Practice Buzz-August 21, 2008

Depth Chart coming Monday
Alabama head football coach Nick Saban said he would, as usual, have a depth chart for the press on Monday. He said some decisions still remain to be made as practice continues moving toward Clemson.

“We have had a good camp and had a good chance to evaluate most of the players,” Saban said. “We kind of know who we are going to go out there and work with. In some cases we are working with more than one player at a certain position. Those things may not be decided until game day.”

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Starting game prep
Alabama has decidedly moved into game prep mode.

“Tuesday and Monday were two fundamental days,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. “Today we practiced a little like it was a Monday practice, which means we started some primary preparations for our first game of the season against Clemson. I think the biggest thing we are trying to get our players to learn to do is how to prepare for a game. Everybody on the team has a role for preparation for a game.”

As the team transitions into work to prepare for Clemson, the team’s attitude continues to be good.

“We had a good first day,” Saban said. “We did a little bit more today than we usually do. I think it was a good start. I was pleased with the players’ intensity and attitude towards trying to learn. You always make mistakes but that is why you practice.”

Saban is a jerk!
Who said Nick Saban doesn’t have a sense of humor. During his press conference someone asked how good could John Parker Wilson be. Saban responded with a question, “How good do you want to be?”

“Somebody wrote a book about that once,” Saban said to laughter. “…I think he is a real jerk.”

Want to know how obsessive Saban is?
While ordinary people count sheep or pop pills when they can’t sleep, Saban is playing with lists. You can read about it on the Rap Sheet. It is kind of important because it explains how players get shuffled around from one position to another.

Charlie Higgenbotham is slowly returning to work. He ran today, Saban said. The staff is being cautious in its handling of his groin injury. “We probably don’t even have him targeted to come back until Monday,” Saban said. “And that is more precautionary than anything else.”