At least MSU won’t be state champs!

Auburn and Mississippi State were so bad last night only one person would be eloquent enough to describe it. That person is the great American philosopher Homer Simpson. “…(those) team(s) sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I’ve seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!”

In fairness, the offenses sucked. The defenses were impressive. Auburn has another very good defense. It bailed out the offense many times. However, Auburn was playing the inept Mississippi State offense. Do any of us think Georgia or LSU wouldn’t have netted some points off the Tiger defense given similar opportunities off turnovers or field position?

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Auburn’s problem isn’t the offense per se. The problem is fitting personnel for a more traditional passing/running game into the finesse system showcased now. It isn’t that it can’t be done, but it can be problematic. Just look at the issues facing Michigan.

Auburn’s offense is at its best when it is running the ball (if you ignore the fumble problems of the running backs). That is why I’ve said the spread is a bad idea. When you have an offense stocked with good backs and linemen, why mess with a good thing? The spread is a much riskier offense due to turnovers. Just like the triple option offenses of old, the more things you do with the football the more likely someone is going to turn it over. It is bad enough when your backs fumble as much as the Tigers, but you increase the problems exponentially when you run these high risk offenses.

During the waning minutes of the game, did anyone get flashbacks of Mike Dubose and his first offensive coordinator during the Iron Bowl? The toss to the running back resulted in a fumble. At least it wasn’t a pass and didn’t result in a loss.

Which is why you must ask what was Tuberville thinking when he decided to go this route? Does he have buyer’s remorse? It was a gamble, and in time it could payoff, but will anyone give it the time it needs to take root?

Judging by the reaction of Auburn fans, Tuberville is going to begin catching heat. Check out this Auburn fan reaction:

Here is what will happen….. Auburn will win the 8 games they should, lose the ones that count, beat Alabama and then Tuberville will look like the hero with a sub par bowl game.

Here is what should happen… .Auburn better stop hyping Tuberville and the Spread offense now ranked 53rd in the nation after game 2. Probably ranked lower after the MSU game. Tuberville should stop building that big house and not accept or demand a raise.

If Tuberville threatens to leave, let him go….. and don’t let the door hit you in the butt Mr Mediocre.

Auburn fans are frustrated. The spread isn’t working. What happens if (and it remains a big if) Alabama ends the streak. Will the pitchforks be out for Tuberville?


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    Ignoring the fact that the dysfunctional Barnie family hyped this offense up to be better than the New England Patriots’ offense last season, people don’t realize this is a transitional year for the Tiggers. No one should expect an offensive coordinator, with a first time starter at the quarterback position, to come in and score 90+ points on the opposing defense each game. The offense should improve with time, maybe even toward the end of the season, but it’s a factual reality; it will take time. And to the Bama Tech family, I would like to send my condolences to Brad Lester. I hate he went down and he is in my thoughts and prayers, despite the fact that he plays for ‘the other team’.

  2. 3

    First of all, let me say congrats to the Tide for a good victory over Western Kentucky. Next, let me say that watching the Auburn game flat out gave me the shits. Not because of the final score, but something much deeper. At first glance, it seemed the Tigers offense was pathetic, and maybe it was. However, as a true blue Tiger fan, I am a student of the program. I know exactly what Tuberville was trying to do, and to be honest it flat out pisses me off. He was not showing all of our cards, and I know, thats been said before, but it is true. Every year he does the same shit leading up to LSU. Look at last year for example. We barely beat K State, lose to South Florida in OT, then get beat at home by Miss.St. Then we go in to Death Valley to face eventual National Champs and had the game won, untill the last play. To Bama’s credit, they also had LSU beat. My point is, Tuberville is a good coach, but he is becoming transparent, and it almost cost us. I must say though that as shitty as the offense played, I would put our defense against anybody in the country, but tonight, our offense could not have scored against UAB, much less Hoover High. We will play better next week, just watch. But a win is a win is a win, and I will take a 1 point win against a SEC rival as opposed to a 7 point loss to a 20 something point underdog any day of the week. Now excuse me while I go sit on the throne.

  3. 8

    You have had too much of something tmc….what I am saying is, sure, they played coy and kept it simple, by no means am I saying they played like shit on purpose. That game was a offensive tragedy. You don’t have to take my word for it, since it isn’t your team. You know your team better than me, and vice versa, but I wouldnt bet against Auburn next week, despite what you saw tonight.

