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With the popularity of sports games like NCAA Football and Madden’s NFL franchise, how many people reading the Capstone Report are video gamers? I must admit sports games and games that allow me to take my stress out on others, preferably with explosives are my favorites. It was a bad habit I picked up in high school and never grew out of. According to this AP story, most kids today play video games like Madden.


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    It got me into computers of couse I started on NTENDO but I played a Game on the PC called QUAKE and THEN QUAKE3 parlayed that into a career advancement and I LOVE EM PS3 and a PSP and NCAA 07 is my fav.. IM UNDEFEATED WITH AUBURN BABY!!! 😉

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    I’m waiting for the day that EA NCAA comes up with a better “create a coach” feature that has the option of a coat, tie and a houndstooth hat!!!!!


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