UA employee urges clemency for drug offender

What is it about Alabama and the legal system?

The administrative assistant to Alabama head football coach Nick Saban used athletic department stationary seeking clemency for a man convicted of smuggling drugs into a state prison, the Daily Home reported today (via DBHDanceparty). According to the report, Glenda Edwards wrote a letter to St. Clair County Circuit Judge Charles Robinson asking for clemency in the sentencing of Gadsden resident Tommie Borden.

The bid for leniency didn’t work. Judge Robinson, a UA alum, denied probation and sentenced the men to prison.

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The Rap Sheet has a post up explaining the reason this is a story, and why it is a sad situation:

On its face, this isn’t a big deal. But when Edwards wrote a personal correspondence on university stationary, it violated UA policy. The act would theoretically make it seem that her stance is the school’s stance.

And that fact that she is Saban’s assistant makes it an article. It’s not clear what disciplinary awaits.

To me, this is all pretty sad. Glenda is really one of the nicest, sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet. She admitted she didn’t realize the consequences and used the stationary. She is absolutely heart-broken to the point of tears. So I feel really bad. This puts a person not used to the spotlight, in the spotlight for one day, which is also tough.


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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian

    Maybe they were testing the waters to see about getting Johns back on the team ? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

  2. 2

    This should not be news worthy. It is clear that the young lady made a mistake in trying to help a friend. It is also very OBVIOUS that Coach Saban or any University Official had no pre-knowledge or approval for such administrative person’s actions. This is clearly a case of media sensationalism of a persons lapse of judgement. This would not make the news if the young lady wasn’t employed in the fooball department.

  3. 3


    this isn’t auburn.

    nor uab.

    nor troy.

    this football program is second to no entity (including the state government) in public interest in it’s worst days.

    this wasn’t just a lapse in judgment. this was an incredibly STUPID act.

    stop blaming the media for the actions of a dumbass airhead.

  4. 4

    Finebammer – You are absolutely correct but, The dumbass’ actions shouldn’t be made a news story as an attempt to raise ratings or get internet attention by including Coach Nick Saban’s name to the article to increase internet “hits” through “keyword” alerts.

    The woman is not even Coach’s executive assistant she works in the office like 50 other people.

  5. 5

    “Glenda Edwards, the administrative assistant to Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, wrote a one page letter to St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Charles Robinson, using the Crimson Tide football stationary.”

    g, is there something incorrect about this statement??

  6. 7

    I’m sure Saban didnt mind the publicity. He would be happy to take pictures with The Zodiac Killer or BTK as long as it made the cover of a magazine.

  7. 8

    If it wasnt news why was it published here??????? hell she messed up and im sorry SHE NEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING…The Judge=bamma
    THE LADY = bamma
    The STationary= bamma
    Bama = BAMMA

    and she thought that SATIONARY carried weight and it did in the form of TIME BABY TIME hell maybe he can get a shower with JOHNS!!!! OL SLICK HAS COMPLETE CONTROL HUH



  8. 9

    Finebaum what does it matter to you? Tubs can’t even make the front page of the AwbarnOpelika news or the Awbarn Plainsmen, imagine how that must feel? I’m sure he’d kill and take advantage of that person’s death (like he did Alabama football’s destruction) just to make the cover of something important.

  9. 11
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Glenda Edwards, the administrative assistant to Alabama head football coach Nick Saban SEZ,

    CLEMSON 44
    scum 6

  10. 14

    007…. You are right, it doesnt matter to me. The only thing that matters to me is the front page of the Birmingham News the last six years..1..2…3….4…5…6 ….and counting. Now I know I may be in the minority in saving newspaper clippings… but it looks better on my wall than an internet post.

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