  4. 9
    Bama Fan in NYC

    I can’t see Alabama performing well in conference play this year either.

    Despite the one-sided score, our offense still showed a lot of problems that they WON’T be able to sneak away with against SEC teams.

    So don’t feel bad, because UGA should handle us, as much as it kills me to say that, and if, IF that is, we beat Arkansas, it won’t be by a pretty score.

    From my perspective, the problem IS NOT Tubs electing to save his cards for the big boys, over the past 3 seasons, his team seems to have played down, or up, to the level of their competition, JUST AS Alabama seemed to do last year. I just hope WE manage to sneak away with the close wins this year, rather than the close losses.

  5. 10

    UGA should handle us??? not watching the same dogs i did today.

    uga has serious blocking issues. spurrier was playing with an inexperienced qb and NO running backs and played the dogs off their heels.

    i hope someone on our staff noticed carolina’s tight end ripping up uga’s defense.

    spurrier beat himself saturday subbing qb’s and freshman receiver’s in critical situations.

    we could go to athens and lose but watching that game shows me that isn’t a given by any stretch

    croom beat himself last night also. for 3 1/2 quarters it was old time, field position, bryant football. he state was dictating play to auburn. then he started going for it on fourth down and trying to get greedy. that game was his to win and he blew it.

  6. 11

    Yea im not falling for that UGA sugar neither,FLorida is the team to beat for SEC CHAMPIONSHIP! I do think WE STUNK UP THE WHOLE JOINT LAST NIGHT!!! But I agree with FB and BAMA FAN we tend to play UP or DOWN depending on what he has to do.
    Its like Tubbs CANT PUT THE BOOT TO KNOW ONE WHILE THEIR DOWN(no killer instinct)
    and YEs I will take a (3 to 2 ?????) W!
    And thats not TMCzero up there(he would never allow a mispelled word much less 2)


  7. 12

    Finebaumjunkie, good post, that was funny, I can appreciate your objectivity, based on what I’ve seen even with Aub’s d, LSU will beat Aub because they will score some, be it special teams with T. Holiday or their d, I just don’t see Aub’s offense being able to put up as many points against a better d than Miss St’s

  8. 13
    J W

    hey every one great to be back.had to survive hurricane gus .lost power for 7 days .missed 2 weeks of football.any way glad to see both alabama teams win.god bless every one.

  9. 14
    Coach Tony Franklin

    Welcome back J W
    Just last year…. “TheTonyFranklinSystem” from” had the Troy Trojans kisking major ass on the way to another mammoth 8-4 season. This year? Fizzle, Fizzle, fluff…..fart……nothing.
    Its not the System and it is not the Coaching. It is the players! They are too retarded to run “TheTonyFranklinSystem” from”!!!!
    I gave them an elephant gun and they shot me in the ASS WITH IT!!!
    AND THAT COWSHIT MESSIAH TUBERVILLE YELLED AT ME IN FROMT OF ALL OF MY FANS!!! Iam Tony Franklin DAMNIT!!! Mr. Spread!! The main event!!! Mr. Guarateed 750 yards a game!

    Get my publisher on the phone….. I FEEL A BOOK COMING!

  10. 15
    Coach Tony Franklin


  11. 16

    Now, only if Alabama can prevent MSU from going 1-2 against the state of Alabama this year. I can agree with NY, however we are still in a state of the deep unknown as we don’t know how good or bad our team actually is, and we won’t know until after the Arkansas game, maybe even during it.

    By the way what happened to Lester?

  12. 17

    welcome back tony franklin haha!! anywho, i’m not saying shit until i see what alabama does against moosu. we lost last year after laughing at them so these lips are sealed.

    count this as my signature:

  13. 18
    Ballplay Indian.

    It was ugly , but we won the game. Our offense played horrible. Our defense looked awesome. Keep in mind bammers, this team has beat you 2 times in a row. And you do play them this year.

  14. 19

    Ballplay, and they were a point away from beating that high powered offense of yours two in a row. They will not beat us in our house this year just like yall won’t. Mark it down and I will stand by it.

  15. 20
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman. I dont know man. Yall should win handily. But so were we. The Miss St. defense is very good. They almost put you to sleep. And before you know it they are in the game in the 4th quarter. Yes, I think youll win. But I wouldnt mark it down.

