Quarter-ton monstrosity arrives at BDS

bryanthat1Images at 1420 the Tusk.
The new stadium vendor Centerplate has installed an 11-foot long, 550 lbs. fibreglass and steel replica of a houndstooth hat. This colorful monstrosity will anchor “The Bear’s Den.” You might be asking what the heck is “The Bear’s Den.” According to Centerplate, It is “a signature grill located on the north side of the stadium’s upper level. The stand is one of several new concessions options opening this fall. Centerplate also selected new art and archival images for murals, redesigned kitchens, and purchased new equipment for food preparation and sales transactions.”

Did anybody ask Nick Saban before installing this thing? Maybe someone should ask Terry. Surely a woman wouldn’t allow something so odious to be installed.

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We shouldn’t be shocked at the concession renovations. This new grill at Bryant-Denny is analogous to other Centerplate creations like “Fisherman’s Wharf concessions at AT&T Park for the San Francisco Giants, the Limelight Supper Club and Lounge in Denver, the New Jersey Devils’ team store, and the Broncos’ Club Lounge at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver.”

While the hat was a brainless idea some of the other ideas from Centerplate sound very good. “In addition to the Bear’s Den, new design highlights include a corrugated tin roof and themed menu boards for local favorite Ezell’s Fish Camp, a mural of archival photos of Alabama football dating back to 1918 for Crimson Fried, and iconic images of Alabama’s elephant mascot for Big Al’s. Other food concepts include Tortilla Junction, Dreamland Barbecue, and Roll Tide stadium fare. A trailer for Alabama sports merchandise is also scheduled to arrive in September. The mobile retail outlet will feature a 13-foot tall mural of the University’s athletes and will allow fans to browse Crimson Tide merchandise off-site.”

Marketing taken to the next level. And who says collegiate athletics isn’t about the money?


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  1. 1

    I don’t care about design or appearance, I’m happy they’re upping the concessions at Bryant-Denny Stadium. I’m sick of the plain sandwiches, hot dogs, popcorn, and dipping dots. For the love of God, this is Bryant-Denny, not Turner Field.

  2. 4
    Ballplay Indian

    Holy crap…….Just when you thought it was safe to go back to T-town, they whoop out a 500 lb. houndstooth. Have yall no shame ?

  3. 7
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Something tells me that PhotoShop will be all over that picture soon.
    Ball, there were talks about erecting dentures so the fans could see a full set of teeth up close.

  4. 8

    The barn will be erecting a giant nose with a finger in it at Jurden-Hair, indicating the total number of national championships won by the school.

  5. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    Educator….That would be classier than the hat. I think somebody taking bad acid came up with that idea.

  6. 11
    Ballplay Indian

    No Educator, I dont……And I would dump a gold turd if they ever tried to hoist a 500 lb. version of it on top of our lovely stadium. Whats next ? Are yall gonna paint the stadium fuscia pink?

  7. 13


    A giant tampon would be more fitting for that dump of a stadium that you barners play in. That stadium is a load of crap. It’s like one big aluminum can.

  8. 14

    They’ll add in an inbred hand holding up six fingers after the streak ends to worship the memories of a day when they were happy.
    Beating Alabama makes them happy. Nothing else does.
    We live in the past but I remember hearing all about the four game streak from the 80’s in 94 as if it meant anything.
    We held and still hold the all time win record. Hearing them talk about a streak five years in the aftermath was something to laugh at.
    If all they care about is streaks that occur every 20 years then Ill take the winning record over a streak any day.
    If we beat them this year all they will say is YOU DON’T HAVE SIX. Or the one you’ll hear the most is well it’s time to give yall a break cause we can’t win them all.

  9. 16

    In all seriousness, it is–speaking on behalf of all Alabama fans of course. It wouldn’t feel as bad if we weren’t reminded of it daily. But that’s evidence that you love us and evidence that we love you. lol

  10. 17
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    E.D.ucator, what the finger pulls out of the nose will be the feature item at “The Bear’s Den” in the north endzone.

    Ballplay I agree. The six straight is killing them. They know that when the streak goes to ten they will be breaking in another six million dollar man.

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