Moon & the Advertiser’s latest smear

Where does Josh Moon get ideas for a column?

Obviously, Auburn message boards.

You could take the doltish ranting of a random Auburn fan and put Moon’s name on it—other than the spelling, I doubt anyone would notice a difference.

It could be a full-time job to refute the ramblings of the Advertiser’s hack. His latest smear? Moon accused Alabama of cheating under Saban.

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Sure. Sure. He said it was a joke; however, when you use words like “mob boss,” “Crimson Mafia” and “dreaming up ways to circumvent the NCAA (the Feds),” it leaves little doubt—Moon and his editors are out to smear Saban.

Would the Advertiser allow the same type of commentary about a political figure? Would the Advertiser allow Barack Obama to be labeled an Islamic Imam?

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

But the code of ethics doesn’t apply to Nick Saban because…well, he’s Nick Saban. Screw him. Because he hates the press.

And Gannett employees wonder why the newspaper’s parent company is shedding 1,000 jobs. Journalism is dead, and columnists like Moon are what killed it. When this type of smear besmirches the pages of the newspaper, it diminishes every newspaper. Why pay to read this in a newsprint when you can get the same thing with far more creativity on opponents’ Internet message boards?


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  1. 1

    It’s poorly written–as all Moon columns are–but the bottomline is a compliment. He can’t be direct about it, but he’s basically saying what Scarbinsky couldn’t figure out: he’s not the most powerful because of the wins he has, he’s the most powerful because he’s got the entire network buying in and moving in a concerted effort to get the future wins. Meaningless insinuations aside, he’s actually complimenting Saban. And he’ll be censured for certain.

  2. 2

    Other than the jab about money envelopes this was not an attack on the Bama program. If anything it was a compliment on Saban’s leadership. High roller alumni and their meddling is what has gotten our program into such bad shape. Saban has organized them into a legal functioning network which actually helps the program. The guy is a poor writer but other than that, the article was pretty good. He can not be compared to a Barner, there were not nearly enough misspelled words or cuss words. No Auburn fan has ever came up with such a clever analogy.

  3. 3
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Do you see what having Nick Saban’s face (and Bryant-Denny in the background) has escalated?

    Joshua MOOn, a simple article concerning Tuberredneck’s smiling face featured on the cover of “Second Fiddle Magazine”, instead of another wasted article concerning Nick Saban (yet again), would have sufficed.

  4. 4

    The problem isn’t what Moon said. He’s an idiot trying to get a cheap reaction.

    The problem is really the Advertiser’s editorial board. Newspapers are supposed to have standards far above blogs. Where are those supposed standards now?

  5. 5

    At least it seems he actually read and comprehended most of the Forbes article unlike Scab, Cowturd and the little AUtards.

    As far as his “mafia” comment is concerned, if he’d take the time to open his very own back door and look across the plains he would see the Mafia has held his own village hostage for years. Oh and after reading that comment, I actually lost my train of thought wondering if Moooooon had written that article, or if Bill Curry had.

  6. 6

    Everybody wants that “old time” Journalism – well – it died a while ago. The Writers now reflect the Blogs. It is too easy for mediocre print writers to troll the Blogs for their smack. I also think that sports talk has the most influence over the writers. The Papers are dying and we all better get used to it.
    I would like to thank The Birmingham News for finally giving me something this Sunday I could really use. A sample of Cereal was stuck in the Poly.

  7. 9

    Josh Moon you’ll never be Shane so stop while you’re ahead.
    You’re a wannabe.
    A cheap imitation.
    A lousy rip off.
    Here today gone tomorrow.
    Wait… You also symbolize Auburn to the core. Perfect!

  8. 10
    Big K

    He also thinks that Obama is well spoken, I guess he has never heard him without his telaprompter. You get what you pay for, I bet he do not make over 30K. I do think that the second half of the aritical was a back handed complement to Saban, but who cares what Moon thinks.

  9. 11
    Ballplay Indian

    As bad as yall say Josh Moon is……He cant hold a candle to the Official Crimson Tide Journalist….Shane from Centerpoint……Honostly people….It goes both ways….

  10. 12

    What is all the fuss about the article? We all know Saban rules Bama with an iron fist. So what if they refer to him as the “don”. Who cares? All that matters is the wins that we will be racking up this year. At least 10 wins.

