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    Do you mean we are ranked ahead of Aub in Saban’s year two and Tubby’s year ten? Oh my, I do believe with Saban’s recruiting prowess the Al program is heading north as Aub’s is heading south, let the process continue.


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    freaking genius

    let me be the first to say… i hope UA and AU remain undefeated until the iron bowl. i want the hype back. i want the importance back. think of the build up to that game!!!

    roll tide.
    war eagle.

    make it happen.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bama deserves a high ranking. Auburn on the other hand has stunk it up….A top 5 defense coupled with a top 100 offense. Hopefully it will click in the near furture. I not, we will be gutted by LSU this weeekend. If we can get a hald way decet offensive performance we have a chance. If not, our defense cant win that game alone.

    Arky sux big time. Yall should destroy them.

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    Shane is a BLOGGER

    What a great baseball….I mean Football game. Pre-season AUBURN was supposed to be 3-0. Heading into the showdown this week it’s time for Coach T to pull out all the stunts. He’s been known to win the big ones. One thing about the offense is there is not much to study if your a D coach. If Auburn can catch a little fire and score 17, that may be enough.
    The Hogs are still piglets, bama win win.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Todd is a pretty good passing QB. He doesnt stand like a statue waiting for a sack like B.C. did. At least he throws the dang ball out of bounds. He hit some good passes last week. He just aint as mobile as Burns. He will see a pass rush this week like no other besides maybe Georgia. I believe Burns will play some.

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    Auburn has won the last 2 games against LSU at Jordan-Hare by scores of 10-9 and 7-3. It’ll probably take that kind of game for Auburn to win. Based on the way Auburn’s D is playing right now, I wouldn’t be suprised at that kind of game. Based on the fact that LSU is coming to a hostile environment (at night, no less) with a new and untested quarterback, I guarantee you that Tubs is already telling Franklin to go conservative to avoid turnovers, and see if the defense can force mistakes. That strategy drives me freakin’ crazy, but it’s worked the past 2 times at J-H stadium even when LSU had an experienced qb.

    Bamaman, you’re right about Burns. I think you’re gonna see Burns in the game everytime you hear, “Auburn, first and goal.” Hopefully, we’ll hear that at least a couple of times.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman I hope you know it doesnt always work that way. Thats like suggesting that if Wilson and bama cant score but 1 offensive touchdown against Tulane , they wont score a single touchdown against Arkasas. That isnt the way CFB works.

    You know Michigan lost to Appy State last year…………Michigan beat Florida.

    Does that mean Appy State beats Florida ?


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    Well if history is any teacher, The referees are a little more liberal toward Auburn in Lee County. So at least Auburn will have the 12th man on the field for this game.
    I would hazard a guess that there wont be any “holding” or “false start” calls against Auburn and that half of the turn overs will be “dead ball”‘ Including the interceptions.
    And I am sure that LSU will be subject to calls like “Rushing the Passer” (15 yards and 1st down) “Unnecesary Roughness against the LSU offensive line” (for blocking)
    “Tackling the runningback”..10 yards and automatic 1st down.
    “attempting to block the kick” 1st down and half the distance to the goal line.

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    I just got thrashed on the SEC message boards because I’m the only one who picked against LSU this weekend (even by Auburn fans which is something I’ve grown accustomed to over the years). I actually think Auburn can pull this game off because they struggled against State and South FL last year and they turned around and beat Florida when nobody said they could do it. I look for a similar showing this weekend. Indian, you just jinxed us man. When you pick against us, we win big. When you expect us to win big, we only score one offensive touchdown lol.

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    Ballplay, I like your example but you forgot if LAMO beats AL does that mean AL can take the SEC east winner last year to the woodshed. . . .yes

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    Was it just me, or did Shane look like a corpse on t.v last Saturday? Damn dude, stick to radio shows and your blog. Better yet, get in touch with George Romero and see if you can get a part in his next zombie flick.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Exactly my point Bamaman. We all know that the conference teams play each other with a different state of mind than non – conference teams. They always leave it on the field.

    LAMO was drawn and quartered by Auburn in game 1. In LAMOS second game, they took Arky to the wire. Does that mean Arky stinks ? Of course it doesnt. You will see a different Arky team this weekend. Why ? Because its an SEC game.