  16. 21

    It was ugly. Not quite as ugly as the scoreboard indicated, but still ugly. Despite the score Auburn managed to rack up over 300 yards of offense, which they failed to do in 5 games last year. Fumbles and missed field goals made the ugly performance even uglier. Conversely, Bama gained less than 200 yds against Tulane and the scoreboard showed 20 pts. Scores can be a bit deceiving, especially early in the season. Defense looks incredible. Also, I do have to give credit where it is due to MSU’s defense. They are stout and fly to the ball. No excuse for only scoring 3 pts, though.

    There is no doubt that this offense will go through a transition period. I’ve never said that Auburn would lead the conference in offense this year. I’ve only said it should be better this year than it was last year, which shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

    Despite the performance against MSU, has anyone noticed that the people who put their money where their mouth is, i.e Vegas, have Auburn as a 1.5 point favorite over LSU? How many times have we seen Tubs walk away from an ugly performance and beat a top 10 team the next week?

  17. 22
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamaman, what do you base your prediction on ? The FACT that you have never beat us at “your house”? Or the fact that we have beat you 6 times consecutivly ? Hmmmmmmmm….. Or maybe the fact that Miss. State has a 2 year streak against you ? I love the way this year is setting up. The bama chest beaters are out in full force. The smell of backy juice and mothballs fill the air like it hasnt in about 6 years. Everything is setting up nicely to give the Tide a big ol dose of “SHUT UP” juice.

    Right now you are playing better offense than Auburn is. But will that be the case in November ? You better hope not. If we get 300 yards of offense against LSU and / or 15-20 first downs I see us winning. If not , we lose. After this week we will know what kind of team we have. You wont know until Georgia. In 2 weeks let the official smack talk begin. Until then it is all just guesswork.

  18. 24

    Ballplay, if grandma had balls she would be grandpa, you will be playing against a better d than Miss St had and you could not even get in the end zone once, it is so funny for you to bring up your wins over Bama to try and make yourself feel better about that embarassing display Saturday night

  19. 25
    Ballplay Indian.

    Believe me turd, bragging about a win over Bama, is not something that Auburn takes pride in. Frankly, it is old hat.And I will go out on a limb and say that Miss. St. defense is dang good. Not quite asa good as LSU. But close. You shall soon see when yall play them. And does that mean if Auburn scores a couple touchdowns on LSU that there defense is not as good as Miss. St. ? LSU hasnt played anybody of note. They may be the normal LSU they may be better , they may be worse. We shall see. Auburn will know after next week where we stand . In 2 more weeks yall will know.

  20. 26

    Ballplay Indian. Says:
    September 15th, 2008 at 2:27 pm
    Believe me turd, bragging about a win over Bama, is not something that Auburn takes pride in.
    Then why do the aubbos manage to mention it in 95% of thier posts, Ballplay?

    Now that having been said. The Coach is STILL Les Miles and he isnt worth a damn in his decision making. So it might work out for Auburn after all. Doubtful…. and the refs will have thier work cut out for them. But it is possible. BUT if this game were in Red Stick I would say dig a hole for Auburn.

  21. 27

    Ballplay, based on your analogy above and based on who Miss St has played, La Lafayette would beat Aub since they handed it to State

  22. 28
    Ballplay Indian.

    I know you cant make comparisons like that. That was exactly my point.

    tmc1…..Your bitching about the refs more than even the coonasses did. Let it go.

    As far as Miss. St. front 4 go. They are bad to the bone. 315 – 325 pounders, and very agressive. There secondary wasnt bad either.

    Like I said , yall will have a chance to see their defense first hand.

  23. 29

    95% Huh TMCzero? YOur stoopid and slinging shit to see if it sticks once again I see. Just what do you base your HIGH opinion of LSU on? did they beat Bamma? Not yet! have they beaten anyone of caliber? NOt yet! and have you seen OUR DEFENSE? take off THOSE stoopid Crimson colored glasses and look at our defense 13 points in 3 games isnt that bad (2 was on our offense)….But as they say….WE WILL SEE!


  24. 30

    Omni, I must admit I have not seen LSU’s qb at all this year, and even based on who yall have played this year there is no doubt Aub’s D can hang with anybody in the country, but I have seen your Off. My question is can a game end in zero to zero? (you gotta laugh at that)

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