Does Auburn have a QB controversy?

By Shane from Centerpoint
With the hiring of Tony Franklin and the installation of his spread offense, Coach Tommy Tuberville created an immediate splash of much needed recruiting hype, evidently to counter the relentless machine across the State – named Nick Saban. Tuberville apparently felt the need to do something. Franklin brought a quarterback, Chris Todd, with him who basically grew up running Franklin’s offense. Kodi Burns, Tuberville’s hand-picked successor to Brandon Cox, was promised a starting job as the future of Auburn’s offense. Now the two are locked in a battle for the starting job that may be quickly dividing the rest of the team into competing factions. A team divided can conquer itself.

A great deal of debate over the years has centered on whether it is better to have a designated starter or a two-quarterback system. Most experts believe that since the quarterback is the “front man” for the entire team there should be a single, established leader in place to maintain team continuity. The dangers and pitfalls involved in having two signal callers run the offense are well established and numerous.

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Regardless of the denials or lack of political correctness involved, when race becomes an issue, the problem of who should run the offense can magnify and create dissension among teammates.

As evidence, I present the case of Andrew Zow and Tyler Watts at Alabama. Admittedly Coach Dennis Franchione was able to harness both players’ effectiveness, while keeping the team behind each quarterback during their 2002 senior season. However, the years before that were crippled by internal strife among the team because certain players wanted the “white” guy to run the show and others wanted the “black” guy behind center. This problem became a cancer that could have contributed to several losses that would not have happened had either Zow or Watts been named the number one guy. That is the truth.

Now we have a very similar situation down on The Plains. There is no way to spin the picture that the current situation between Burns and Todd presents. When you look deeper, the entire team seems to be in turmoil, with fights occurring between players of opposite colors. The mostly white offensive linemen are pitted against a large contingent of black defensive pass rushers in pass-blocking drills. The majority of the daily skirmishes are happening during this drill. Could these battles be an indicator that there is a racial tone beginning to surface about which man should be running the offense?

If the coaches don’t get a grip on the reins in this situation the entire two-quarterback theory could blow up in Tuberville’s face. Team consistency and continuity depend so much on quarterback play that a controversy could cause a meltdown during the upcoming 2008 season.

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  1. 1

    Shane, Shane, only white racist accuse others of being racist… playing the race card is low and totally uncalled for… You attack Brother Chette, does that make you a racist? When was Alabama’s last black QB, Zow… So what you are really saying is in 2002, Bama had a racist problem… Will Bama have a problem next year with Star and McElroy?

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian

    Nice try there dooshbag….Your trying to start a fire where there is none, (ala Chette Williams)….Yall bammers are grasping for any thing arent you ?

    Lets lay out some fact for your thick head , Shane……….First, Burns was never “promised” a starting position. No Auburn player is “promised” a starting position…Many interviews with Burns proved that this is so…He says he knows he has to earn the position, and that he welcomes the compitition..Countless articles prove this to be fact………Strike one…

    Secondly, …..This isnt 1974. A two quarter back system only won Florida a national championship in 06….I can guaruntee you that one will get the reps over the other , once a starter is named…The other will come in on certain situations…The spread will be a more two qb friendly offense than any other…IMO………….strike two

    Third…..Only a dummass hick would consider bringing up race….But then again,,,,Consider the source….Bama “lost games because they couldnt decide between Zow and Watts” ? How do you pretend to know that ? Oh, thats right , you dont……If there was a race issue, Shane , it was only because of spastics such as yourself….You cant prove one thing that you are sayin..There is no “race ” problem on the Auburn team…Period….The fights that are occuring are between the Offense and the Defense…Who do you expect to fight ? The Furr fight was by players of the same race, sending a message…Soooooo, STRIKE THREE YOUR OUT !!!!! OUT OF YOUR MIND……..

    The first new quarterback Auburns had in four years doesnt need to be a rush decision….They know what they are doing….By November, well have our guy in place….And thats what your afraid of, isnt it?

  3. 3
    Memphis Tider

    Don’t listen to these assholes. What you’re saying it entirely correct.

