A reason NOT to go to the game: Erin Andrews

Need a reason to be happy you don’t have a ticket to Atlanta?
She’ll be on TV!

Not going to the Georgia Dome? Take solace football fans you can enjoy the game from the comfort of your home in High Definition. But there is more! ABC will use Lisa Salters and Erin Andrews to handle sideline duties, according to the SEC’s weekly release. The broadcast crew will be Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit.

Two images of Erin Andrews weren’t enough, here’s a YouTube with more photographs and some music.

This has me thinking. Any of you going to the game with a camera? Send us the Erin Andrews pictures. Please.


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    I’m not a big fan of Erin Andrews because it’s apparent by her attire and posture she’s a slUT. I bet she gets passed around like a joint in a room full of stoners by the MLB players.

  2. 3
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Blogger approves.

    Are you upset that Mayor Langford refused to put up the rainbow banners on Southside?

  3. 4
    Bama Fan in NYC

    I’ve got a few pictures I can send from an old Boston/NY game back in 2005.

    Hey, who cares if she’s the doorknob everyone turns, she is smmmmmmmoking!

  4. 6

    I remember when Erin did the pre, update, and post game for the Braves on TBS. Pathetic and Stupid. Skip had a big time mocking her. She could never Ad-Lib . If the Teleprompter went out – she was screwed. The producer in the truck tells her now what to say and ask. Still dumb as hell but she looks good in something tight. Does anybody pay attention to the shit that she says ? Can you repeat it after the Game ? Nah. Didn’t think so. Hope she shows that modest “rack”. I’m educated now on sideline reporters. I want them to dress like Hooters Girls – Dammit! Hooter Girls could do a better job anyway.

  5. 10

    She’s skin and bones in person.
    Not that attractive.
    The television serves her true complexion no justice whatsoever.

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