Stallings on Finebaum & Saturday news

Gene Stallings was on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Friday afternoon. Coach Stallings talked about the level of support his family received following the death of his son, John Mark Stallings. Stallings said he had received about 1,200 letters from people around the country. The interview begins at the top of hour four linked above.

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Here are a few news and notes from the last couple of days to fill time until kickoff.

Tulane football is relocating its practice to Samford University over hurricane fears. In a statement released by the University said the safety of their student-athletes was the reason for sending football team on its trip early.

The Druid gives us reasons from “the gut” for Alabama to win and reasons from “the gut” for Alabama to lose. It is a good analysis of the ways Alabama could win or lose this game.

Eight in the Box is back doing the public blog thing. And he gives us an analysis of the Spin Offense.

Memphis Tider is at the beach enjoying a well deserved vacation. Hopefully, he’ll find a nice big television to enjoy the game.

RollCrimsonTide provides an exhaustive analysis of today’s matchup.

Just in case you don’t appreciate The Rap Sheet, you should check out this contribution to our understanding of Nick Saban. Ian R. Rapoport details a story Nick Saban shared with reporters about how easy it is to be fooled by what an opponent does during a walk-through. Rapoport’s blog provides more interesting details on Nick Saban’s thinking than anywhere else on the Internet.

And in today’s edition of the Birmingham News, Rapoport examines the Clemson running backs and the Alabama defense.

Is it just old age? But I don’t think I could go to the Gameday set. There’s a big crowd there. I remember when I was a kid, I’d always go to games and concerts—the crowds were not a big deal, but my dad hated them. He’d dread things like Six Flags. Now, I hate crowds. I find excuses to avoid crowds. It doesn’t matter if it is shopping at the mall or going to a Barons game. It has to be getting old. It was like magic. Hit 30…started hating the crowds.

Would that it were 8 p.m. Will it ever be game time?


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    i’ve been critical of stallings in the past but you can’t deny a man’s love for his son.

    if you didn’t shed a tear during that interview, there’s a hole in your chest where your heart should be.

    wouldn’t it be nice to beat the snot out of clemson then have the team dedicate the win to john mark.

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