SHOCKER: Oregon St. upsets USC

The best thing about Thursday night football wasn’t Erin Andrews tonight as the Oregon State Beavers pulled off an exciting win over the top ranked USC Trojans.

I’m probably in the minority on this, but I loved seeing the fans storm the field. I know the SEC fines schools for that, but seeing the fans run onto the field makes me remember when football wasn’t a business—instead football was about the passion and excitement of youth.

Am I the only one? I can remember when fans tore down goalposts when they beat Alabama. Sure, it wasn’t a great feeling to see that; however, you could understand the delirium.

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AP: Pete Carroll says team wasn’t playing like it usually plays. Here’s the complete story:

Here’s a picture of Pete Carroll watching the Beavers defeat his Trojans.


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    Good question. It really depends on the team. It can be a distraction or a motivator. I have to admit, I think Georgia will be ready for the game and it would have little impact.

    What does everyone else think?

  2. 3
    Bama Fan in NYC

    I honestly don’t think it will affect their performance either way, as I predicted a loss before hand and I’m still doing so now.

    I now can relax at night knowing an SEC team has pretty much clinched a spot in the BCS title game now that two overrated and unworthy title contenders in USC and tOSU are finally out of the picture.

  3. 4
    Dark Illusions

    Some please enlighten me… did Coach Carroll have the gall to march right past OSU’s coach not shaking his hand after the game?

  4. 5

    pete carol is gay. usc is even gayer. oregon state is even gayer than usc. and the pac-10 is the gayest of all gays. they should be known as the rainbow warriors.

    count this as my signature:

  5. 6

    uhhhhhh……gentlemen, we now have what is commonly called “something to lose”.

    usc loses.

    ‘bama beats georgia in a nationally televised tilt. the LAST nationally televised tilt of the weekend.

    the LAST impression of the weekend. if we beat georgia and look good doing it, (clemson) we could jump a few teams in the polls.

    yeah, things just got real interesting.

  6. 7

    Is there anything to burn down in Cornwallis ?
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  7. 8
    Ballplay Indian.

    Yes berman , USC is gay.

    Finebammer. Yes , you now have something to lose.

    Guys, the hard part of the schedule starts this week for yall. It started last week for us.

    Idont see anyone going undefeated this year. At least not the teams that matter. You know , not counting boise St. and such.

    Chokelahoma is in the big 12 (2nd best coinference a) so they will lose soon.

  8. 12

    It’s getting to the point where the SEC should be divisional football league. Either that or the AP should have their own championship game, and the BCS should have one as well. USC and Ohio State would not survive a month in the SEC and that’s a common fact.

  9. 15

    jw agrees with finebammer we win and look good doing it.our stock rises big;;;;not going to worry tho.papa nick will have these young warriors ready to go.these guys wii do any thing for i have said before this is going to be a very special team because they have so much talent.really next year is going to be awsome when they gell together this season.need to find QB for 09 tho.may be star.i hope so.GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  10. 16

    JW they’re saying this new guy could out-perform Star and take his starting job. But I’d much rather see a two QB system ran at Bama though.
    This loss shows how irrelevant the pac 10 is and even the big 10 or whatever conference OSU plays for.

  11. 19

    b. i. , sorry about your discomfort. should have ended my post with “sarc off”.

    didn’t realize your blatant homophobia would overwhelm your common sense.

    i’ll try to do better next time.

  12. 20

    Oh, so sorry USC — I said that Ohio State was not a good team to judge you by. Now it takes a previously 1-2 OSU team to beat you. Way to go Oregon State.

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