Technology keeps Saban on ‘straight & narrow’

While technology gets a lot of guys in trouble (you know the the Internet is 90-percent porn and 10-percent everything else), technology is keeping one sinner on the straight and narrow—none other than Nick Saban.

You might be asking how Saban uses technology to be a better person? He uses it to make sure he can attend church.

“I’ve really gotten into this technology age,” Saban said. “I used to come in early and watch the film, but now I have them put it on a laptop and take it home and when I get up in the morning and make the coffee and have my two Debbie cookies then I go in and just turn my laptop on watch the game and I’ll grade half of it and I come in after church. I feel like I really need to go to church, so I always try to get there.”

Even Saban worries about his immortal soul. These types of tidbits provide an interesting look into the mind of Alabama’s coach. He is more relaxed and very open with the media this year.

Juxtapose that approach with the wagon circling going on elsewhere in the SEC.

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Injury notes
Andre Smith and Earl Alexander are doubtful for the Tulane game. Saban said Smith sprained his MCL and that has created problems for Smith when he attempts “inside lateral movement.” However, fans should take solace. Saban said this injury is one that heals up nicely without surgery in about a week.

Alexander is suffering from an anckle problem. Also, receiver Will Oakley continues to work towards a return. Saban said no decision has been made on Oakley’s status for the game.

Focus watch
“We are pleased with the progress that we made today in practice,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. “I thought the players had pretty good focus, pretty good energy and I think we made some improvement. It was a tough physical game that we are coming off of and we have been dragging a little bit, but I thought we did a pretty good job today.

“The big point of emphasis is you either get better or get worse out there and we need to get better. We can’t be satisfied with where we are. Anybody that’s pleased with where we are right now needs to get content with mediocrity, because that’s not where we want to be and that’s not where we want to try and go. That’s not what we want to try and play toward. We are really interested in trying to play to the capacity that we have as a team, which means we want to reach our potential in what we are doing. There are some things that we can do a lot better. There are more players who can contribute in a more positive way and that certainly something that we want to try to accomplish.”