Where will Bowden coach next year?

AP: It marks the seventh time in Bowden’s 10 seasons at Clemson that a ranked Tiger team has lost at home to an unranked opponent.
Does this loss mean the end for Tommy Bowden and Clemson? Bowden isn’t a bad coach, but he has problems living up to expectations. The loss also makes the Tide’s win a bit less impressive.


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    Yep and Tommy Tuberville had a chance to impress UT today and maybe get them to buy out his contract at Aubbo U. But after today that is one more job he wont be getting.
    Is is me or does Tommy tuberville use Offensive Coordinators like bullet proof vests.?

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    i can’t believe barnies are turning on tubby so quickly. all we heard was how we didn’t give mike shula enough time, but they hasn’t had a bad season in over six years and they’re criticizing him worse than we as bama fans do.

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