At least MSU won’t be state champs!

Auburn and Mississippi State were so bad last night only one person would be eloquent enough to describe it. That person is the great American philosopher Homer Simpson. “…(those) team(s) sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I’ve seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!”

In fairness, the offenses sucked. The defenses were impressive. Auburn has another very good defense. It bailed out the offense many times. However, Auburn was playing the inept Mississippi State offense. Do any of us think Georgia or LSU wouldn’t have netted some points off the Tiger defense given similar opportunities off turnovers or field position?

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Auburn’s problem isn’t the offense per se. The problem is fitting personnel for a more traditional passing/running game into the finesse system showcased now. It isn’t that it can’t be done, but it can be problematic. Just look at the issues facing Michigan.

Auburn’s offense is at its best when it is running the ball (if you ignore the fumble problems of the running backs). That is why I’ve said the spread is a bad idea. When you have an offense stocked with good backs and linemen, why mess with a good thing? The spread is a much riskier offense due to turnovers. Just like the triple option offenses of old, the more things you do with the football the more likely someone is going to turn it over. It is bad enough when your backs fumble as much as the Tigers, but you increase the problems exponentially when you run these high risk offenses.

During the waning minutes of the game, did anyone get flashbacks of Mike Dubose and his first offensive coordinator during the Iron Bowl? The toss to the running back resulted in a fumble. At least it wasn’t a pass and didn’t result in a loss.

Which is why you must ask what was Tuberville thinking when he decided to go this route? Does he have buyer’s remorse? It was a gamble, and in time it could payoff, but will anyone give it the time it needs to take root?

Judging by the reaction of Auburn fans, Tuberville is going to begin catching heat. Check out this Auburn fan reaction:

Here is what will happen….. Auburn will win the 8 games they should, lose the ones that count, beat Alabama and then Tuberville will look like the hero with a sub par bowl game.

Here is what should happen… .Auburn better stop hyping Tuberville and the Spread offense now ranked 53rd in the nation after game 2. Probably ranked lower after the MSU game. Tuberville should stop building that big house and not accept or demand a raise.

If Tuberville threatens to leave, let him go….. and don’t let the door hit you in the butt Mr Mediocre.

Auburn fans are frustrated. The spread isn’t working. What happens if (and it remains a big if) Alabama ends the streak. Will the pitchforks be out for Tuberville?