By Shane from Centerpoint
The time is drawing nigh. Soon the doldrums of summer will cease to be a concern. Football fans around the South will begin to focus on the task at hand. None of the mindless blather that floated across the news wires or the airwaves during the off-season will matter any more. It’s almost time to put up or shut up.

A million questions are flying around in the heads of SEC faithful everywhere. The scenarios and possibilities are endless…

Will the Georgia Bulldogs live up to the hype and stay at the top of the polls for the entire season? Can they really escape their tendency to “choke” early in the journey? Is Knowshon Moreno the real deal?

Can Alabama’s highly touted “true” freshman, Julio Jones, display the same dominance on game day that he has shown in scrimmages? Will he become the Crimson Tide’s first legitimate Heisman candidate? Can he make an impact like Florida’s Tim Tebow?

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Speaking of Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators – have they been bitten by the injury bug? Will Tebow perform to the same level of excellence that brought him the Heisman Trophy last year? Will Urban Meyer be able to meet expectations and duplicate his 2006 National Championship run?

Is Tommy Tuberville living on borrowed time down on the Plains? He tried to escape last year – taking his “inner circle” duck-hunting while his wife picked out land in Louisiana. (Just kidding.) Will the potential quarterback controversy blow up in Tubby’s face? Is Tony Franklin going to be the next head coach of the Tigers? (Just kidding.) Will the Saban recruiting machine continue to crush Auburn into submission? (Dead serious.)

Could this be the year the Tennessee Vol nation begins to tire of Phil Fulmer? If the Vols perform poorly and have a mediocre season, will the fan base demand his head? Can Fulmer adjust to life without David Cutcliffe?

Are the LSU Tigers going to be a contender or a pretender? Can Les Miles avoid the mindless decisions like he made last year that almost destroyed his team’s chances for a national title? Do the swamp cats have enough talent left on the defensive side of the ball to cushion the effects of a rookie quarterback and the loss of the defensive coordinator?

Is Sylvester Croom going to continue to improve the Mississippi State football program to the point of being competitive every year?

Can Houston Nutt lift the Ole Miss Rebels out of the cellar and use his motivational magic to help get Mississippi over the five hundred mark?

Does Steve Spurrier have enough fire left in his belly to make South Carolina significant one more time?

Will Bobby Petrino be able to convert his players from a run-oriented attack to a spread-formation system? Is the change too drastic for the Razorback fans to expect a big year?

How will Rich Brooks and his Kentucky Wildcats fare without Andre Woodson? Will Brooks be able to sustain the momentum he has created?

Finally, can Vanderbilt’s fine coach, Bobby Johnson, get the Commodores to a bowl game just once? He is truly a “one-armed man in a prizefight”.

These and many other questions are about to be answered. It won’t take long to solve the riddle of who has the team to beat in the SEC because judgment day is just around the corner. Very soon none of what has been said during the off-season will matter, because all the talking will be done on the field. It’s about time to “get-it-on”!!!


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  1. 1

    Some will disagree, but I’m confident Houston Nutt is going to turn Ole Miss into a stronger competitor and take control of the state of Mississippi. Mark my words, it’s going to happen!

  2. 2
    jack and coke

    Did Tom Arnold score any coke while at the football complex? I heard he was searching for JJ’s stash. The man obviously has a good eye for talent. I mean, he was married to the gorgious Roseanne

  3. 3
    Eric, The Clemson Fan in Huntsville

    Gettin’ ready for that ass kickin’ in The Georgia Dome? Tigers 30-16. Suggestion: hide in the press box. You can’t deal with the smack we’ll lay on you: before, during and after!

  4. 4

    i bet ole tom sold a little cocaine to
    midget saban.houston nutt’s ole miss team
    will beat uat this year.i look for uat to
    lose 5 games in the regular season.AUBURN
    will win 11 of the first 12.

  5. 5
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Who-Lee-O for Heisman? Come on Shane, you have always said that bama was a TEAM. I think deep down you wish you had a couple of Heismans in Trophy Case. Don’t deny it, you said it in you blog. There is no “I” in Team so don’t wish for a Hesiman.

