AP: Tide poised for surge in polls

AP: Alabama (5-0, 2-0) is poised to move up at least three or four spots when the new poll comes out Sunday, and the Tide certainly looked as impressive as anyone all year in winning decisively on the road against a team that started the season at the top of the heap.


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    Ballplay, can your gut even hold any more crow. . . . no wait, let me guess Ga is overrated. One thing I do know for sure, the Aub Tenn game was absolutely horrendous, worst game I have seen between two SEC teams, pathetic. One thing I will guarantee, Aub could not score 41 on GA in 4 quarters if Ga went home at the half.


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    WELL i hate to say it but i told everyone papa nick was creating a monster back in august.this team is bad ”””bad to the bone.bama fans deserve this with the bad years we have had every one kicking us while we were down.but pay back is hell and a lot of teams are fixing to regret it.you dam better belive bama is back.and dam good all the BS THAT OTHER SCHOOL TALKS AND CAN NOT SCORE MORE THAN 14 WHAT A LAUGHING STOCK///////ROLL/////////TIDE

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    By the way, Guys….please dont gang up and make Julio and Ball play and OMNI eat too much CROW……..without me that is…..
    Roll Tide!!!!
    Blackout? Is that what the UGA team did in the first half?

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    Big K

    Would it be safe to say the blackout was a faiure.
    I was watching the Fla/Ol Miss game in Athans, and when it was over and they were gloating over Florida’s loss, I told they,you know how those Florida fans feel right now? Well you are going to feel the same way about midnight tonight, needless to say, my prediction was right.

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    recruiting will be off the wall tmc dam .every kid will want to play for bama and sabin.QB is what worries me for next season.some times papa nick i think should try a back up QB in these blow outs greg mcroy does not impress me.nick loves to redshirt players because he done it all the time at lsu.really would like to see star get a little action.god bless roll…tide

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    Bama should be in the top 3. They have already beaten 2 top 10 teams convincingly. And no one has really come close to beating the this year. The bench has been emptyed on almost every game. Other wise some of these games could have went to 60 or 70 points. And Georgia may still be the best overall team in the Nation. Easily a 10+ win season again this year. They have ungodly talent, speed and depth. The key thing is that Richt threw every gimmick and trick he could into this and Bama still hung 40 points on the board.

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    Danny Ricketts

    Like I posted the other day, the men in the trenches win the game in a blowout.
    Was reading on a Georgia site that they would be in the S.E.C. championship game with us. Do they really want to get embarrased twice in one season? This team will get better as the year progresses because we have 9 seniors and 15 true freshmen that will get better with game experience. Give saban a Million $ raise and put the pressure on L.S.U to match that.lol Great game to the coaching staff and players. RTR

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    Nice win. I guess I will have to eat crow and say it looks like you are getting your money’s worth out of Saban. I would put you guys at #1 this week. I’m looking foward to a heated Iron Bowl this year (can you imagine the hype if both teams win out?).

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    DON’T no about aub winning out but i sure is hell no that bama will.this team is awsome 35 to 40 points per game is pretty good in my book.this season is a wrap we will win the west.,,,roll,,,tide god bless

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    I wouldn’t rush to say we’ll win out because the schedule is only going to grow more and more tougher each week.

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