Moon & the Advertiser’s latest smear

Where does Josh Moon get ideas for a column?

Obviously, Auburn message boards.

You could take the doltish ranting of a random Auburn fan and put Moon’s name on it—other than the spelling, I doubt anyone would notice a difference.

It could be a full-time job to refute the ramblings of the Advertiser’s hack. His latest smear? Moon accused Alabama of cheating under Saban.

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Sure. Sure. He said it was a joke; however, when you use words like “mob boss,” “Crimson Mafia” and “dreaming up ways to circumvent the NCAA (the Feds),” it leaves little doubt—Moon and his editors are out to smear Saban.

Would the Advertiser allow the same type of commentary about a political figure? Would the Advertiser allow Barack Obama to be labeled an Islamic Imam?

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

But the code of ethics doesn’t apply to Nick Saban because…well, he’s Nick Saban. Screw him. Because he hates the press.

And Gannett employees wonder why the newspaper’s parent company is shedding 1,000 jobs. Journalism is dead, and columnists like Moon are what killed it. When this type of smear besmirches the pages of the newspaper, it diminishes every newspaper. Why pay to read this in a newsprint when you can get the same thing with far more creativity on opponents’ Internet message boards?