  6. 6


    I know it’s a big step up for you to have your blog here on the Capstone Report vs. writing Shane Sez on the PFRN website. Your columns, as a rule, even seem to be a little more polished and professional, but the quality of your respondents has really taken a nose dive.

    Not only do these posters have no clue regarding the intricacies of the sport of football, they also have zero game when it comes to talking smack. It’s the same tired, old shtick every week.

    My suggestion: Since the AJC has announced that they can no longer afford to keep Tony Barnhart on the payroll, you should offer to write his Mr College Football Blog for free.

    At least you might be able to stir up a decent discussion from the readership. TC Out!


  7. 7

    Shane…….I know you mean well, and yes, I have taken a few[sic] shots at you during this offseason,but you need to know something. You have written many columns about Auburn….. I mean Bama football. Pretty good pieces, I might add. You, being the Jack Van Impe of Auburn football, you have foretold the impending demise of the Tigers. Want proof? Here ya go…..the 4 horsemen of the War Eagle program…..Number 1… steroids on the plains, oh my… number 2… Tony Franklin, the antichrist of football…. number 3… Chette williams….he paid me to keep him off of number 1……. and number 4….Nick Saban… the Chosen One….you see Shane, I used to hate you, I used to degrade you. I’m sorry for that. As a man, I respect you. But also as a man, I have to tell you that as anything more than an icecube salesman, you flat out stink. As an Auburn fan, I could put out more truthful, more unbiased, and last but not least, more popular columns than you. Don’t believe me?….ask around. So many die hard Bama fans despise you. Why? Cause YOU give THEM a BAD name. Again, as a person and fellow human, I would put myself in the line of fire for you and your family, but as a football columnist, you flat out stink.

  8. 10

    Good job Shane. Great piece. You could be a little more objective dealing with Auburn but most often you merely state the obvious. It’s not Saban’s fault, directly, that the Auburn program is on the demise. It has more to do with Tville’s boneheaded reactions to Saban. I think Tville could keep a competitive program on the Plains but has lost the desire to do so. I think he is buying his time hoping for one last good run that might land him another top end head coaching job. One where he does not have to compete head to head with an in-state rival of the caliber of Saban. Tville likes a comfortable position and is simply not driven like Saban is. Tville wants to take vacations and enjoy his life outside of football, who could blame him? Saban has no life outside of football. Tville is making a good living doing something he enjoys, Saban is building a legacy. Tville will never consistently beat Saban, because Saban is obsessed with success and winning championships. Tville is only concerned with appeasing Auburn’s board of directors and keeping his job. These two differences of perspective are the reason why Saban and Tville share similar W-L records but Saban has far and away more championships. In the five years Saban has coached in the SEC(LSU and Bama)he has won 2 conference championships and one BCS national championship. In Tville’s 13 years in the SEC(Ole Miss and Auburn)he has one lone SEC title in 04′. If you ask me who is the better person, I would have to answer Tville. If you ask who the better coach is though, that goes almost without saying. Saban, of course. Do Auburn fans honestly think Tville will ever bring a national title to the Plains? One thing is for sure in the state of Alabama, there is a new sheriff in town and his initials are CNS.
    Roll Tide

  9. 11

    Damn! When a new person shows up for work at you guys jobs, Do you guys start
    trying to REVAMP yourselfs??? I dont,I know what I can do. I REALLY doubt TUBAVILLE does either, I can tell you from meeting the man and watching out coach NS last year and FLAUNT it to him
    Hes Got BALLS TOO BOYS!!! and he/we could care less,and in 2010 when you still dont have an SEC Title nor beat TENN OR AUBURN There will be a Black spot where OL SLICK was standing



  10. 12

    nateg, when did you dream up this personality comparison? I love how you Bama fans create this monsterous, yet mad scientist like depiction of Saban’s personality as if it puts you off in a newly created class. It’s actually pretty sick the stuff you clowns cling to. And it’s fiction.

    Look, Saban is an opportunitst. Quit denying that. It’s all about money and power. It’s not about championships. If it truly is about championships and “legacy”, don’t EVER call Les Miles an idiot again. He’s turning in a better run than Saban did at LSU and his recruiting “regimen” had produced no less.