  11. 13

    We will see if you get 10 wins and just what are you gonna do when he doesnt,? find any/every excuse as to WHY???

    here it is HES NOT THAT GOOD OF A COACH!!! winning an SEC title isnt all that damn immpressive and the NC he has
    well we all (except for bammas) know he fell into that ( ask LSU )



  12. 14

    OOPS when i say impressive i just mean its sooooo many good teams in the SEC that damn and SEC title doesnt mean NC!!!
    they beat each others asses all year and it hurts sometimes…. THATS ALL

  13. 15

    I take it Tuberville would’ve won five SEC titles and five BCS titles at LSU the same time Saban did if he was in his place? Tuberville spent five years at one SEC school, where he never came close to even dreaming of a winning season in the SEC, and nine years at another SEC school, where it took him six years to win one SEC title, which was the same year he went from a nobody to somebody while competition faltered. Let’s see just how “good he really is” when the competition that hindered him from success before the year 2004 makes their comeback.

  14. 16

    Cappy, let’s get a few things straight. First of all, every objective reader in this state (there ain’t many) knows that Moon is simply trying to follow Finebaum’s pattern of being vitriolic and incidious to generate a buzz so that he can garner a reputation as a “hard hitting journalist.” Just like Finebaum, he is absolutely thrilled when legions of fans get furious at what he writes and light up the message boards spreading his name and articles like wildfire. When you write an article on this blog dedicated solely to his latest column, he laughs at you and snidely mumbles to himself “mission accomplished”. You can say that he is besmirching journalism all you want by making an obvious parody of Saban and Bama by comparing it to the mafia, but do you seriously contend that Finebaum hasn’t repeatedly said things that were just “as over the top”? Do you therefore also think Finebaum is a besmirchment to journalism?

  15. 17

    I don’t think Finebaum ever compared or called a group of innocent people mafia. For those that don’t know, the mafia is a murderous, criminal organization.

    Finebaum has said some really funny, and mean things. However, I don’t think he has ever crossed the line like this guy does on a regular basis.

    I did make one error in this posting. I called Moon a hack. I should apologize to hacks everywhere. Like I said before, Moon would have to be much improved to be called a hack.

  16. 18
    Ballplay Indian

    When Saban goes 7-6 again……The “probation” excuse will come out again. Its a foolproof excuse for a bammer…We were in a “weakened state” because of probation, so that Iron bowl has an asterisk beside it. You know its coming.

    Ive asked it a thousand times, and Ill ask it again. When does an Iron bowl victory count for Auburn? When will Bama be “back”? When will the probation excuse stop? In 3 months , not one bammer has even attempted to answer these questions. Why is that? Its simple enough of a question. When are yall going to quit using the “weakened state” arguement ? Shane said this year yall would win the SEC. Does that mean an Iron bowl victory would count ? Someone please man up and answer this question ?

  17. 19

    Nobody has answered it because it is a foolish question. Every victory counts. However, not all victories are created equal. The probation isn’t an excuse for losing—it is one of the reasons Alabama lost.

    You know, we always have reasons for a loss. We sit back and analyze what happened. Sometimes it is a bad game plan, sometimes it is poor execution, and sometimes it is a litany of things. One of the largest reasons for Alabama’s mediocre records over the last few years was the NCAA penalties. It isn’t an excuse for losing, but it is without a doubt a major reason for the losses.

    When will Bama be back? That is a more difficult question because it requires serious prognostication. I’m not a visionary. However, I think this year you’ll see an Alabama team capable of winning. Why? Attitudes are better—and that is 2/3 of the battle.

  18. 20

    Cappy, Moon did not seriously compare Bama and Saban to the mafia and you know it. That was nothing but a parody. Take off the crimson glasses and chill out. In fact, Moon spent the entire second half of the article praising Saban and specifically said that he was worth every dime that Bama was paying him. Finebaum has repeatedly called people idiots, corrupt, sleazy, scumbag, you name it. I’m talking about football coaches, not convicted felons. Finebaum wasn’t “joking” when he said it either. You hate Moon because he has the audacity to write some rough things about Saban, but I’d like for you to tell me one thing he has said about Saban that was wrong.

  19. 21
    Mr. Holmes

    No one said a victory never counted. But don’t you find it ironic you only win FOUR, 1, 2, 3, 4! over 12 years Iron Bowls until alabama suffers from NCAA SANCTIONS and the changing of a head coach every 2-3 years??? Reason why is MOST OF YOUR FANS celebrate as if they’d beaten the 93 squad six straight years. I know… I know… we got what we deserved, but you people talk as if alabama will never surpass the 2-10 mark every season. Ole Miss had a load of upperclassmen last year that ranked ahead of us in the recruiting rankins when our players committed to us. You really think Saban failed last year? Just because he lost to LM? He also had a comeback win over Arkansas, first one in since three coaches ago, and literally blew the brakes off of Tennessee. Hell Gene Stallings took over a very talented class that only lost two games the year before, one being the bowl, and he only went 7-5 and almost lost to LTech in 93!!! And look at what Tuberville done at in his first year at Auburn and look where he is today. When he took the job in 98, did you believe he was going to make Auburn one of the most successful programs in the western division?