    In 2000, the biggest problem we had was a lack of team leadership, along with the fact that guys like Freddie Milons, etc, hated Tyler Watts because he couldn’t throw the football. DuBose allowed all of this crap to happen and it completely tore this team apart. Fights during the preseason were just as common for that Alabama team as they are for this Auburn team…which might lead people to suspect that this could be a similar circumstance.

    In 2000 Alabama had 18 returning starters. Yes…18. The biggest losses were Shaun Alexander and Chris Samuels. They lost their leadership, and along with it, the team unity. Something similar could be going on with the Barn this year. This fighting is a bigger deal than people want it to be.

  4. 4

    Ballplay, your baseless strikes carry so much weight on this website, so do everybody a favor and try to convince your own website that there is not a race issue. . . dumbass

  5. 5

    Geez Cappy…please insist to all that you allow to post articles on this that they check their freakin’ facts. Everyone knows that this moron likes to throw out controversial topics to stir up the puddin. I’ve done the same thing myself in some of my posts. But this idiot can’t even get his facts straight on who Bama’s freakin’ qb has been. Let’s examine this quote:

    “Admittedly Coach Dennis Franchione was able to harness both players’ effectiveness, while keeping the team behind each quarterback during their 2002 senior season.”

    Newsflash: Andrew Zow’s senior season was in 2001. Zow did not play during 2002. Therefore, there was no “racial qb controversy” for Franchione to harness that year. As to 2001, there was no “racial controversy” either. Zow absolutely sucked and threw pick after pick when he did play during early 2001. Fran wisely played Watts based solely on performance on the field.(I can’t imagine that there was a white, black, asian, or pacific islander on Bama’s football team that questioned Fran’s decision to play Watts based on how poorly Zow had been playing in 2001. In fact, I recall iceboy getting into a fight himself with Jim from Tuscaloosa about whether he was the only one to proclaim that Zow had sucked during 2001 despite his perormance against MSU and Auburn.) Fran finally played Zow against MSU and Auburn because Watts got hurt. Amazingly, Zow played the absolute game of his life against Auburn. But you and every other Bama fan out there knows you were rolling your eyes when you saw Zow come on the field that day on the first play. Where the hell is the “racial controversy” in that?

    The comments about Burns and Todd being a racial controversy are too ridiculous to even warrant a response. I invite all readers to do nothing more than read the supportive comments offered by both of these incredibly accomplished student athletes and decide for yourselves if the thought of race has even entered their minds. Hey Shane, David Duke called. He said he needs his hood and robe back before the cross burning on Saturday night.

  6. 6

    Injun Joe is loyal to the barn to the nth degree but when it comes to analyzing things that may be negative towards his team he turns those blinders on turbo. Also, does anyone ever wonder why a barner has more posts on this board than any Bama poster? Seems as though someone is concerned and is pretty much a crap stirrer. RTR

  7. 7
    Ballplay Indian

    O.K. peckerheads……Lets look at it objectively…..What fact do yall have to support this theoty ? Answer : A quarterback race where they are different colors…..That is it ? Some fights at practice ? Even though the fights were among people of the same color. Sometimes they werent, sometimes they were…..If there were a race problem, why wouldnt Burns or Todd show it in some way shape or form ? They have been remarkably positive about the competition…..

    The bottom line is this, Shane is stirring the crap…Its what he does…His daddy Paul taught him well….The sad thing is that you spastic bammers bite it hook, line, and sinker….Or maybe it just makes you feel better to envision someone elses failure instead of your own….Sorry guys, but this aint true….

    Educator….I have posted several things on here that I have disagreed with Tubberville on…Recruiting, etc. So what YOU said is bull crap….

  8. 8
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    QB Controversy? I agree with SHAME. The controversy is which QB will throw for the most TDs in the Iron Bowl.

    Clemson 44
    scum 6

  9. 9
    Barnie Educator

    It’s not a racial controversy just so much as it’s playing favorites. Maybe Chris Todd is just a better quarterback.

    Burns couldn’t relieve Cox against MSU nor could he could he, alone, score anymore than one touchdown (which was passing) against New Mexico State. Plus, his stats in Alabama Tech’s A-Day game weren’t head-turning either.