    Let me tell you something else. Hope…is not a strategy. Get it? You guys base so much self efficacy on a football program that, by the way, does not represent the university that you actually enrolled to study in (for the most part). That being the case, you should feel robbed, too.

  11. 14
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Well said Trackem. One week and twelve hours from now they will be totally confused about why “The Process” is not working.
    CLEMSON 44
    process 6

  12. 16

    Why do all the barner homos keep coming on here talking trash? They’ve won 1 SEC championship in the last 9 years with the great Tubbs. Oh yeah, I forgot, Bama has 1 SEC championship during that time too.

    The Crimson Train is coming out of the shop and is gaining momentum everyday. Watch out!

  13. 17

    TRUE CRIMSON, great response. where else , can a young man starts out by sharing his thoughts on a sports show, and his insight is reconized by knowledgable sports fans in the know,i.e. CRIMSON TIDE FANS. the only smack aubies can give is the needle in each others arm. speaking of which, what “new” coach is hanging around tubby’s house like a moonstruck puppy. OH NO.

  14. 18
    J W

    dear finebum do not need to bring any thing to table .you aubies show your true class here.keep up the good work AUBIES. ROLLTIDE BABY ROLL///////////TIDE

  15. 20

    I never stated Les Miles is an idiot but I will now, Les Miles is an idiot. Yes, he is maintaining the LSU program that Saban built. He was handed a program fresh off of a national championship with a slough of All Americans and future NFL stars. That is not the same as establishing a team who had not had any success in over a decade like Saban did. He had much more of a process at LSU and it took him 4 years to win a NC. Bama was only one season out of a 10-2 season in 05′. Yes their talent pool was down somewhat but there had been success. Hope is not a strategy? What does that even mean? Did that come from the Pat Dye archive of wisdom nuggets or did you think it up yourself? Face it Barners,till Tville is gone there will never be a NC on the Plains. Saban will have one quicker than he did at LSU. He will not rest until he has a statue on the Quad. He took a paycut to come to Bama so how could it possibly be about money? Here’s to another mediocre decade on the Plains! ROLL TIDE

  16. 21

    Can you baboons even understand each other? Whenever some half wit sidewalk alum begins a statement with “face it” you know it’s time to divert your attention to something more significant. Lovely placement of the word “process”, Al Gore. Surely you carry a hankerchief around to soak that spit up?

    Nateg, you need to get out a little more often.

  17. 23
    Bama Fan in NYC


    Barnies are simply striking while the iron’s hot. Their time of “controlling the state” while Alabama’s presence was nearly absent is coming to a DEAD end.

    Whether Nick Saban “underachieved” in his first season or not, they capitalize on that only to make themselves feel far more superior, I mean, inferior than they actually are. Which would you consider more underachieving, taking an Alabama program fresh off of NCAA sanctions, loaded with mediocre talent, and posting a 7-6 record while blowing out Tennessee, or posting a below average 4-7 record with a team that suffered only one losing season from 93-98? That was Tuberredneck then, the coach that had yet to post a winning record in the SEC who was on the verge of being FIRED until the Tuberredneck of today suddenly emerged – throughout a time of which he had minimal instate competition to hold him back.

    Notice their AUbsession with The University of Alabama is growing immensely by the second. They’ll simply cover it up by saying “we’re rivals and this is what we do” but not even Georgia Tech fans are half as bad as The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute fans are. Truth be known, they’re soaking up the sun and living for the moment while it’s here, because when their holy streak is over, what will they have to show for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL!

    They are overly insecure deep down inside, and they are also holding back the pessimism that’s continuously trying to force itself out. They’ll repetitively talk about the 60s and 70s as if they had forgotten UA also dominated their second rate rodeo-infested school throughout the 90s, up until the year 2002 came along, which was the year our probationary period began, and a year of which nearly half a dozen coaching changes took place.

    They’ll be quick to retaliate with “excuse”, without allowing the factual reality to speak for itself. The end of their rise is beginning, and we all know after the streak is over, they’ll have nothing to show for but peaceful memories during a time of which Alabama’s program was absent from equal competition. And 30 years from now, when their next preposterous streak begins, we’ll be back to square one and the same nonsense will revive itself.

