What does Nick Saban think about Georgia?

This week’s game against Georgia is another big test for the Crimson Tide. Nick Saban explained why it is going to be a difficult assignment to play the Bulldogs.

“They are always very well coached,” Saban said. “You are not going to find them out of position very much. They are sound and solid in everything they do. They are always physical. They always play with great effort and toughness. They are always going to have great skill players. That has always been a trademark of his teams. They have good quarterback play and great skill players of offense, a lot of players on defense who play with toughness and can run. They are well coached, discipline and are always going to be in the right spot. You are going to have to beat them and they are not going to beat themselves very much.”

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And here is a little more Saban said about the Bulldogs:
“Obviously this is a very challenging game that we have. These are the kind of games that you should come to a place like The University of Alabama to play in. Played at Georgia before and it is a good atmosphere to play a football game in. To be on national TV is great for our players but the most important thing is we stay focused on what we need to do on the field so we have the best chance to be successful. Georgia has an outstanding team. Undoubtedly one of the best teams in the country, top two or three for sure. A team that has been pretty dominant in the way they have played all season long on both sides of the ball and on special teams. Mark Richt is an outstanding coach and has done a good job there. They won the Sugar Bowl last year and were very impressive last week against Arizona State . They have some outstanding individual players. Obviously a great running back in (Knowshon) Moreno , their quarterback is arguably the best quarterback in the country in terms of his passing efficiency, running their offense and his leadership. They have two fantastic wide receivers. (A.J.) Green and (Mohamed) Massaquoi both have big play ability and are big guys. Their defense is certainly one of the best defensive teams in the country. They are difficult to run against, are difficult to score against and have a lot of starters and a lot of experience back on the team. This team has balance offensively, they play well; they are coached well; that is why they are one of the best teams in the country. So it will be a real challenge for our team to play against one of the best teams in the country on the road. We need to stay focused on the things we need to do to improve as a team and play our best football.”


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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian.

    He thinks ………”Oh crapppp !!!!!!!!”

    Thats what he thinks.

    The Tide wont even make a good speedbump for the dawgs.

    They are going to kick yalls asses on a historical level.


  2. 2

    Alabama has already beaten one top ten team this year against the barners predictions of a blowout. I’m sure you picked Auburn to control of the West last week with a win against LSU as well. Alabama will be the underdog, but they stand a very good chance of winning the game.

  3. 3

    Ballplay (that LSU loss is showing) is trying to divert attention away from the fact that Ga has beat them on a historical level the last two years, soon to be three, Enjoy

  4. 5

    Ballplay, just like your last (and only) girl friend said about you, you’re a joke.

    We won’t let them drop 45 on us like Tubby is infamous for. We don’t get violated on national TV like you do.

    Why do you think Saban wore the black shirt today? By chance? He is a stud who isn’t intimidated by anyone or anything. He craps bigger than you, and thinks Richt talks like a girl. And come Saturday night, he’ll have an answer for anything UGA’s femine coach lobs at him (with his limp little wrist).

    I honestly believe we’re going to win, but if we don’t, I can guarantee you we won’t be raped like Georgia rapes AU on yearly basis.

  5. 6

    I always have believed that it is stupid to give your opponent motivation caused by stupid remarks. Nick shows restraint whereas somebody like Tubby slobbers the first thing that comes to mind.
    Is there any doubt now that “ball play” is the biggest Turd in the Coosa ?

  6. 7
    Ballplay Indian.

    I did not guaruntee an Auburn win Saturday. I guarunteed a close game that would go either way. That is exactly what happened. I was just fishing guys. Yall will be more than a speedbump. Georgia has yet to put an entire game together. If they do against Bama, it will be ugly. If not , yall could win it. There, I took of my glasses for a second.

    Intheknow, Mark Richt is a heck of a man. And a heck of a coach. Hes the one that is the great motivator (i.e. blackout for Auburn). Hes the one that you dont need to think slightly of. And you are sounding mighty gay today with your “stud” comment.

    Pluto……..That turd in the coosa comment. That was pretty funny. Keep up the good work.

  7. 11
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman………Youve beat one semi-good team. You run your mouth as if Bama has beaten Florida, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, or even Tennessee. Your team hasnt proven anything to anyone except to the retarded Bama Nation. Win some games that matter before proclaiming greatness. I can freekin guarantee that Bamma will lose this weekend. I saw by 2 touchdowns. At least.

