UA widens lead over AU

The University of Alabama increased its academic lead over Auburn University in the latest ranking of colleges and universities released by US News & World Report. UA was ranked 37th among public universities and Auburn was ranked 45th. Here is more on how state schools ranked.

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  1. 1
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Uh oh… We should expect to hear typical nonsense:

    -Six* in a row

    -US News IS NOT a legitimate source

    -Dick $atan paid them off

    -Six* in a row

    -Two Heisman winners to your zero

    -They felt sorry for UA because they lost (in football) to Louisiana-Monroe

    -Six* in a row

    -Well, Tuberredneck visited the troops and Dick $atan didn’t

    -We’ve still won the last six* meetings in football

    -Six* in a row

    -Is Dick $atan paying the US news the way he’s paying recruits?

    -The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is still a better school

    -Six* in a row


    -HA! I’ve never even HEARD OF the US News

    -Six* in a row

    -The US News is biased because Tuberredneck once ran his mouth about them.

    -Did I mention six* in a row?

  2. 2

    Like any other ranking that doesn’t list A.P.I. ahead of Alabama, its now deemed flawed or biased by the manure clan.

  3. 4

    I’m not getting defensive. U.S. News & World Report is considered to be far and away the most legitimate ranking authority in the nation on this subject (unlike the 2 yr old self-proclaimed “source” that was published in Forbes earlier.) The USN&WR ranking is legitimate, and Bama is to be congratulated. President Gouge and the rest of the faculty at Auburn need to take a serious look at this latest ranking and demand improvement.

    BTW, yes we have beaten your a$$ for 6 years in a row, and its about to be 7. War Eagle.

  4. 5

    I can’t believe that the barn school was ranked that low with their award winning Sociology department and the scholars that program has produced.

  5. 6

    Congrats Bammers!!!

    You guys owe Cap a big “Thank you” because I know none of you idiots read US News & World Report:)

    BTW Cap, have you seen how well my current and former Tigers are doing in the Olympics? Since this is the REAL NEWS I have been waiting on you to write a little article about how Auburn athletes have won 16 medals so far, but Bammer is a better party school:)

  6. 8

    “You guys owe Cap a big “Thank you” because I know none of you idiots read US News & World Report:)”

    I get US News, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal at my door. You? Not that I’m much for bragging about my subscriptions, but I’m guessing you have an impressive collection of Tiger Beat backissues by the content of your posts. (And I’m not talking about a football publication.)

  7. 10

    Mike, are they winning those medals for their school, or their country? I wouldn’t discredit them either way. They’re athletes and what they’re doing is simply amazing, but if you want to get picky, tell us what else your school has done, as a whole, to become the more relevant school in the state? In someway somewhere, Georgia Tech fans are having a similar argument with Georgia fans.

  8. 11
    Ballplay Indian

    Congrats Bama…Did anybody see the story on fox 6 about the man from springville that made a system where a 91 Dodge Dakota ran off of wood? He got 1/2 cent per mile, with less emissions than an all electric car. Said he could get 5000 miles out of a cord of wood. Hes entering the car in the green race from Berkley to the East Coast. They fully expect him to win it. The truck is unmodified in the engine area. It has a hopper in the back that converts the gases from the wood into a combustable mix for the engine. Auburn is going to sponsor him in the race. This dude is for real. The truck will run 80 miles an hour. Google it if you dont believe it. My jaw hit the floor when I saw it. 1/2 cent per mile = 50,000 pennies per 100,000 miles. That is a little over 5000 dollars for 100,000 miles. There is no way that this could ever work , as it makes too much sense. This system is so simple, it could be up and running in no time.

  9. 12

    I ll tell ya what they have done….they kept every bamma in the state talking about how OL SLICK is gonna hand them their asses on the football field now you tell us WHY is BAMmer RELEVENT???
    for what you think they may do???
    TELL US MR INFO?!?!?!?!?


