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    Seriously!!?? REALLY!? CHURPS? I dont think so GG guys hell everyone in here but myself and one or 2 bammers predicted THIS LOPSIDED VICTORY sooooo

    Grasp your ears firmly and pull; you might just be able to remove your head from you ass.


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    IT SURE FEELS GOOD TO BE A BAMMER RIGHT NOW.this team is for real and teams better take notice well i hope they don’t.but we will go to georgia and spank that assss to. father NICK WILL have these guys ready to play.like i said nick is the best college football coach in the nation right now and these guys want to play for the best.just sit back and let the process begin or has it already?

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    Coach Tommy Tuberville

    Thank you Saban! Petrino is a @%##@$ @# !!!! and he has had it coming. Unfortunately I dont have the team to do it with….

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