    Enjoy your moment, Barnies. The hourglass is currently not on your side, so respect the moment, but fear what the future has in store for your measly little Wire Road fanatic school.

  18. 24
    J W

    dam that was good stuff bamafan.can’t wait for barnies stuff.oh almost left this out. hey nateg i live in louisiana and your right les miles is a idiot.he took over a gold mine here that NS left.even tubberneck would have got a championship maybe had he been at lsu.people here will see what can of coach he really is in the next 3 years when he starts losing.lsu fans are like barnies also.always talking when they should be listening.ROLLTIDEBABY ROLL;;;TIDE

  19. 25

    Not even the wild and crazy LSU fans can be compared to the lowlife Alabama obsessive scum of Opelika. LSU fans despise Nick Saban, yet you don’t see them obsessing over his and Alabama’s every move. The barnzoes on the other hand, are a unique brand of rejected wannabes. They evolve around Alabama while the rajun cajuns evolve around LSU.

    Oh, and LLLLOOOOLLLL at the Tom Arnold comments made by The Wire Road Trailer Park’s finest. Does it eat away at your school pride knowing Tom Arnold, Dave Mathews Band, Incubus, Real World: Road Rules, The Krystal gang, Daughtry, Tom Pety, Jay Leno, Kenny Chesney, etc has never toured through your little rejected college town? You have to call names and point fingers while on the inside, your blood is boiling because Trotline is the best you can get, other than some mindless and irresponsible redneck of a president, who rightfully belongs in the redneck county of Lee.

  20. 27

    You’re completely right, Eric, and you’re my new best friend! We all realize LaMo is Alabama Tech’s equal and they will feature 14 starters who defeated Alabama by seven points last season, the same margin in the Alabama-Alabama Tech game. It should be breeze for you guys considering they’ll only feature six returning defensive starters and an entirely new quarterback who had trouble with NMSU last season. I wish you all the best of luck!

  21. 28
    shane blows paul daily

    is heisman trophey winner.(koo-lee-o)going pro before or after the clemnson game.since you know so much shit for brains shame.its getting bad when you put stock in tom arnolds judgement.after all he did marry roseann barr not once but twice.maybe shit for brains and tom.can do paul i mean do pauls show.hey shit for brains shame do you have seperate knee pads for paul & little nickey.i guess you need a pair for tom now.since you dont have a pair of your own.

  22. 30
    Amy 4 Bama

    And you show why you’re so in love with him and this website by visiting here daily. That let’s us Alabama fans know this website and Shane is doing something right because it’s essential that Barnies like you have to retaliate with sheer irrelevant nonsense. Thanks for the kudos!! We really appreciate it!!

  23. 31

    Kodi Burns may have struggled against NMSU last year as a true freshman in his first start, but who has JPW not struggled against in his entire UAT career? Here’s a guy who can’t even lead his team to victory against La. Monroe and also blows a game against Ms. State on the road. The only thing JPW has done consistently at Bama is be inconsistent.

  24. 32

    Bammers putting down the streak again. I know it hurts boys but get used to it. We are dominating you. Quit warning us of what is to come and do something. Win one in Tloser (6-0). Beat Tubbs (7-2).

    Bama fans cry, “We were on probation”, we dominated you in the 90s. Wasn’t Auburn put on probation in the 90s? Maybe you dominated us in the 90s because you were CHEATING!. That’s why you were put on probation bammer. Quit talkin about probation like its something that the NCAA just stopped by one day and dropped on you. And if you cheat again, guess what, you will be right back on probation again.

    Your a mediocr program that lives in the past and the promise of a future you see thru crimson-colored glasses. Actually, you don’t really live in the past as a whole – just about two decades under one coach. You won something like 15 out of 20 iron bowls during that time, wone a few natl champs and then dug out the records books and started counting anything you could as a championship; posted it on a t-shirt and have been proclaiming yourselves as some kind of god-gifted program. Fact: you had a losing record against Auburn before bear and you have a losing record against Auburn after bear. You have a losing record in J’Hare Stadium, you’ve never beaten us in t’loser, and this year we will kick your butt for the seventh straight time in a row (8th out of the last 9!).

