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    Aight!! all you Aubie’s out there, now how much would you pay for a coach like Saban? Surely it is worth an extra mil. Because a one in ten coach just don’t seem worth 3 mil

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    THAT WHOLE SQUAD IS LOOKING PHENOMANAL AND DAMN!!!! Hey I said it 3 weeks ago we shoulda stayed with AL and the offense that makes us AUburn 10&2 !!!


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    Oh Julio?????

    Not Jones, the jerk that posts on here.

    Now, tell me Julio, after drubbing the team that drubbed the Tubbies on the same field less than a year ago,

    1.) Who has the better coach?
    2.) Who has the better (cohesive) team?
    3.) Who had the better chance at a championship THIS year?
    4.) Who is in for a LOOOOOOONG night Nov. 29?
    5.) How many more teasm are going to have to GIVE you points just to keep AU in the game with them?

    I know championships and stars don’t matter in A-barn, but they do in the rest of the college football world, and right now, there we’re having fun.


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    My favorite Auburn quote of the day:

    “Wait ’till Nov. Ya’ll Bammers still have not played anyone yet”

    Yea right!!!


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    How the writers voted Alabama:

    Adam Van Brimmer 1
    Anthony Gimino 1
    Bret Bloomquist 1
    Brett McMurphy 1
    Doug Lesmerises 1
    Eric Page 1
    Glenn Guilbeau 1
    Jason Franchuk 1
    Jeff White 1
    Jim Mashek 1
    Joe Giglio 1
    Joe Rexrode 1
    John Silver 1
    Jon Wilner 1
    Kirk Bohls 1
    Mike Prater 1
    Robbie Andreu 1
    Scott Wolf 1
    Steve Conroy 1
    Tom Hart 1
    Tom Murphy 1

    Barker Davis 2
    Bill Cole 2
    Chris Fowler 2
    Craig James 2
    Doug Segrest 2
    Eric Hansen 2
    Ferd Lewis 2
    Jake Schaller 2
    Jeff McLane 2
    Jim Lamar 2
    Jimmy Burch 2
    Joe Person 2
    John Heuser 2
    Jon Johnson 2
    Joseph Duarte 2
    Kent Taylor 2
    Kevin Pearson 2
    Kirk Herbstreit 2
    Marcus Fuller 2
    Mark Anderson 2
    Matt McCoy 2
    Maurice Patton 2
    Mike Strain 2
    Myron Patton 2
    Pete DiPrimio 2
    Randy Harrison 2
    Ray Ratto 2
    Sal Interdonato 2
    Steve Sipple 2
    Stewart Mandel 2
    Taylor Zarzour 2
    Tom Keegan 2
    Tom Mulhern 2

    Aditi Kinkhabwala 3
    Herb Gould 3
    John Hunt 3
    Mike Ceide 3
    Mike DeArmond 3
    Ray Fittipaldo 3

    Bob Hammond 4
    Mark Tupper 4
    Mitch Vingle 4
    Molly Yanity 4
    Randy Rosetta 4

    I figured that was worth mentioning.

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    but the plain fact is ok, texas and missouri (or anyone else for that matter) have done what ‘bama’s done at this time.

    when ‘bama was crushing #9 clemson on national television, oklahoma was opening with…………..chattanooga.

    texas beat arky by 25 in austin

    we beat them by 35 in fayetteville.

    the fact is with a bcs championship berth on the line last year, they moved a two-loss lsu team that has just been beaten at home on national television by arky 5 positions to #2 so they could manufacture a palatable game for tv.

    but now they can’t do the right thing and vote alabama #1.

    yes, it’s in our hands.

    yes, okey will choke on one.

    yes, i like to argue.

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