And there was shouting of joy

Anyone with an HD television or for that matter a television over 19″ will rejoice that ESPN purchased the SEC rights for games not on CBS, according to this report from the Rap Sheet. The price? Only $2.25 billion.

My eyes already feel better.

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    Thanks for asking! She’s doing great. For a massive stroke, she’s very lucid—she still spells better than I do! And is learning how to sit up again. She’s not able to hold herself up very long. In fact, yesterday she slumped over and off the bed. She just can’t do ordinary things for herself anymore. And that is rough at any age…but is heartbreaking when she’s only 62.

    But here’s the kicker–the insurance company is going to boot her from rehab soon despite the fact she needs more rehab…One of those she is eligible for 100 days, but we are only going to give her 21 days situations.

    So, she’ll be coming home this week (probably) and that means my sister and I are going to be the primary care givers. I think she’ll get some additional rehab when she gets home. We’ll have to see. I do know she’s going to require 24/7 monitoring….

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    Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll do so again, my prayers are with her and you. You both can make it through this, though. Don’t give up..

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