    Oh, and another thing about you discrediting the STREAK: Your biggest rival (as you like to call them), TN beat you seven times in a row from 95 thru 01. You ended that streak in 02. That’s when our streak started. You’ve beat TN three times during the 6-year streak. If you are down because of probation, but you will one day be ready to dominate the SEC, then please, SHUT UP until you are ready to put the excuses away. We’ve listened to yall thrughout the entire streak talk about how yall are back and this and that, and then every year you end up back at square one with the excuses. So just shut up and take your whippings until you are ready to start a season without any excuses. By the way, how do you plan to beat Tubbs once you reach top 10 status? He’s pretty good in the big games bammer buddy. I can’t wait until the first time yall are ranked up there with us and we stomp yalls butts right there in Tubbs-Deny stadium. That’s right, I said “ranked up there with us.” Yall need to get that in your thicmk skulls. It’s ok for yall to be optimistic about your own future, but you thinking that Saban is the mark of the end of Auburn’s program is DILLUSIONAL! We’re here to stay, so bring it on!

    By the way Shane, How’s that Tubby watch? You started that smack back in 2001. Is it still ticking? It’s tougher than a Timex.

    Where will you bammers claim that Tubbs is going this year? It’s obvious you all want him gone as yall piled on about A&M and Ark last year. Your just scared little boys. Here comes number “saban” baby.

    After saban is exposed as nothing more that a washed up, over payed, winless against Auburn, plain-jane coach, yall will run him off (though I hope he leaves yall before you can do that), you’ll have nothing. Correction, you’ll have less than nothing. You’ll be exposed as a washed-up program with no clue about how to re-build. Who will you pay millions to coach next?

    Oh, and to the poster above that compared Saban’s first year at bammer to Tubbs first year at Au… Just remember that the 3-8 season was the year before he came in. Who improved the record most in the first year? Also, Tubbs took us to ATL his 2nd year. Will Satan do that this year? He also beat yalls butts his second year and yall had just won the SEC the year before.

    Every single coach in Auburn history beat bammer at least one time. Bammer coaches that have never won an iron bowl: Curry, Price (“Its rolling baby”), Shula, and SABAN. There may have been more – but those for sure.

    Clemson 28
    Bammer 10

    Auburn 56
    LAMo 0

    Bammer 7-6
    Auburn 13-1 (SEC and NATL CHAMPS)

    Hey Shane, you have referred to Tubbs as “9-win tubby”. After this year, can we start referring to your over-paid coach as “Seven-Win Saban”? I like the sound of that.

    War “Spread” Eagle!

  25. 33

    The facts are as follows:

    The University of Alabama football program has been below par for the past several years. There are reasons for this, but there are no excuses. Auburn’s Iron Bowl win streak is real. Auburn fans have every right to brag about this streak for as long as it lasts.

    As disappointing as the past several years have been, Alabama football hasn’t fallen off the cliff. The NCAA sanctions alone could have made some programs irrelevant even without the attendant coaching carousel. Bama has not been competitive in the SEC, but they have avoided spiraling down to the bottom of the barrel. During the middle of this drought, with a depleted roster and a rookie Head Coach, they managed to rise to third place in the BCS rankings and, in spite of critical injuries to key players, (Prothro & Closner) finish the season in the top ten in 2005.

    They have had some bewildering losses, (Example: LA Monroe) but they have also managed some impressive wins. Although they have lost six in a row to Auburn, they have managed to be competitive and keep these games close. None of them have been the kind of blowout that Auburn endured (31-7) the last time they lost to Bama.

    Alabama started from scratch once again in 2007 with an entirely new coaching staff. The results weren’t anything to write home about. Still, it is interesting to compare the performance of Alabama and Auburn against common opponents in the 2007 season:

    Alabama W, 24-10 Auburn W, 35-7

    Mississippi State:
    Alabama L, 17-12 Auburn L, 19-14

    Alabama W, 41-38 Auburn W, 9-7

    Alabama L, 41-34 Auburn L, 30-24

    Ole Miss:
    Alabama W, 27-24 Auburn W, 17-3

    Alabama L, 26-23 Auburn L, 45-20

    Auburn had a big SEC victory vs. Florida 20-17. Alabama had a big SEC win vs. Tennessee 41-17. Both teams took the eventual National Champions, LSU, deep into the fourth quarter before losing. Alabama lost a close heartbreaker to Georgia in overtime play. The Dawgs once again humiliated Auburn. These 2007 teams, in spite of the W/L record, were much closer in capability than Auburn fans want to admit.

