AFC Scout praises Julio Jones

The Sporting News digital edition on page 22 features a blurb on Julio Jones. Matt Hayes laments how the freshmen wunderkin cannot speak to the media thanks to the “Nicktator.”

Hayes quotes an AFC scout saying Jones “looks like Randy Moss and plays effortlessly.” Just one more bit of hype as kickoff looms.

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    Real deal here. All American written all over him. No one can cover this guy. We have big time DB’s in our backfield some of which will be All-Americans and they can’t even cover Julio. Randy Moss reincarnated.

  2. 2

    I was a bit skeptical after hearing all his hype, and I seen how in high school he was a man among boys, but after seeing his sensational play in the last scrimmage, I’m now buying into his overblown hype.

  3. 7
    Ballplay Indian

    Bama Nation = Mullett Nation

    Julio = Sticky fingers

    Tarrence Cody = Greg Smith

    JPW = Freddie Kitchens

    Nick Saban = Martha Stewart

    Tommy Tubberville = Vince Lombardie

  4. 9

    Say what you want but this kid will be All American at the end of the year and probably win all kinds of awards at the receiver position.

  5. 10

    He is going to be special, but there are only two All-Americans WRs in the nation. Alabama is going to spread the ball around, and it will be difficult Julio to get the neccessary touches.

  6. 11

    Alabama Tech = University of Alabama/cow worshiping Trailer Park inhabitants

    Tommy Tuberville = Snake in the grass

    Tony Franklin = A racist version of Phil Fulmer

    Kodi Burns = Spencer Pennington

    Bobby Petrino = Tuberville’s worst nightmare

    Phil Fulmer and Albert Means = Tuberville’s career savers

  7. 13
    Ballplay Indian

    I beg to differ boys….

    Ballplay Indian = Albert Einstien

    Tarrence Cody = Albert Means

    Educator = Richard Simmons

    Lee Ziemba = Bruce Lee

    Ryan Pugh = Chuck Norris

    Mario Fannin = Shaft

    How far do yall wish to go with this ?

  8. 14


    It is Albert Einstein, Terrence Cody and Vince Lombardi.

    If you are going to compare yourself with someone, you could at least get the spelling right. No offense, I do not think the comparisons are fair to you and the greatest physict ever. Unless, of course, you too married your first cousin.

  9. 15
    Ballplay Indian

    Kenny,, Albert and myself are both very eccentric people….Spelling bores us . So therefore we do not mind spelling badly….

    Did you win the Schweppes spelling bee or something?

  10. 16

    Since you’ve obviously never had a great coach for your team, it”s only logical that you couldn’t spell the name of a great coach when it came up in conversation.

  11. 17

    Ballplay squaw = Obsessed with Alabama (look at his number of posts on this board)

    Ballplay squaw = Tubberville’s version of a blowup doll

    Ballplay squaw = Ziemba’s transsexual brother

    Ballplay squaw = The barn’s official National Championship counter. (Of course he can’t count that high)

    Ballplay squaw = Barn prom queen

  12. 20

    He hasn’t played against an SEC defense yet. I think it’s absurd to start singing his praises when he’s never played in a real game. The hype that he got (and promoted) during recruiting season puts a GIANT target on his back. Every defensive back in the SEC will be trying to tear his head off. So playing against a creampuff Alabama defense in a scrimmage doesn’t impress anyone with a functioning brain stem.

  13. 21

    Julio Jones may end up being a fine receiver. But if opposing coaches want to watch some film of how to shut him down, I suggest that they watch a replay of the Prattville-Foley game in last years playoffs. I was at the game, and Prattville has a little 5′ 7″” corner named LC Morris that held Jones to a whopping total of 5 catches for 25 yards. (btw, Jones also fumbled a punt return which Prattvile recovered and converted for a score. Nice hands, huh?)If Jones is so physical and dominating, you’d think he could have muscled his way past a 5-7 d-back. I guess it just shows that you gotta have heart. I know LC Morris has it. Does Julio Jones? We’ll see the first time he gets whacked on a slant route across the middle against an SEC opponent.

  14. 24

    I to seen Julio play several times and he was a man among boys… But he has issues and im not gonna get into them but just be glad they got rid of JJ and
    hope they get rid of MR POT SMUGGLER or you guys may find out sooner than lately
    and lets see what he does against MEN among MEN..IN the SEC

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