Hurricane gave Hawgs more practice time

Arkansas used some of the downtime due to Hurricane Ike to prepare for Alabama. Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino during the SEC’s weekly teleconference said the team was disappointed to have its game against Texas cancelled, but used the additional time to practice for the Alabama game. Petrino said the team also spent extra time watching film.

Petrino said his team has improved over the last two weeks of practice, and the Alabama game should reveal more about the team.

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So does missing a game harm Arkansas’ development under the new Petrino system or does getting more time to work on a gameplan for the Alabama game offset it? One big benefit was not getting pounded by the Longhorns.


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    No question that extra practice time helps anybody. It’s extra time to heal, extra time to watch film, extra time to scheme, extra time to get reps on new plays. And we are the KING DADDIES for having to face teams who have an off week before they play us.

    I think we’ll still stomp a mudhole in the hogs’ butts, but still, don’t for a second believe the extra time wasn’t anything but an advantage for Arkansas.

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian.

    Is this a potential excuse in the making ? I dont care if you give Arkansas an extra month, I think they would still lose.

  3. 3

    Obviously the extra week gives Arkansas a better chance to prepare for Saturday. It is going to be very interesting to see Alabama’s defense against the Hog’s passing game. I don’t think they have faced a D-line as good as the Tide’s but Casey Dick has been impressive so far and is currently the top-rated passer in the conference. I don’t expect him to put up the same numbers he has so far. Not against an Alabama defense that will likely pressure him more and provide better coverage. We will see come Saturday. The Tide will win, but Arkansas will be a good test for Bama’s defense.

  4. 4

    What scares me is way too many people tend to overlook Arkansas simply because of their current state of condition. I may be the only one who senses this, but I’m a little concerned about this game and I have every right to be. I can assure all of you Alabama isn’t going to come from the gates and just walk all over Arkansas. I’m overly certain Petrino has devised a scheme that could reveal every flaw in the Alabama team, which could seriously play to Georgia’s advantage next week. Our guys should refrain from getting off to a sloppy start, or else Arkansas could do just enough damage then to win the game.

  5. 5

    Games like this one are always dangerous. Arkansas is playing the role Auburn usually plays. They know they are not going to win the SEC. So they will try to play the role of spoiler.

  6. 8

    hogs can have all the extra time they want.bama Dfense is to strong ;;JPW will have plenty of time to throw.hogs Defense is not that good. mark ingram and company will run throu this D with ease. ROLL ///////////////////////////////TIDE SABIN WILL HAVE EVERY ONE READY TO PLAY.

  7. 9

    I may be wrong, and all the Aub’s are waiting for us to fall on our face against someone we are expected to beat like Ark, but this is as quiet as I have seen it in awhile around here, I have had it out with about every Aub on here at one time or another but it is like when you and your buddy beat the crap out of each other and then your best friends, there is this mutual respect, even Omni has calmed after blowing a fuse the other day it seems. But I hope we don’t have so much parity everywhere like last year, win or lose, for instance AL getting beat by LAMo and then beating the sec east winner badly and also the team, but not bad,(ARK) one of the TWO team’s to beat the NC (LSU)

  8. 10

    It’s quiet because the Aubies are trying to get real still so their vomit from watching “the guru’s” offense doesn’t spew out. You watch though. Auburn will open it up this week against LSU and score 6 points instead of 3.

  9. 12
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1………In the last 30 years, (my lifetime since I can remember age 7 and up) who has more SEC championships ?

    As far as us being quiet, you wish.

  10. 13

    Yea RIght Saban hasnt showed me ANY offensive guru shit intheknot! You mean like the tulane game YES uuuuh NO! You mean the clemson game NOT GURU MAterial!
    SOOOOOO beat UGA offensively and i might call him like a MONK or something BUT A GURU?????? hahahahahahhehehehe NO HE AINT!


  11. 14


    And in the last 40, (my lifetime) who has the most SEC championships? And who has the most NC’s? Oh, sorry, forget that last one. Ballplay, bottomline do you know of one record that Aub holds over Bama? I didn’t think so.

  12. 17
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamamn , I dont know about the last forty. But in the last 30 Auburn has at least 5. Bama has 6. That takes away our 93 undefeated season. So realisticly we are tied.

    Yes if you go back another 10 years and yall pull way ahead.

  13. 18

    Yeah, I think we had a pretty good year the year before your 93 season. . . oh yeah, I forgot we won another mythical national championship

  14. 19

    Ballplay, I don’t mean this to sound harsh but it is just the truth, even though you are trying to convince your mind that “realistically” we are tied in something record wise, albeit one year or one hundred, but you are comparing apples and oranges, Auburn will never match the records Alabama has, sorry it is just a fact

  15. 20
    Ballplay Indian.

    Never said that wasnt the case. And I agree 100 % No team will be able to hang with that record when you go back 115 years.

    All Im saying is that in MY lifetime I do not see the dominating Bama like back when.

    You see bamaman that is why so many old farts just love Bama. The geezers relive their youth every time Bama plays……….Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Still a very rich tradition. Be proud of it.

  16. 21

    Ballplay, I was in high school in the late seventies and early eighties when we were pretty dominate and I don’t feel like an old geezer, but I was just jabbing at you, you took it well, Good Luck vs LSU and I mean it.

  17. 22

    I really don’t see any dominating players are not tough and crazy like in the early 1970 80.take for exsample mean joe green or jack do not see those type players anymore.

  18. 25
    Bama Fan in NYC

    I seen Alabama and Florida dominate in the 1990s. That was only a decade ago (excluding the DuBose era of course).

    Does that still count?

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