    Both teams enter this season with many unanswered questions. Both bring new offensive schemes led by new Offensive Coordinators. Both bring fresh faces to the squad with highly regarded young recruits. It will be a very interesting season to watch. If Auburn defeats Alabama this November, it will be their most significant victory in this historic streak. If Alabama prevails, it will be a cause for celebration the likes of which the Bama Nation hasn’t enjoyed since Gene Stallings walked the sidelines for the Crimson Tide.

    I look forward to a great season for both teams. I can’t wait for Saturday. I’m ready for some football!


  26. 34

    look at all the barners pounding away on the public library computers. Well done Shane. Your columns bring all the rednecks to the yard!

  27. 35
    Ballplay Indian

    True Crimson……Dream on bud…..There are toooo many excuses…All that us barners hear are excuses….Yall are the emporer of excuses….I dont even know wich excuse to believe any more. And to say youve had impressive wins in the last few years,,,HAH……..An o5 Florida win..An 07 Tennessee win….That is it.. Yalls record against the conference elite in the last 7 years is a joke. End of story.

  28. 36
    shane blows paul daily

    J.P.W(Junk Pile Willson)6-6 record at best enough is (koo-le-o)going to break all these records when he turns pro after the clemson game.

  29. 37
    shane blows paul daily

    could anyone tell me auburns record the first six years of the nine year streak vs alabama and alabamas record of auburns six year streak.because all i here is alabama was down i will give them that.they were down.down on there knees.thats where shit for shame learned it from.

  30. 38

    I have to assume that some of these posts are being made by little kids who don’t like Auburn and wish to tarnish the reputation of Auburn fans. If these illiterate rantings actually represent the Auburn Nation, then I have a better understanding of why the University has been on probation regarding academic accreditation.

  31. 40
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! “True Crimson,” I have to agree with you concerning some of the AU scum that post here. I really don’t mind though; a lot of these kids are comedy relief! A good laugh can brighten one’s day. The main reason I check this site out is because of these characters! Aubies living in a fantasy world where the streak will never end. The fact of the matter is that February 2008 should have been a wake-up call to the Auburn Nation. It appears that Alabama is heading toward another top 10 recruiting class. This season and especially 2009 and 2010 should be AWESOME! As you can tell, I’m excited about the future. All the Aubies can do is sit back and wait for the freight train SQUASHING that’s heading their way! ROLL TIDE!

  32. 41

    Ha. Anticipation! Bammers brag about a top-10 finish in recruiting while Auburn prepares for a top-10 beginning to a new season.

    War Eagle!

  33. 42

    I’m a long time Auburn fan and I hate to throw water on my brethren, but I am having a hard time getting behind this Tony Franklin “system”.

    Troy is pretty good in their league. Their league is far from being at the level of the SEC. I’m gonna have to see some results before I can brag about this new offense. If it works, that’s good. We can put a lot of points on the board pretty damn quick.

    What worries me is that Auburn historically wins big games with their defense. If the offense isn’t out there grinding away at the clock, then that’s going to have a detrimental effect on our defense. Ball control is what makes great defensive teams tick.

    Our defense is built on speed. Slow them down and they can’t compete on size alone. If we don’t stay on the field long enough to rest these guys when we get the ball, then we might just pay a price for it. If we lose a few games 45-42, we might be pining for the days of “four yards in a cloud of dust”.

    Maybe I’m just “old school”, but I ain’t trusting this high school offense until I see it actually work.

