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    Shane is a BLOGGER

    George, I like seeing them ranked like this, it guarantees an SEC school a NC whether it’s Bama,Auburn or any other school.

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    sixdown, based on the first two games I hope you don’t think AU looks better than Bama and AU is 9, you’re right the polls are a joke. . . . for now.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman……Are you saying that bama looked better than Auburn on Saturday? Surely not. Maybe the week before. But of the four games played between us. Yalls showing on Saturday was by far the worse. 170 yards total offense……Come on man. Is that your definition of “power ball”? Or is that your dedinition of “back” ?

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    AUburn woulda walked a mudhole dry on BAMMA Saturday and will if they have to play now… You guys used the spread and no passing yards from the first game and then We come out and balance an attack that other than some stupid turn overs WAXED SM and still you run them mouths about being ranked higher than Auburn


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    Ballplay, I said based on the first two games of AL and AU, that AU is no better than us, we played much better game one against Clemson than AU did with LAMO and yall played better against SoMiss than we did against Tulane, and I have not read anywhere about being back unless it was an Aubie posting as a Bama fan. But like you said earlier in a post, did I not get the memo that we won.
    And we would have walked one dry thru Aub last Saturday, after next week when LSU puts you out of the top twenty with an embarassing loss it won’t be an issue.

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    Ballplay Indian

    I guess I can see your point Bamaman. Yall did win. We are about even. Though I would give the consistancy nod to AU. The preperation for Clemson was nicer than ours for S. Miss or LAMO.. But I wouldnt count my chickens on the LSU game just yet. 30 yards in the first half of the Tulane game. Duuuude. Georgia is gonna be the ones waling it dry.

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    Your qb is just not mobile enough to handle a rush like LSU will bring, he has not had the pressure yet like he will get then, I will go ahead and count the chickens, like I had told you earlier, I am not expecting a win against GA just like you will not beat GA. I will take 30 yards anytime as long as it equals a W.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman…..I think your forgetting that LSU is in the same boat as we are…..New , unproven QB. I would stack up our pass rush against LSU any day of the week. I would also put our o-line against theirs any day of the week. And I realise that they have an outstanding O-line. They are playing us at our stadium, and if history tells us anything, that is good for Auburn. Itll be the usual last man standing brawl..And it will decide the west as usual. If the rush gets too bad, you will see Burns go in. That could help or hurt. Who knows.

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    LSU is in the same boat as all of us. They are unproven. Just as we are. Nobody knows how good any SEC west team is until our conference games begin.

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    To the delusional Ballplay, Aub plays better on the road than at home, and I promise you, you will not beat LSU this year, mark this one down as me saying so and I will stand by it, talking about counting chickens to soon. . . you have to come thru us also to own the west and it ain’t happenin, you are speakin in yesteryear.

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    I think we ALL need to stop looking ahead, and focus on whats next. For Bama awaits mighty Western Kentucky. Seriously, that should not be a problem for the Tide. We gear up for Miss.St., and with the loss against them last year, I look for Tubs to extract revenge. I hope so, cause I would hate to get Croomed two years straight. That would suck.

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    I look for Auburn to make a lot of excuses again this week for an unproductive “spread”
    My forecast, Croom’s defense will batter Tubby’s offense like a trailer park romance gone horribly wrong Because of too many Milwalkee’s Best and the innuendo that Bubba Joe has been coming over while Ricky Ray is at work.
    Auburn is about to win UGLY.

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    Ballplay Indian

    To the ignorant Bamaman….The last 7 years have been won by the home team in this game. So , yes , it does matter. I agree that we usually play better on the road. But I promise that well be ready for LSU as usual. Tmc1, last year was a fluke. WE normally whip Miss. ST. like a Crimson headed stepchild.

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    Yeah, yall usually split a national championship once in the existence of the school also, and your not at the school and don’t know what is going on with those kids so you can’t promise a dam thing

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    Ballplay Indian

    Wrong again Bamaman….I can read minds. Havent you heard? Geez dude. I am trying to say that I am getting my logic from recent history. Get it? I can also say that I feel that Bama will start to suck more and more as the year goes by. Why? Recent history has shown that to be a trend.

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    Ballplay Indian

    And your right, I digress. I do not promise that we will be ready. I feel that we will be ready. Is that better ?

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    Ballplay, don’t crow too loud, I believe you got croomed in your own house last time and nothing sucks more than Aub, they could pull a vacuum on the Goodyear blimp

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    Ballplay, what was the score of Au and Ga last year? you know the team that has embarassed you two in a row soon to be three, at least we took it into overtime

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    Ballplay Indian

    Yes….You took them into over time……………….and lost. So your point is ????????

    We whip Georgia a couple time then they whip us. Thats just the way it works. Unlike the Iron bowl. Where we whopp yall and whoop yall, etc. stc. stc.

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    You still didn’t tell me that score. . and you wish that analogy with GA was true about swapping, but unfortunately number three of their streak is coming and our second record streak begins this year

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    Ballplay Indian

    They whipped our butts. Didnt I say that ? And it is true. We Crushed an AWESOME Georgia squad in 04. Beat (barely) another VERY good Georgia team in Athens in 05. Lost bad twice. And what record streak are YOU referring to ? Bama on Auburn ? Bwahahahahaahhahhahhahahaahahhahaha!!!!

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    Ballplay Indian

    Started is past tense there doosher. The game has yeat to be played, Therefore your arguement is flawed…I win.

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    Unless the barnyard spread gets drastically better any SEC school including Vandy will crush it. The D will keep them alive for some games but I highly doubt they will stay on the field long with LSU or Georgia. Yeah, Bama looked bad against Tulane but we did win. The two injuries hurt our offense but we will be back full force against Arkansas and Georgia. We will also have Prince Hall which will strenghthen our D. I don’t know if we will beat Georgia or not but it will definately be close. It was two overtimes last year and we are drastically better than we were last year.(of course so are they) Even if we don’t, they are our toughest opponent. We should be able to pull ten wins still and possibly the west.

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    Ballplay Indian

    When your team gets #7 in Bryant-Tubberville Stadium this year, would you agree that you were wrong and I was right ? Cmon Bamaman, put up or shut up. . I will be here to man up either way. Will you ?

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