Think Arkansas misses Nutt?

Think the Arkansas faithful miss Houston Nutt right now?

Probably not. They’ve got a fine coach in Bobby Petrino, but Houston Nutt is a very good coach who knows how to motivate his team. It also helped that he faced a Florida team that doesn’t know how to play defense. I picked Georgia to win the SEC East, and I’m going to stick with it until Florida learns how to cover receivers.


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    tonite’s game just got a little bigger, gentlemen.

    it’s really hard to believe the gators flopped around and lost that game.

    ole piss didn’t belong on the same field with them.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ole Miss is the most underrated team this year.

    Barnies laughed at me, but now, so far, Ole Miss is proving my theory to be true!

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    I really think that it not that Nutt or Ole Miss is good, I just think that Florida is not as good as people believed they would be.
    Nutt is dangerous in that he is constanly trying gimmicks to win. Sometimes they payoff. Other times they look like big stupid failures (See all comments about “Blackout” for future reference.) Nutt is the absetn minded (yet brilliant) scientist whos inventions are more subject to blo up in his face. But just occasionally one or 2 of his machinations pay off…

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