  10. 13

    Omni are you as clever as you type? I sure hope not. You should hire a translator to interpret what you mean to say from now on because I can’t seem to comprehend the purpose you’re trying to get off. It sounds to me you’re envious because yet again you fall behind UA in yet another category. Get over it for the last time. You chose to be who you are so get out of the way, or stand in the way like you’re doing now.

    Ballplay, I actually didn’t hear about that, but I’ve heard about the guy somewhere around the Auburn area, who runs a private school and is creating a process in which algae could be collected from water, dried and pressed using a kinetic energy machine to extract oil that could be used as a bio-diesel fuel source.

    Crazy, huh?

  11. 14

    HEY GEORGE! You know exactly what I mean
    or maybe you dont! I would be willing to bet you in the retail business and that could only mean one thing…
    would you like fries with that???

    SOOOOOOOOO stfu stoopid!


  12. 15

    OMNIPRESENT “now you tell us WHY is BAMmer RELEVENT???”

    I’ll tell you why! Because no matter how hard Auburn tries they will always be the other University in ALABAMA! No matter what we do or how bad we lose we’re still on the front page of the newspaper on Sunday. You Aubies will always be a sports page reject. So why don’t you stick to your own AUBURN web pages & topics! Or are the Aubies so scared of the NEAR future that you can’t help lurking here? So you won 6 in a row against an Alabama team that in a word “SUCKED”… So what? Is that all you got? You’re all second rate and you always will be!!! RTR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 16

    Barners seem to forget that we’ve had our hands tied behind our backs the past 6 years by the severe sanctions placed on us but now we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel and they know it’s coming. Sure we’ve used it as a crutch but like CNS says, it is what it is. Another great recruiting class by CNS and we’re definitely over the hump. It’s going to happen and all we have to do is be patient.

    What have the barners won during our lowest time in the history of the program? 6 in a row and 1 SEC championship. Heck, we won an SEC championship in 2000.

  14. 17


    If you wouldn’t discredit them either way…why ask? The answer is..they are winning those medals for their countries and in doing so they are also bringing recognition to AUBURN UNIVERSITY (note how many times the Auburn campus has been shown and how many times Auburn has been mentioned in the telecasts).

    As for the relevant comment….IF you truly believe Auburn is NOT relevant well that is your OPINION. Personally, I think that is just another BS argument used by Bammers to avoid the PAIN of SIX IN A ROW!!!

  15. 18

    If you 2 stoopid fux wanna keep making yourself relevent at others shortcomings go right ahead BUUUUTTTT….I read in a book that A MAN SHOULD NEVER COMPARE HIS SELF TO ANOTHER MAN for any reason..
    i.e. advancement, promotions, or any of the sorts and your answer went right to AUBURN to make BAMMA relevent! YOUR PATHETIC!! Guess who said it ??????

    “THE BEAR” himself stoopid


  16. 19


  17. 21

    GEORGE I would rather be
    or any number of things but a BAMMA is nothing i will never Aspire to be nor ever wanna be YOU CAN BET THAT SISSY GURL!

  18. 27

    What is the difference between BAMMA this year and last? they stil suck
    got some weed smoking freshmen and lost some dope dealers BUT YOU STILL SUCK and NICKIE isnt gonna change that no matter how hard he recruits

  19. 28

    LOL. Omnipast got his feelings hurt. You know the train is coming out of the station after it’s been in the shop so just go ahead and get ready when it rolls right over you in the near future. I got an idea. Why don’t you visit a barn board and maybe that’ll help soothe your hurt feelings.

  20. 29

    Omni, you show your ignorance by saying that we recruited weed smoking freshmen. I’m sure none of your little saints on the barnville team do that. They are so full of character. You’re an idiot if you think you don’t have any dope smokers on your team.

  21. 34

    Educator, couldn’t help but notice your previous post where you stated “[b]arners seem to forget that we’ve had our hands tied behind our backs the past 6 years by the severe sanctions placed on us.” Seem to forget? Every other post that bammers put on this site whines and pisses excuses about sanctions and incompetent coaches. How the #%@! could we “forget” when you bunch of crybabies make it your life mission to scream it at the top of your lungs every time he word Auburn is mentioned.