  8. 12

    Ballplay, where did I proclaim greatness this year? If you remember, I told you all year that we would probably not win this game. Also, all I said above was Miss St or Auburn would not win the SEC, I didn’t know the truth was going to sting that bad, but if they beat us by 2 touchdowns you can mark down 4 for the mighty spread eagles

  9. 13

    Ballplay: Another day, another stupid prediction. What you really mean is you HOPE Bama loses by two touchdowns. You can’t stand it when Bama is looking good. That is why you are here. It is okay, we understand your hatred. I hope you hate Bama, it will make it more satisfying to know that when Bama breaks the streak. I know this is the Golden Age of Auburn football, beating Bama 6 in a row and all, but you all know that it is coming. It is in your heads already. How well will you deal with it?

  10. 14
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman…..O.K. I admit you are one of the more reasonable people on this board. For insane predictions look at tmc1….J.W. ……Bamabrando. etc.

    And Brando its not so much the golden age for Auburn, its more like the end of the dark age for Bama that I hate to see coming to an end.

    But Im glad you understand. There is no nastier rivalry than this..

  11. 15

    Ballplay: I haven’t made any predictions you dumbass. Go check and see for yourself. All I said was you know that it is coming. You are the one making all kinds of stupid predictions on a Bama site. You are here stating you hope Bama loses. You seem to think anyone here values your opinion. No one cares what you think or hope for. But yes, this has been the Golden Age of Auburn football. Auburn hasn’t done this well (wins and losses) in their history, since Tubbs has been there. Look it up Auburn man. I bet you do hate to see the dark times leave Bama. I hope you guys lose every game, and that the dark times visit Auburn for awhile. Will you still come here to play then?

  12. 19

    florida will win the east,bama will beat georgia, if sabin goes in with the same game plan he had at atlanta if we stop georgia’s running attack it will be game over.mr sabin will have this team so pumped up we might even blow them out.this team is that good.does any one know why? because the process is working and the team believes.no more coke heads no more problem kids.just plain old fashion ass kicking football.

  13. 20

    Hey! INTHEKNOT did that bag of tators you call a wife let you on the internet again? I C you got off the Julio juice you know it was stupid asses like you that slowed OL NICKY and JULIO down right! Go on Back to your PORN and think about the 2 of em and get back to us later!

  14. 21

    ESPN called Mt. Cody the best defensive lineman in the SEC. He handled All American Luigs from Hogville pretty handedly. I think we can expect even better against a true freshman center starting only his second game. Georgia’s Oline will lose the game for them. Just like Clemson they have lots of Skill people and no interior line. If JPW can get the hothand(which ain’t very often) this might be another blowout. I can’t really see them stopping us on the ground and the air. I am trying to be objective but if anyone saw the South Caralina game knows that UGA is very overrated. This is not the same team that finished so strong last year.

  15. 22

    As I recall the last semi-good team you beat was…..ta da! Clemson. Except when Auburn did it it was an EPIC win for the ages. …Then after a few months of the Aubbo dullards proclaiming that Clemson would stomp Bama, guess what… Bama beat Clemson (badly, I might add.)
    And since Bama beat Clemson …suddenly they are classed as “semi-good” by you.
    Ballplay, if …. and I say IF, Clemson is a semi-good team, what does that make Auburn?

  16. 23

    Ballplay says….
    “I can freekin guarantee that Bamma will lose this weekend. I saw by 2 touchdowns. At least.”

    THANK YOU! Everytime you make a prediction about BAMA it always proves to be DEAD WRONG!!!!
    This is almost as good as a guaranteed win! TY Ballplay!

  17. 25

    What does Intheknow’s wife have to do with this? Not a damn thing.
    Yet you chose to show some of that trailor park jugghead Aubbo class and mention her. Smooth…
    You need to step up your game, all your witty comebacks sounds abusive and well….a bit ignorant for a Bama blog. (Sorry Bama humor is a bit more….shall we say… sophisticated than that shit-slinging howler monkey crap you read at the Auburn blogs.)
    If Auburn fans ever wonder why Bama fans dont accept them as equals…. It is because of ass-monkeys like you.