  20. 22

    The past does not matter. What matters is the future and the future looks bright for the Tide. Saban will win National Championships for the Tide. We have the players to do it. This year will be a big one for us in order to move forward. Seriously a 10 win season is in the picture.

  21. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    Not so fast guys. Your not getting off that easy…..Ive been hearing the same B.S for about three years now. The whole wekened state crap has been used at every possible occasion. Ive heard NYC , George, Bammerman,Christopherson,JW, tmc1 and a whole book of others claim that if not for probation that Auburn would have never had a streak. And that the probation was the only reason we have had success….PERIOD. Yall weenies cant change your stories now. Ive heard WAAAAAYY too much of the B.S.That excuse has been used so much that it has just become natural……

    Ive argued that BAD decisions by the PROGRAM are the reason for the streak…..A sanctionless Shula would still have never beat Auburn….PERIOD. That excuse is a crock of hock. Idiotic choices by the powers that be are the reason for Bamas failure. You would NEVER hear Auburn use an excuse for a loss. @ more losses are coming guys. I really see it. This year is gonna be your best shot. Next year we are gonna be unstoppable..Write it down.

    Again, dont act like that isnt the absolute #1 excuse for bamas suckage for the last 8 years. Ive heard it waaaay to much. And cap , it isnt that hard of question to answer. According to the rivals rankings yall are so proud of you should be competitive. Yall claim to have the best coach money can buy. The best facilities money can buy. Its year two of the “process”…..But see you and I both know the anser to the question…..Bama can never say its back,,,,Until they beat Auburn….


    Now ,,,whos little brother?

  22. 24

    This guy is obvisously a Auburn fan who is trying to smear the name of another perosn. Is this not a slander suit in the making?

  23. 25

    Whats the BIG DEAL everybody? You didn’t think Pine Box and Bobby Lowder were just gonna sit back while Saban got the good pub from Forbes, did you? Hell No! These guys had to reach back into their bag and bring out the new and improved Philip Marshall (Josh Moon). Josh Moon can use internet cut downs in the Advertiser becuse that paper is not that respected.

    Just remember these guys are the same guys that look the other way on BEAT DOWNS and CHOP BLOCKS. They are in the process of trying to win “AT ALL COST” like the old Miami Hurricane way. Which leads to players getting hurt and ending their careers. Which also leads to NCAA PROBATION IN THE END.

    So what’s the big deal everybody? Their gonna pull out little Marshall every now and then anyway, get use to it.

    Tide fans click on CrimsonBrother above.

    Stop cutting down Shane little Aubie’s. Because it’s amazing to me how he gets these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  24. 26

    I can tell you what a BIG DEAL is though. Chette Williams Inc. should post his 501c3 IRS tax returns on the internet because he shouldn’t have anything to hide. Auburn’s own Associate Compliance director has confirmed that Chette Williams has violated NCAA rules in the past.

    Chette Williams Inc. is tied to the AUBURN football program at the hip and theres a lot of money floating around.

    Pine Box was just in Birmingham recently raising over 250,000 dollars for Chette.
    Chette, Pine Box, etc., if you have nothing to hide post that 501c3 IRS return on the WEB.

  25. 27

    Aubarn was the school with the cash stuffed envelopes. I think Moon is a little confused. Keep it down home cuz.

  26. 28

    Chris. You realize that AUburn plays more than just Bamma right? I mean the Iron Bowl is “THE GAME” in alot of our minds but OL SLICK aint gonna break POLYTECH BABY!!!!


  27. 29
    Ballplay Indian

    Bamas #2 excuse is Chette Williams…….Surely without Chette helping Auburn cheat , they would not be kicking our ass like they have been….Right Bammers…

  28. 30

    If Josh Moon is a hack, then Shane Cornhole is a sack…yeah, that kind of sack. When is that steroid investigation going to start in Auburn, Cornhole?

  29. 31
    Ryan Campbell

    I think BallPlay Indian (racist name) spends WAY WAY too much time worrying about ALabama. Don’t have a coronary, dude. Funny to me (and all Bama fans) how some Auburn fans will say Saban sucks, then write four paragraphs attempting to discredit him, all at the same time saying he’ll be gone in 3 years. Boys, boys, if he will leave in 3 years and go to another school, doesn’t that make him a good coach? You can’t have it both ways little Auburn children. Speaking of which, I’ve got to tend to mine now, but at least my children haven’t stooped to acting like Auburn fans on the forums. WAAAAAA, WAAAA, “we good, we beat Top 10 teams then lose to South Florida who FINISHED 7-5, waaa, waaaa we just lost to Mississippi State, but we good wasaaaa!” See, I can qualify as an Auburn douchebag.