  34. 43

    1.AUBURN 44 LAMO 10
    2.VOLS 27 UCLA 17
    4.VANDY 28 MIAMI OHIO 20
    5.SOUTH C 33 N C ST 17
    6.KY 29 LOVISVILLE 27
    7.CLEMSON 37 UAT 13

  35. 45
    Ballplay Indian

    Wardeagle….If you want to see it work, watch Florida. Watch Kansas. Watch West Virginia. Watch Missourri.Watch Oregon. Watch Texas Tech (to an extent). Heck, even watch Troy last season. I believe that our version will end up being like Floridas, except not as many Q.B. oriented running. There will still be some Q.B. runs , but not to the extent that Tebow did last year. In fact , I dont think that Tebow will run as much as he did last year. Botttom line. The spread works. All of the teams that are currently running it in CFB have very succesfull offensive production. That can not be argued. Auburn is by FAR the most physical team that will be running the spread. Florida is a close second. I may eat crow, but after a couple of years to perfect it, I see other SEC teams going that direction. Tennessee already has . Its not a fad. I think it could be here to stay. I remember when Urban Meyer introduced it to the SEC in 05. I said it would never work. In 06 he was hoisting a MNC…..You cant argue that our offense last year was as predictable as the sunrise. Something had to be done.

  36. 46

    Yeah, something had to be done. I was all for dumping Coach Borges. I’m just not sold on this system being right for Auburn. I’d feel a little better about it if we had a field tested QB. I’m just a little nervous about bragging about how bodacious the “spread eagle” offense is until I see it put some W’s on the board.

    We’ll know something in about three weeks. We could cruise through these first two games playing the fourth string guys and running the veer.

  37. 47
    jack and coke

    Shane, when are you going to start the “Julio driving a Cadillac” investigation.
    Sounds like Coach Vic pretty much called you cheaters out.
    You bunch of pathetic, cheating losers.

  38. 49
    freaking genius

    So i was out on the dock peeling shrimp tossing little pieces in the water watching the bait fish swarm to eat the scraps. occasionally i would throw a shrimp shell in and the stupid fish would still nip away and fight over it.

    It made me think of the tide fans… a feeding frenzy over the recruits. no real substance. they see one of their own salavating over a 17 year old kid and the rest of ’em join in the frenzy. you could throw any scrap out there and the feeding frenzy is at such a fever pitch they jump all over him, as if he’s the next coming.

    then the specks showed up and started devouring the bait fish. much like what’s about to happen to the tide’s feeding frenzy now that actual games are upon us.

    you are in the bottom third of the food chain, bama. prepare to be a the main course several times this year.

  39. 51


  40. 53

    Not bad Shane…

    We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season. I applaud Bama for scheduling Clemson for the season opener.

    I imagine that Saban and his staff are pouring over the Auburn-Clemson game film from last year’s bowl game.

    Just as Tubbs and his staff are pouring over the LA-Monroe – Bama game film from 2006…

  41. 54

    I hope Tubby and the boys aren’t pouring over the LA Monroe-Bama game film. They would be laughing so hard they wouldn’t get much game planning done!

  42. 55
    Ballplay Indian

    Larry…….Caps lock is located on the far left side of the keyboard. Does anyone on this blog currently own , or drive an Eskralade ? Do 35 inch rims affect the alignment ? Pimpin aint easy.

  43. 57

    JJ – Escalade
    MB – Escalade

    What does the other team members drive with the Red Elephant club car dealers money. I think we need to get them some Impalas and a grill (not for their car). Fineflame has schooled you well in the art of propaganda, grasshopper.

    I will absorb all of this negative criticism about fights, race card with the quarterbacks, and “hunting trips” and give some back after November when your $4 million dollars means nothing but a fart in the wind.

    But first Shane, I hope you cry everytime #25 goes streaking down the side of the field in that rout that all you redneck, hitched traveler trailer rednecks who never stepped foot in a class at the “University” watch on Aug 30th. And as I watch Alabama take a much needed beating from the other tigers I cant help but to jump on my couch in front of my Sony LCD Bravia and watch all the redneck Bamers curse in the stands and wonder if they are getting their $4 million dollars worth. JPW 3 interceptions to lose with a smile on my face and a beer in my hand.

    Thanks Shane, it will really be fun to post on “Crapstone” Report Monday. Get ready to make up some excuses and do some more of your “investigating” about the larger, better University in the state of Alabama.

    Blow tide

  44. 58

    Shanes pain, i referred to the LA Monroe – Bama game of 2006, when the Shula coached tide won by about 40 points, not Saban’s meltdown in 2007.

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