  18. 27

    Guys, talking to “playwithhisownballs indian” only distracts him from pleasuring himself to the A-barn fight song. Don’t waste your time. He is a loser by the loosest definition of the term.

  19. 29
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1……As I said earlier, our win over Clemson was not that great. I realise that now. We moved the ball with this offense on them at will. What does that tell you ? The Citedel had 450 yards of offense on them . What does that tell you ? Clemson is still a decent team. But like Auburn, thats right, like Auburn, not a top ten team. Not even a top twenty team. Id put Auburn about where they are 15. Clemson, about 22. I was wrong about the bama game. I made a guess and was wrong. Guess what tmc1………Ill be wrong again in my life.

    You should understand that, as you have the patent on being wrong. And to scold ANYONE for being classless, well, that is just WRONG AGAIN. You are what I see as a weak minded insecure person who tries to make people think your intellegent by your seemingly deep and rich vocabulary. Im not fooled nor impressed.

    Intheknow, you are a just a dork.

  20. 30

    @ least you tried to take up for him tmczero. Your the hapless lil bundle of shit that slings BOB HOPE type retorts!
    TADA! AND B I is right your vocabulary stinks of someone trying to be witty and inteligent but suggest you come from right under the NEON MOON!!! SOOOO grab you an Aborigny a Coors light and head to the bush mate!!!! STUPID HAS BEEN WANNA BE!!!

  21. 33

    being the uncultured dumbass you are, you have no fucking idea how racist what you just said was. Of course for an inbred Klan idiot, (like you) that probably sounded clever.
    Serious OMNI, what are you doing here? Cat got your tongue. OMNI, I would buy a plane ticket and accomodations to the states just to slap you around like the jail house punk you are. And the difference between you and me is that it wouldnt cost me a year’s salary, Little Man.

    September 24th, 2008 at 10:10 am
    Oh and NONE of us wanna be accepted by BAMMERS”

  22. 34

    And of course you had to log in as Ballplay to laugh at the hopelessly lame comment you made as OMNIPISSHEAD… How clever.
    Funny thing avout you OMIN/ballplay/julio.
    You havent realised that the Abboriginees have surpassed you in that RV camper you are living in… They actually OWN HOUSES.

  23. 35
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1……….You cant say jacksquat about racist comments there you David Duke wannabe…..Is SenDerrick Marks still “lookin at him some white women “?
    You give the word hypocrite new meaning. And you wouldnt/couldnt woop anybody. Internet Chuck Norris’ are a dime a dozen boy.

  24. 36

    1st of all racism is in YOU heart not MIne so once again YOU KNOW NOTHING!!
    and you dont know me…would you like to mapquest your way to me ? LIL MAN I WILL SEND YOU BACK WITH A KNEW LEASE ON LIFE
    YOu threaten like a school boy and like a school boy will overload you ass. I am here because your boy SHANE goes on PF (?which i listen too) and WRITES all about AUburn and to set IGNORANT FUX like you straight on your stupid ass assumptions about AUBBOS…. BUt I do mean it IF YOU WANT ME BUY YOUR TICKET AND COME ON BUT I PROMISE YOU >>> YOU AINT GONNA LIKE IT!!!

  25. 37

    Oh yea all you need is the plane ticket no accomadations just a trip to the ER for YOUR WIG WHEN I SPLIT THAT BITCH FOR YA!!! ANd this is the kicker BY some STRANGE CHANCE I CANT BUST YOUR KOOL_AID PACK OPEN I LL GET A BAMMER TO DO IT
    hehehehehehe AND HE WILL!!!!!

  26. 40

    I just KINDA dont like tmczero BRO and you said it eben if we are 0-11 DONT STOP!!!! and i cant when it comes to him hes so easy and ignorant ya know HOPE I didnt offend any of my AUburn ALUM???

  27. 41

    He shoulda never insinutated he COULD/WOULD buy me becuase hes sooo rich
    so as long as im here and hes here as far as im concerned hes fair game,Hell I like a couple of the bammars here. The ones who are logical ya know BUT NOT HIM
    HES MINE WHEN I SAY HE IS AND THE LITTLE TATTLE-TAIL 4LIFE can say what he wants but im still gonna try and verbally KNOCK THAT tmcZERO out EVERYTIME!!!

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