Clemson coach accuses Tide of cheating

First Josh Moon says he is joking when he accuses Alabama of cheating and now Clemson’s defensive coordinator insinuates recruiting irregularities under the guise of a joke(VIA Rap Sheet).

“Julio? You know what, I actually ran into Julio in the spring recruiting. I said hello to him and said, ‘I guess I’ll be seeing you at the end of August.’ Then he got out and got in his Escalade and drove off. That’s (being) serious. And then I went over and watched (Alabama freshman) Burton Scott at Vigor High School at the track over there, and Burton Scott was running around. He went and got in his Escalade out at track practice and drove off. So I’m familiar with those two guys.”

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I guess Clemson doesn’t live in a glass house or anything and can make these types of allegations. Woops. A quick search of the Internet turned up this page with a Clemson recruit flashing a large amount of cash. Is that picture a true reflection of Clemson recruiting? I don’t know. What we can report on is Tommy Bowden’s Inner Gayness:

On freshman Kyle Parker, who is having a really good season with the baseball team:
“I’ve watched him practice and I’ve watched him play (baseball). He’s really good looking. If I was a girl, I’d be very interested in him. He wears those tight pants. When you wear loose stuff, you can’t tell the definition of a guy’s body. In baseball, everything’s tight and you can tell he’s very well put together.”

This looks like it is going to be a fun week.


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  1. 3

    Koenning later told the media he was joking according to

    Not really something you should joke about though, imo.

  2. 4

    But if they are i can tell you whose fault it will be…..

    AUBURN and we will take advantage of a cripple and after probation they WILL RISE AGAIN!!!! and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!


  3. 8

    Probably because nobody knows what kind of car they drive. I know I don’t. And this crap is one of the reasons Nick Saban keeps freshmen away from the media, because we’d all be asking or thinking about asking that type of question….thanks to a smear like this.

    Some people on campus probably know. Maybe they’ll share what kind of car they’ve seen Julio drive.

    The car is irrelevant. The coach can either stand by his accusation or run away claiming it was all a joke. I’d rather the coach just stand firm and say he was serious…if it is true. If it isn’t true, then why even make a crack like that? It is unfortunate. Because now this and what Moon writes in the Advertiser create an image of corruption and there isn’t one shred of proof that said corruption exists. The coach won’t even stand by his comment. Yet, we’ll see this crap posted on message boards for years.

  4. 11
    J W

    what this boils down to is the whole dam college football nation can see sabin getting alabama football back to where it once was.being one of the best teams in the football coaches are worried and know bama is on the rise.there fore they have to start rumors to get NCAA to start looking.but alls well in bama town.get your tickets now for next years SEC CHAMPIONSHIP BECAUSE BAMA WILL DAM SURE BE THERE ROLLTIDE BABY ROLL;;;;;;;TIDE

  5. 13

    Cappy, I’m just trying to figure out if Koennig was completely joking, or if he was serious and is now trying to back off of it. The comments made by the Vigor coach are even more weird. The Vigor coach said that Scott was driving and SUV, but it was an Envoy instead of an Escalade, and that Scott had “rented it” for the prom. The Vigor coach then apparently volunteered that Scott’s 80’s model Cutlass had been “stolen” since he got to Tuscaloosa. What the heck’s he driving now (why would a reporter bother to get the quote about the Cutlass being stolen and not ask that obvious follow-up?) I’m not making accusations, I’m just trying to figure out what in the world these coaches are talking about. If 18 yr old kids that don’t have rich parents are driving around in Escalades (or other brand new SUV’s), that’s kinda strange. In saying that, I’ll be the first one to say that there were some Auburn players back in the late 80’s when I was there that were driving around campus in convertible BMW’s. I have no doubt that the cars belonged to boosters, but they shouldn’t have been driving around in them.

  6. 14
    Mr. Holmes

    It doesn’t matter in the end. It’s like Tuberville says about the boasting of the streak, “It’s all in good fun.” But he could have said something that didn’t fall into the category of borderline racism because naturally people are going to take it the wrong way.

  7. 15

    It definitely raises eyebrows when these kids from very modest backgrounds suddenly are driving expensive cars. I’ve heard this about Jones before.

  8. 16

    Let’s see. Feb 2007 Bama comes off repeat violators status. Recruitng takes off!
    Yea, I think he was just fooling around! Bama coaches just worked harder than everyone else.

    Is Julie “O” really rooming with some rich kid he has never met? What about the large cash purchases for upgrades to his backup car?
    Driving vehicles with no registration is curious too. Bama did not only invent cheating, they are constantly perfecting it.
    I hope the NCAA drives a stake through their hearts this go round.
    I predict a PLOI by Feb. 09′

  9. 17
    Bama Fan in NYC

    “Bama did not only invent cheating, they are constantly perfecting it.”

    And we learned from the best, the inferior school across the state who’s played catch-up for most of their history, and is currently ranked second on the all-time list.

    1957, 1993, and 2004. Yes, technically speaking, The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute cheated to have those illiterate players remain eligible to play for the team!

