Tulane weathers hurricane in Birmingham

AP: The players are able to keep some normalcy despite the stressful situation. They are practicing at Samford University’s football stadium and having team trips for movies and bowling.


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    I hope all of those who weren’t fortunate enough to evacuate is safe right now.

    Football season = Hurricane season

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    “like all barnies”……Berman, I have come to respect you, but come on man. Unevenly biased? I picked Bama to win last game, and as an Auburn fan, or more importantly, A FOOTBALL FAN, I do have some sense. If Bama keeps their focus, they will have NO trouble with Tulane. Good luck to your team.

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    Mal Moore issued a letter asking all Crimson Tide fans to cheer for Tulane when they enter onto the field, due to their town’s current predicament. I’m also sure the band will skip “Rammer Jammer” chant Saturday, at least I hope they do.

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