    Then again, controversy always seems to follow Tony The Tiger everywhere he goes. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  10. 11
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    If you go to Atlanta, drink alot of Boones Farm Wine. It will be ugly.
    Clemson 44
    scum 6

    War Chicken!

  11. 12
    I Heart Tubby!

    Booger, if you go to Aubarn, drink a lot of toxic poison. It’ll be a lot prettier than the final score of your first game;-)

  12. 14
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    I Love Tubby!, that was weak! AUBURN is not bama. We will beat LAMO. bama lost to LAMO. hahahahaha

    Clemson 44
    scum 6
    War Chicken!

  13. 15


    Why is it when 2 people of opposite race dissagree its a RACIAL INCIDENT???

    They are competing for a spot and Shane turns it to Race with no factual statements from anyone stating so.


  14. 17
    Bama Fan in NYC

    To answer your question Omni, in modern day times, that little town of Aubarn has been famously known for racism. Due in large part to fraternity KKK parties, and denying entrance to colored people in the world renowned SkyBar(n) in downtown.

    Thus leads to speculation in the football program as well.

  15. 20
    J W


  16. 21

    Hey, Educator1, maybe the reason that Auburn fans post on this site is because it is about Auburn. I love the logic of you guys… 40-50% of the posts are about Auburn, but we are obsessed with Bama because we read them. Well, I wish I was just clever enough to wip up a photoshopped magazine cover to make fun of bama, kinda like another post about AU that you guys put up.

    As for the racial issue, I really thing Shane has crossed the line. I come on here and make some posts every once in a while, and it is all in good fun. If any Bama fan is really honest with themselves, they will acknowledge that Bama fans do the same thing on AU websites. It’s part of the resaon the rivalry is so great. However, to purposefully try to insight racial difficulties among young 18-21 year old kids is really taking it to a new level and is pretty disturbing. If there was hard evidence I would say it was warranted to write such a blog, but clearly it is just speculation at best. Essentially, what Shane’s post conveys is that it is more important to him to win ballgames (by causing racial controversy at AU) than to preserve the progress we have made in the state of Alabama. As someone who has lived in multiple states since growing up and spending my childhood and adolescence in Alabama, I can tell you that many view us (the entire state) as redneck racists. So why in the world would anyone do anything to promote that view, just so they may potray their college rival as inferior to their own team? The more I write, the more this disturbs me. I love college football and particularly AU, but this sort of garbage takes it to a whole new level that extends beyond banter and trash talk. I invite anyone who reads this to admonish Shane and let him know that his post is in poor taste.

    Shane, you need to grow up and get some class.

  17. 22

    JW, see above post.


    I love the “LSU 44 TUBBERNECKS 6” post.

    Very clever… why not just write,

    “BAMA Gazillion TUBBERNECKS 0”?

    You really stuck it to us with that one.

  18. 24
    J W


  19. 26

    Hell if we stay out then there is nothing here but Rednecks posting on other rednecks… you guys would love to be alone wouldnt ya SISSY GIRLS cant take a lil heated competition JW??

  20. 27
    Auburn Man

    Ha ha there Omni! Well done old bean!

    There is no controversy at AU on whom the QB will be. Since AU has the highest paid Refs in the NCAA, A ficus tree could play QB and Auburn would still win all thier home games.
    And for the record, I get along well with the other races, They are of immense value to the community. Everyone needs maids, butlers and gardeners.
    And before anyone plays the race card, I want you all to know I watched “Driving Ms. Daisy”……twice.

  21. 30
    Ballplay Indian

    J.W. Your mom just yelled at you to get your butt out of the basemaent, go put on your Rallys Burgers uniform , and get your pimple faced tail to work……..For the love , please keep posting…It just proves Auburn fans point about your kind…And please keep using the caps lock button too….Also, please keep calling people “retards”….A Rodes Scholar such as yourself has to keep the bar raised for the rest of the Mullett Nation……..Keep up the good work.

