UA employee urges clemency for drug offender

What is it about Alabama and the legal system?

The administrative assistant to Alabama head football coach Nick Saban used athletic department stationary seeking clemency for a man convicted of smuggling drugs into a state prison, the Daily Home reported today (via DBHDanceparty). According to the report, Glenda Edwards wrote a letter to St. Clair County Circuit Judge Charles Robinson asking for clemency in the sentencing of Gadsden resident Tommie Borden.

The bid for leniency didn’t work. Judge Robinson, a UA alum, denied probation and sentenced the men to prison.

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The Rap Sheet has a post up explaining the reason this is a story, and why it is a sad situation:

On its face, this isn’t a big deal. But when Edwards wrote a personal correspondence on university stationary, it violated UA policy. The act would theoretically make it seem that her stance is the school’s stance.

And that fact that she is Saban’s assistant makes it an article. It’s not clear what disciplinary awaits.

To me, this is all pretty sad. Glenda is really one of the nicest, sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet. She admitted she didn’t realize the consequences and used the stationary. She is absolutely heart-broken to the point of tears. So I feel really bad. This puts a person not used to the spotlight, in the spotlight for one day, which is also tough.