    La Tech beat Miss. St. in week 1. In week 3 they should have beat Auburn (yes our offense stunk), but didnt. Does that mean Miss. St. stinks. No (well maybe a little). Its been said a thousand times. This is not the old days of college football. Athletes are everywhere. And non perineal powers can beat tradition rich schools on any day. Why ? Because the dollar has made this one competitive sport.

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    Ballplay, In an earlier post you said Ark flat out sucks, but I’m sure they will be world beaters when yall play them

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    freaking genius

    chris todd floats his passes and waits too long in the pocket to make decisions. burns should have been given a chance. something is wrong.

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    Ahhh yes, there goes tmc and his never ending excuse factory. It’s funny how he doesn’t even limit his endless supply of whining to Iron Bowls. He even floats out excuses on other Auburn games.

    Once again tmc, calls are a part of the game. Sometimes they go your way, sometimes they don’t. The refs in Starkville were getting real trigger happy against Auburn on holding calls, especially on the holding call for a safety. So what?? That’s just the way it goes when you play ANYBODY on the road. You take it into account, and you have to be extra careful. You don’t sit around and whine and moan about it like bammers do.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman. They have sucked so far this year. But like I said, yall SHOULD win it. Buttttt…..Like I also said , it is an SEC game. They will give you their best. If you play like you did against Tulane, you will lose. If we play them like we played against Miss. St. we will lose.

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    I havent had a chance to see Chris Todd play yet. I’m not talking trash but I didn’t see a whole lot out of Kodi Burns last year though.

    What happened to Blake Field? I thought he was the best choice to replace Cox. Is he still with Auburn?

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Fourth string so he tranferred to a D2 school. Franklin has a boner for Todd. Todd may mature into a great quarterback. He passes accurately enough. He doesnt read the field very well yet. Burns may not be the best passer of the two, but he can make things happen with his feet. That is supposed to be the whole idea behind the spread offense. Todd wouldnt run if his life depended on it. And this weekend it just may.

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    Ballplay, if Burns and Todd could have a child together it would probably resemble Pat White which is some of both and it is exactly what Aub needs if they are going to continue this offense, you know alot of schools run it successfully, and some had it, and abandoned it because they didn’t have the personnel to make it work. I wish we had the qb at South Fl, (Grothe) he is as competitive and consistent as about any I’ve seen.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    I think he’s having the first time starting blues.

    Look at John Parker. Everyone said he looked good in the Hawaii game of 06 considering he was a freshman. But the only problem is he hasn’t improved very much since then.

    Brandon Cox had it as well in 2005, but look at how much he progressed with time, little time at that.

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    The Spread with Todd will be the DEATH of Us, I said it after the Game if the QB isnt a REAL THREAT to run like Chase Daniel and can throw the ball like Chase Daniel (Burns Cant) You CANT run the spread I did think Burns was our guy but im not sure NOW maybe he needs to start and play most of the game and Todd be the back up. But thats a SHAME cause Todd is a MUCH better Pocket Player (QB) than Burns!


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    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandon Cox was better in 05 than in 07…..Had a better O-line and better recievers. We had the best offense in the SEC in 05. If our kicker could of hit one of five in Baton Rouge, we are in the SEC championship game. In 06 we had a better record , but the ONE loss to Arkansas kept us out. Cox was showing us the fetal position that year (espeecially in the Georgia game). In 07 he looked down right awful in some games. Some due to injury. But IMO he got progressively worse, not better. If that is the case with Todd,,,,,Oh , crap………

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    Brandon Cox was a man to me for just suiting up and playing! He wasnt bad though I surely agree with ya on that one BI

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    Dont sweat it Aubbos. I make this prediction.
    If the game is close going into the 4th quarter, the refs will find ways to give it to Auburn.
    And to the Aubbo who remarked about excuses?

    EXCUSE = Having to explain why your discount “spread” offense has fallen on its face.

  25. 35

    Hell your making excuses on your FLIPPIN PREDICTION of the game NOW WHO IS AUBSESSED??? whould it be? could it be?


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    Ballplay Indian.

    Tmc1. You wont hear any excuses from me. Our offense just hasnt happened yet. It may turn around soon. It may not. Until we get a duel threat quarterback this offense will not be waht it was designed to be, IMO. Auburn may lose Auburn may win. It may be a blowout either way. It may be tied 0-0 at the end of four. Nobody knows. Thats why they play the game.

    For the love, give the whole ref deal a rest. You sound so much like a corndog , that if I didnt know you lived in Australia I would think you lived in Baton Rouge. But then again you do have the class and dignity of a coonass.

    It is what it is.

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