  10. 18

    BamaFanInNYC….To do what you suggest means truly giving a damn about that program Bro. I think this is the first time I have typed to you….and now I see why. You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Give me proof that we cheated in those years, and I will kiss your ass, even tho it smells like a tiger mated with you for the last 6 years

  11. 19

    “Alabama invented cheating.” WHAT? Auburn was on probation in football 3 FRIGGIN TIMES before Alabama was penalized the first time in 1995. Count them: 1956-58, 1978-79, 1993-95. And WE invented cheating?! See, this is the type of hillbilly logic that Alabama must contend with the douchebag inbreds across the State. Not only that, MOST Auburn fans are hypocritical racists. I was at the IB in ’97 and an AU student thought I was a hot dog vendor because and I quote, “My dad says the only blacks here tonight in the stands are the ones selling hotdogs.”
    They even try to make LA Monroe and the 6-game winning streak a big deal when they were playing probation-riddled Alabama teams.

  12. 20

    FINEBAUM JUNKIE: THE NCAA SLAPPED YOU WITH PROBATION IN THOSE YEARS FOR CHEATING YOU FRIGGIN INBRED MORON. That’s not an accusation, that’s a DOCUMENTED FACT. Ed Bradley did a cover story on the 1992 AUBURN PROBATION SCANDAL where Eric Ramsey and Vincent Harris were interviewed about cheating and racism on the team. Corky Frost, the now infamous dissassociated AU booster called Ramsey a n—–(you fill in the blank since you use the word so much). So, are you trying to tell me that at AU when DOCUMENTED FACTS are presented, it’s not the same thing. Typical hypocritial Auburn weazel

  13. 21

    Oh it’s obvious racism is still in effect down in cowville USA. Racist frat parties and denying entrance to blacks in the downtown bars, and that represents the entire school/town/city as a whole. Booster Jimmy Bob Raines would also approve of such bigotry.

  14. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    Hey now. Whats wrong with an Eskralde ? They are a little overpriced, but a sweet ride. I personally would have gone for the Lexus 470 , but that is just me. Finebammer. Please loosen up . Its all in good humor.

  15. 24

    What is it racist to say someone drives an Escalade.My mother and sister are white and they drive them.Christopherson, where is a black man not allowed in a bar in Aubur. That is just an stupid statement.IF a black coach said this about a 5 star white playert would it be racist?

  16. 25

    Its easy to deny entrance to an establishment due to your underwear hanging out and if the dress codes arent followed ( I for 1 dont wanna see anyones underwear ) then boot em or white! thats why they are denied i have seen it personally, one sign reads
    PULL EM UP OR GET OUT!!! racisism huh?
    most of em are whiteys!!!

  17. 26
    Ballplay Indian

    And I bet most of em drive Eskralades too. The thing about stereo types is that they mostly true. We all need to learn to laugh a little at ourselves. I love to read the Auburn/redneck steroetypes and the Bama/mullett head stereo types . They are funny. And quite often , true…..

  18. 29

    Funny stuff, but there is no Aubum stereotype, it’s the Aubum racist reality. Take a trip to Aubum and notice all the rebel flags – but no American flags – hanging in the windows of some of the houses on the outskirts of campus. I get so sick of hearing it’s not hate but heritage. That’s a load of bologna. Everyone who proudly displays a rebel flag in the back of their trucks or in their yards or house windows is a racist. I’ve never once seen a black or hispanic person in an Aubum bar. And there have been too many reports of racist incidents amongst the students to say it’s a stereotype. From secret KKK meetings to having a modern history of not allowing blacks to enter Aubum bars to jumping innocent Asians after the Virginia Tech incident, you can’t tell me it’s not racism especially when a large portion of your students are rednecks.

  19. 30

    The curse of being an Aubbo is that you have developed a world class reputaion as a cheater and second class team, and you are still so ignorant you think that anyone else in the english speaking football world gives a fuck what you think. Let me ive you the 411 now and avoid the Christmas rush. You are AUBURN. A first rate, second rate team

  20. 31

    Yes Ranger, that’s right. No one has ever seen a redneck with a mullet driving an old dilapidated pickup truck that had a “Got Twelve?” bumpersticker on one side and a “Ferget, Hell” bumper sticker on the other. I guarantee you one thing: If you were to do a poll across this state of every person who brandishes a rebel flag (be it a bumper sticker, flag in their yard, whatever), 80% of them would tell you they are a Bama fan and that they hate Auburn.

    tmc, we’ve missed you for the past couple of weeks. Glad to see your psychiatrist released you from your court ordered commitment so quickly. Predictably, there you go again dropping f-bombs. What amazing irony that you would degrade Auburn fans as “ignorant” in one sentence, and then drop an f-bomb in the next. Do you not even recognize that? (I guess in your clouded mind, you think dropping the f-bomb is an expression of intelligence and sophistication.) Anyway, I guess you stopped caring what your daughter or mother think about your posts.

  21. 32
    Steven Chappelle

    Auburn went on probation 3 times before Bamar did in 1995? Yes, that’s true…thus the time honored phrase, “Bama cheats, and Auburn goes on probation.” Boys, major magazines were writing articles about Bamars cheating ways in the 1920s!!! And that’s a FACT!
    Steven C.
    Duluth, Ga

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