Bama will NOT beat Clemson

Alabama will not beat Clemson. At least if you can believe Regis Philbin. You can view his pick along with other experts at Rivals. The consensus is a Clemson victory with Tom Dienhart the only one to pick the Tide.

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    I’m surprised none of the crew is showing Appalachian State any love. You’d think at least one moron would firmly believe they are too powerful and quick to fall short at the hands of LSU.

  2. 5
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Regis Philbin and Tator Tot are two very knowledgeable experts when it comes to college football!

    Even the Barnies could tell you that!

    PS: Take it to the bank: The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute will lose by a tremendous amount Saturday. If ****** says it, then it is true!

  3. 6

    bamany, do you think barnies will even watch their game? as long as alabama stands a shot at losing they’d rather see that than see their own team win or lose. the little step brother’s envious obsession with the big brother never dies.

    Count this as my signature:

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    War Eagle

    I will NOT be watching the Bama Clemson game. I will be in the stadium watching Auburn. Do you think that Bama will even watch their own game? I bet they will be listening to or buying the Auburn game in order to see if we can beat ULM something they couldn’t do. The envious obsessin with big brother never dies.

  5. 9

    If your being fair ballplay then I will be.
    If Bama beats Clemson it’ll be close, but I’m not expecting it to happen.
    I wont admit it because I dont feel like hearing EVEN YOU DON’T PLACE YOUR CONFIDENCE IN SABAN bla bla.
    Bama’s a mess. It’ll take more than just a year to clean them up.

  6. 10

    IF we amazingly blew Clemson out, it wouldn’t be because Alabama has desperately improved in the course of one offseason, it’s simply because Clemson is the most overrated team in the nation. A blowout would be an enormous relief, but if a blowout were to happen, we wouldn’t be the team that administers it, unfortunately.

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