More hot blond

Errr, more relevant to Alabama football previews. Yeah. Anyone remember Howard Schnellenberger? He’s the guy who recruited Joe Namath to Alabama and won a national title at Miami. He’s making strides in the Sun Belt Conference with Florida Atlantic. Doesn’t that make it relevant? Anyway, here’s the blond.


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    I have always liked Howard Schnellenberger. Anyone remember the Fiesta Bowl between Bama and Louisville? I think Browning Nagle is still throwing TD passes in that game. And yeah, the blond is pretty hot. I wouldnt mind rolling her Toomer’s Corner lol.

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    Good one, junkie…almost as good as AUO’s 1996 Outback bowl angainst Penn St. I still remember that one quite well, too! Uh-oh…I think Wally Richardson just threw ANOTHER touchdown pass to Ingram.

  3. 4

    LOL Yeah, I remember that one well also. It was muddy and raining so hard, they had to get Terry Bowden a life raft to keep him from drowning.

  4. 5

    “I wouldnt mind rolling her Toomer’s Corner lol.”

    Quite possibly the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard. But it’s clever and I won’t lie to you, that would be one Toomer’s Corner I’d LOOOOOOOOVE to roll!

  5. 14

    You are ABSSOLOOTLEY right OMNIPRESENT! I couldnt have said it better myself! You are the SMARTEST poster HERE!

  6. 15

    RIGHT-O Shane-O
    Just verbally BEYATCH slapping these Bammernecks! (lol I am so witty!)
    I think you ARE the greatest POSTER HERE!
    I REALLY like it when you log in under other names and AGREE with your shitHEADED IDEAS!

  7. 16

    You mean like I just did? OMNIPRESCENT thank you for agreeing with MY agreement with YOUR post. It is nice to know that AS LONG AS I log in under a bunch of NAMES, Someone will always think my posts are relevant and smart.

  8. 17
    I am NOT Shaneisablogger or OMNIPRESCINT

    But I wish I was! THEY ARE both Super geniuses and the reall know how to put YALL BAMMERNECKS in your place BEYATCHES!


  9. 19

    YeaH! Shane is a Blogger! You are so smart and I agree totally with how smart you are. You are a genius of the highest order you are only equaled by one of your many screen names or OMNIPRESCENT! He is the King of the Bammernecker BEYATCH slappers!

    Clemson 7004
    Bammers -3


  10. 21

    I beleive its DRINKING TIME where Ol BOY (TMCzero) I wonder if his face turns red when he starts that stuff, Like an angry school girl all shaking and shit!

    Dude you and JW and Bama in NYC are to BAMMA as to what Charles is to AUburn!


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