Minnesota has more ancient championships. That makes a lot of sense.

    Auburn isn’t respected much for their recent accomplishments? Auburn is one of the top 5 winningest programs in the country since 2000, and they are 9-3 in their last 12 games against top 10 opponents. You think the only thing Auburn has done is beat that pathetic Bama team like a red headed step child for 7 of the last 8 years?

    Finally, I can’t help but notice that you bammers suddenly shut your pie holes about Auburn’s recruiting. Your beloved Scout Rankings put Auburn at #4 last week. From what you were saying all summer, one dominant recruiting class is all it takes to be the greatest team in the country. Care to re-phrase all that bs now?

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    No Brandy YOU cant hurt my feelings! And thats why your laffed at and not with BRO, I dont care about a streak and one thing I know as a MAN I will never make comparisons of me and another man. The stupid thing about you is all you have to offer is over used insults and some bullshit about records (they were made to be broken)Lets just see if your FAN enough to come here NOV30th if you guys lose??? And @ least that doucebag isnt that stanking ass busted cunt you call puusy of yours ROOKIE!!!

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    TI, I guess Auburn’s not allowed to say that Bama won in 90, 91, and 92 when Dye was crippled by the pending NCAA investigation that ultimately cost him his job; and that Bama won in 98 and 99 because Bowden completely wrecked the program on his way out the door. See, Auburn was down during those years and completely sucked. Auburn had a combined record of 21-22-2 during those five years. Funny how you bammers don’t want to think about that, but you’ll scream like a little girl about Bama’s problems during the current streak (all the while forgetting that Bama was ranked in the top 10 during 2 of the 6 losses, and that Bama somehow managed to beat Tenn, Florida, and LSU by 3 td’s each during the streak but suddenly become magically crippled by sanctions and incompetent coaches when the Iron Bowl was played.)

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    Julio, you are crazy as a shithouse rat, please tell me one record on the football field that Aub holds over Al ever, one year, a hundred years, it don’t matter freak. Even with the crippled state we have been in, we still have one SEC in the last ten years, that’s all you have idiot. Hell, we have two freshman that have scored more this year than the whole Auburn offense. You are in denial with the famous duck hunter, let’s compare in the next five years, the next ten years, ssshhhhhh, I hear a jet firing up. . . . .

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    Julio, if you think those East Popcorn State recruits that big ears has for the mighty spread will finish at number 4 you really are in denial, you only have numbers, not quality that Tubs beat out UAB for. Al, however will finish their year picking only the creme of the crop, finishing with another top five season, hide and watch.

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    No Julio. By my rationale I am a Bama fan. Period. You are an Auburn fan, and a very misinformed or stupid on on top of that. Bama has a better body of work than Auburn, I could care less about Minnesota, Army, etc. This talk is about Alabama and Auburn. Is Auburn so inferior you have to use other schools track record to make your point you dumbass? If records don’t mean anything, why keep up with them? The only tradition Auburn has is getting in the way of Alabama. Be proud. But Auburn will never be Alabama, no matter how hard you wish.

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    Ooooohhhh…I must have really hit a nerve with the points made in those lasts posts. Hollow insults such as “crazy as a sh*+house rat”, “idiot”, “freak” and “dumba$$” don’t change the facts I stated bammers, and you’ve cited no facts to rebut what I said. As to telling you something that Auburn has accomplished that Bama hasn’t, I’ll tell you that Bama has a record of 16-10 over Bama since 1982 (post Bear era, and the only era that those of us who are 45 and younger have any any true memory of), and Auburn has won 5 SEC titles in that span compared to 3 for Bama. Auburn has also been one of the winningest programs in the country since 2000 (let’s just say that Bama hasn’t been.) You bammers love to scoff that Tubs “only has 1 SEC title to show for it”, but let me ask you this: Don’t you bammers think that Stallings was the 2nd greatest coach Bama ever had? Don’t you beam with pride when remembering Bebe’s tenure? Newsflash, bammers. Bebes won 1 SEC title while he was there, also. (Yes, he also won the NC the same year. Again, tell me one thing Bama did on the field in 92 that AU didn’t in 04, including leading the nation in scoring defense.) You bammers loved Stallings for all the games he won in addition to that championship. Guess what…Tubs has averaged just as many wins in the last 6 years as Stallings did while he was at Bama.

    Brando, simply saying that you could “care less” about Minn or Army doesn’t change the fact that YOUR argument about judging Bama on ancient championships (or “entire body of work” as you put it as opposed to current accomplishments) puts Bama in the same boat as those 2 teams.