  22. 35

    Looks like we have yet another “AUBIE” Lurker!!! Again I ask, ARE THERE ANY AUBURN FORUMS OUT THERE? Why is it that they feel a need to hang out here?

  23. 38
    Ballplay Indian

    Julio , ya beat me to it bud….How can anyone in this state forget that Bama was put on probation. Its brought up at least 700 times a day.

    Look guys, both schools are Good places to earn a degree…..One slamming the other about acedemics is really kind of childish.

    Educator 1….Please win a game BEFORE talking crap man…..It only makes you look black hole stupid when it doesnt happen…Do you not understand that ? Brag about what youve done, not what your gonna do. I dont really mind the whole 12 thing (even though its more like 7, and that is still good).Because that is something that youve ACTUALLY DONE…….GOT IT ?

  24. 39

    And how can anyone forget API has won the last six Iron Bowls. It’s brought up like 10,000 times a day on an Alabama blog! And if our twelve should actually be seven, then every team who won the Rose Bowl prior to the debut of the UP/API title era should dismiss those claims as well! But I guess somewhere down the line we were recognized as SEC Champions when other SEC teams won more SEC games than us, kinda like your titles in 88 and 89 where LSU had more SEC wins than you in 88, and Bama had more SEC wins in 89. I personally don’t care, but if you want to dismiss our titles, then you should first dismiss a few of your own.

  25. 41

    No harm done. Some of your kind take “trash talk” to a whole new level just as ours do. I think Cap should strictly enforce a 21 and older only rule for both sides of rivalry.

  26. 42

    I’d sooooo be down for that idea, Chris and Ballplay! Anyway, like was said, what’s all the fuss about? 37th? 45th? That’s not a very large margin, or at least large enough to fight over anyway.

  27. 43

    While I do agree, that if anyone of us, or our kids happens to get further educated by Auburn or Alabama, that is tremendous, I can’t help but wonder what happenend to the “Braggin Rights” that I was brought up on. There is a reason it”s called the Iron Bowl folks. It’s our game, I don’t care what ESPN, CBS, ABC, NAACP, or anyone else say’s about it, it’s our’s. Emotions run deep for this game, I don’t care who you are. While it can be argued that USC has Auburns number, or Oklahomo has Bama’s, line up against either one and take either one’s place on that cold November day… my guess is they won’t be talking shit that day.

  28. 44

    yep the old aubies seem a little worried .dont worry thou .the ass kicking want hurt to long .but the next 10 in a roll is going to break your hearts.WITH LOVE WELL YOU NO WHO .ROLLTIDE BABY ROLL]]]]]]]]]]]]]TIDE

  29. 46

    August 22nd, 2008 at 1:16 pm
    GEORGE I would rather be
    Dont worry….. YOU ARE!

  30. 48

    August 22nd, 2008 at 1:11 pm
    If you 2 stoopid fux wanna keep making yourself relevent at others shortcomings go right ahead BUUUUTTTT….I read in a book that A MAN SHOULD NEVER COMPARE HIS SELF TO ANOTHER MAN for any reason..
    i.e. advancement, promotions, or any of the sorts and your answer went right to AUBURN to make BAMMA relevent! YOUR PATHETIC!!

    Once i shut him up with some good ol facts he started his rhetoric and then the cheerleader jumped in but they couldnt get at me,its your turn Mr. im late but i ll try and kick him too and rivle thru his pockets TMCzero! Hell where ya been i missed ya


  31. 50


    Do you know how these rankings are done? They are basically determined by PR campaigns conducted by the universities among their peers. There really isn’t a lot of substance, particularly in their rankings of public universities.

    I realize you all don’t have much to hang your hats on, but this isn’t as meaningful as you might think.

  32. 51
    Ballplay Indian

    AAAhhhhhhhh…….Tmc1 continues to enlighten and educate the masses….Thank you Tmc1, for your infinite wisdom and insight..

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