  30. 32

    “Staring down the barrel of a gun.” Any bammerhoid who wants to claim that Auburn cheats needs to remember that phrase, and the fact that it was applied to UAT by the NCAA. Egregious cheating was required to gain that ignominious designation.

    And the reaction to the Josh Moon column is yet another opportunity for bammers to prove that they are humorless whiners.

  31. 33
    Ryan Campbell

    Um, Kevin, Auburn has the third most probations of any school in NCAA History. That’s not a guess, that’s a fact. I don’t have the link, but I’m sure you were over the Alabama blog page last week when the results were shown. Alabama didn’t even make the TOP 20. Yes, We were on probation, and the NCAA used harsh language, AS THEY ALWAYS DO when handling down their sentence. They also used very harsh language in 1993 with Auburn, and the sanctions were VERY, VERY severe considering Auburn threw Dye under the bus before the sentence. Or did he retire. I guess losing to Stallings three years in a row made the decision a little easier.

    Stop losing sleep over Nick Saban and Alabama. Everything will be fine for Auburn. I’m sure you guys have convinced yourself that Shula and Saban are equals since Saban opened with Shula’s same record. Same thing happened to Pat Dye with Barfield’s same record, but you guys are good at saying, “that eenchant hysttery (as James Brooks or Kenny Irons would spell).” Dip, spit, scratch, sniff, typical Auburn behavior.

  32. 35

    Um, Kevin, Auburn has the third most probations of any school in NCAA History.

    Could that be because they’ve spent most of their dull history playing catch-up with Alabama? They’ve cheated in all their most successful seasons, even including their glorious 2004 perfect season where their players received free class credits in the simplest of classes, just to remain “football eligible”.

  33. 36
    Ballplay Indian

    Ryan…Show me where Ive said that Saban is a bad coach…..Thats right, you cant…I dont have a problem with or do I worry about Saban or Alabama….I do , however have a problem with the most arrogant fanbase in the world. The most delusional fanbase in the world. The Mullett Nation…..Do yall honostly think that in three years, all will bow before the mighty crimson neck nation….It aint gonna happen. Well still be here. We will still have a say in who goes to Atlanta….Till you recover from your “weakened state”, keep on dreaming big there little brother. We are, and will continue to be a factor on the national level….Its a down year for us. A new Q.B. new offensive and defensive coordinators, and quess what? Still preseason top 10…… We are currently respected and will continue to be respected on the NATIONAL level…..That is what Bama aspires to be. Ya aint there yet, but keep dreamin little bro.

  34. 37

    Ballplay, you don’t worry about Alabama? You say this as your on a Bama website? Give me a break. Preseason does not mean squat, unless you are picked one and two and stay undefeated all year, you know what I mean? Sorry to disappoint you, but alot of people on the national level doesn’t even know who Au is.

  35. 38
    Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman, I love to come here because I love to argue. That is all. As far as preseason rankings go , I agree , it isnt an absolute indicator of where a team will end up. But Ill tell you what it does mean. It means that most of the Associated Press sports writers think that Auburn is one of the top ten teams in the nation. That is called national perception any way you slice it. Mosat of the nation knew who bama WAS….Not who they are now…It must suck knowing that youll never be as good as you once were. And that your best days are behind you.

  36. 40

    And that your best days are behind you.

    But you all said that when Gene Stallings took over too, not to say Saban is going to post two undefeated seasons in seven years, but neither you or me can predict the future. So who knows what will happen? If he can resurrect the corpse that was LSU football, what makes you think he can’t do the same with Alabama of all teams, the team Mike Dubose took to the SEC Championship game and won in his third season?

  37. 42


    You two are like twins separated at birth. And you responses were predictable. You bammers love to quote that stat about Auburn having more violations. However, it’s not the QUANTITY that matters. You delusional bammers need to realize that no matter how many violations Auburn had WAY back in the day, they NEVER rose to the level of “staring down the barrel of a gun.” Seriously, you really were THAT close to losing your reason for living (i.e., UAT football) due to the deep and egregious nature of your cheating. You can claim that we have quantity, but when it comes to cheating, you all have “QUALITY.”


  38. 43
    Ryan Campbell

    Wow, An Auburn fan chiming about Quality rather than quantity in cheating. Like you can quantify quality. Typical dufus Auburn response. This coming from the same fanbase that thinks having 21 one-star committments are better because of the quantity of a “committment” rather than the quality. Redneck Auburn buffoons.

  39. 44

    This from a publication that allows Shane to post lies. He makes stuff up as he goes, yet you guys post it. Get some integrity before charging someone else.

  40. 45


    While writing this piece, did you not feel like a HYPOCRITE?

    Seriously, how could someone that houses Shane ever be taken serious on a piece like this?

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