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    But here is the deal Julio:
    Bama has won more SEC championships and National Championships than Auburn in that 30 year span you mentioned. That just adds to the ‘ancient’ ones, that Auburn also don’t have.

    And you are right, Auburn has beat Bama on the field mostly the past 10 years. Tubbs has been good for Auburn. He has seen many coaches come and go at Bama too. But that is not Auburns fault. But a lot of teams has/had streaks on Bama, LSU, etc. Auburn people just seem to act like it is a big thing. Which it is, since it has never happened in the history of Auburn. And the one thing Auburn didn’t do in 04 is win the NC. I know they didn’t get a shot, but it is not the same thing as winning a NC. You don’t know if they could have won even if they got there.

    But you believe what you want, I don’t expect you to change your tune. The window for Auburn’s relevance in the SEC is starting to close, while it is really just the beginning for Bamas rise. That is what is happening this year, it is starting to be more clear every week. This isn’t last years Bama team, and this isn’t Auburns 2004 team. You have got to agree on that. I know you want Auburn to win more this year than ever. It will probably be a good game. But the downfall for Auburn is going to be the belief that it won’t end. And if it does this year, compounded with the Tony Franklin Situationâ„¢ you Auburn peeps will be calling for Tubbervilles job. So, I do believe the pressure will be on Auburn more than Bama this year. Heck it already is. Auburn is one more loss away from falling apart. Tubbs is getting like Fulmer. After all the new coaching hires in the SEC, when the hard times hit, and they will eventually (it is the nature of College football) Auburn will feel pressured to bring in some new blood.

    And on the last of your argument: Auburn, even after all the accomplishments you listed, has not really done anything of real importance so far. But Stallings won a NC and Auburn did not. Bottom line. So you can’t really compare that. It is close, but it doesn’t overshadow what Bama did in 92.

    But would you not agree that Tubbs success has coincided with some of the lowest points in Bama history? You still won on the field, and that is what counts. But Saban is starting a new chapter in Bama history, and it is off to a promising start. That is what is happening now, in the present. Not 30 years ago, not five years ago, but now. You can deny that if you want, that is your choice. But I am not the only one that believes it.

  24. 31

    Ok Brando, a few last points. First of all, you are incorrect in stating that Bama has more SEC titles than Auburn in the last 30 years. Again, Auburn has 5 and Bama has 3 post Bear. (You can say 4 for Bama if you want to dig all the way back to 1979, but that was with Bear.) Secondly, you bammers still want to think that the only thing Auburn has accomplished over the last 6 years is beating Bama, when the reality is that Auburn has been beating everybody in the SEC. Tubs has a winning record against every team in the West but LSU, who he is 5-5 with. He’s beat Tenn 4 times in a row (which Bama can’t do but twice in 15 yrs), he’s beat Fla 3 out of the last 4 times they played, and he’s 5-4 against UGA. He’s also 9-3 against top 10 teams in his last 12 games. (That’s a decent regular season record, but it’s unheard of against top 10 opponents.) Finally, of course I acknowledge that Bama is going to get substantially better with Saban. Where you display your stupidity is when you say that Auburn will be reduced to irrelevance in the SEC simply because Bama will be good. I only wish Saban was stupid enough to believe that, but unfortunately he’s not. No, Saban is fully aware that he is a mere 2-4 against Tubs and how resourceful Tubs is. Auburn’s outright dominance over Bama will likely fade with Saban at the helm, but you’re crazy if you think that Bama will in turn dominate Auburn (although I’m sure you’ll say that Bama is now “dominant” whenenver they get one win over Auburn.)

  25. 32

    okay Julio, you still have blinders on, and thats good. You believe what you want. I don’t expect you to do anything less. But I don’t think Auburn will slide because of Bama, it is because the rest of the conference has been upgrading, and leaving Auburn behind. Especially in the main areas of Auburns recruiting. Auburn is being boxed in by schools that have strong recruiters. And why do you discount anything Bama did with Bear? Like it doesn’t count anymore or something. Bama will probably win another SEC and NC before Auburn, and you know most of your Auburn brethren will be calling for Tubbs head if he gets beat by Saban this year. I heard that last year, and it is starting this year also. But you even being here shows you are concerned about what is going on, whether you want to admit it or not. But, talking about Tubbs record on Saban, 2 of those wins were in Sabans first year at LSU and Bama, inheriting someone elses teams. But that is ok, it is still wins. Tubbs will have to be resourceful this year. He as at the end of his run at Auburn, much like Fulmer is at UT. I just hope ya’ll keep him around too long like UT. But, he will likely leave before he is fired, and I hope ya’ll have trouble finding a coach that wants to come there.

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