  22. 31

    JW, remember the best way to reach the largest Auturd fan base is on a Bama website, Ballplay, please learn to use a spell check. What is a basemaent? And the idiots least likely to be familiar with the word Rodes (it is Rhodes) would be a sociology major from Au.

  23. 32
    Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman……..People like you kill me….I am not even giving a chit if my spelling is off…..I try to type quickly…I really dont give a crap if it is off some……I would hope that your dummass could figure out what a basement is…..But apparently not…J.W. is a prime example of a “retarded” bammer….You on the other hand are an example of a typical “dumass” Bammer….Are we clear now?

    By the way, do you work at Rallys, or Milos?

  24. 34

    Auburn will be running a 2 QB system this year. Just like they did against Clemson in the boel game last year. Apparently it worked well since they split the snaps 50/50 and are now 1-0 doing it.
    Also, Shane, how do you know that Burns was ever promised anything??? If anything he was probably promised an “opportunity to earn” the starting spot. I find it hard to believe that any coach would promise a player a starting position before he ever stepped foot on a college football field. If a coach does that, he’s setting himself up for failure at some point. Positions aren’t awarded, they are earned. That’s how it works at every program!
    Do you ever write about anything other than Auburn??? In case you haven’t noticed, UA plays Clemson is less than 2 weeks. Those are the Tigers you need to be worried about at this point. We already beat them, can you???

  25. 35
    Ballplay Indian

    We will kick a mudhole in LAMOs rectum and then walk it dry. Il say 42-10..Then Clemson defeats Alabama bu around ten points….That means we beat two teams that beat yall, and destryoed one of those teams….Makes you think , dont it…After week one we will know a lot about bama.

  26. 36
    Ballplay Indian

    J.W. its official, youve been voted the biggest crackhead on the board….What your posting cant even be taken as an insult, because it is not understandable… This is an example of what you look like.


    Sad isnt it?

  27. 37

    Ballplay, your break in the flower garden at the nursing home is over, time to change your depends you old fart.

  28. 38
    Ballplay Indian

    Your only as old as you feel …..Im probably old enough to be your father….By the way Bamarman,depending on where you live, I may be your father…If thats the case Im gonna hve to whoop your tail, and teach you some manners.

  29. 39

    I hate to tell all my AU friends that there is indeed a QB controversy on the plains. Yes, Burns and Todd are fighting over who will be the next starting QB to never lose to Alabama.

  30. 40

    Is there controversy at Alabama… You have JPW, but then Star Jackson, but Sa$an basically promised the job to AJ McCarron…”My relationship with Coach Saban is just special,” McCarron said. “I don’t think he has the same relationship with all his recruits that we do. He talks about how we both grew up the same way. He was a poor country kid who was always wanting to play every sport he could, too.”
    Oh, there’s also this:

    “Coach Saban has a lot of confidence in me. He tells me every time he talks to me that I can play at Alabama my freshman year.

    Will you write about that?

  31. 45

    This pitiful accusation is clearly racist in itself! Only a racist would use race in an attempt to divide his most feared rival. The subsequent gleeful agreement by you BammerNecks is why Bama is plagued with misfortune.

    Articles like this will only bring Auburn and its tight knit group of football players closer.

    The only controversy coming in 2008 will be which QB will be allowed to score the TD to push Auburn over 50 in the IB.

    Shane is an embarrassment and typical of many Alabama fans.

  32. 46
    Aubie 6

    This is not surprising coming from an Alabama fan — after all they grew up worshiping the university with the most high profile tradition of racism in the United States, and they love their tradition over there. Racism is the only tradition that the University of Alabama is well-known for throughout the world. Outisde the U.S. no one knows who “the Bear” was, but they sure know about the U of A and Wallace’s stand, supported by the vast majority of the student body and the fine supporters of the university. As reflected by Shane’s attitude, nothing has really changed – RTR!

  33. 47

    As a guy who grew up in Alabama in the 1950’s and 60’s, I can tell you that kids these days have much different attitudes regarding race than did their parents or grandparents.

    There was some suspicion of racial disharmony at the Capstone when Andrew Zow played there, but it was only speculation. There was little doubt that the team lacked leadership and failed to perform up to their potential. Only the players and coaches on that team know the true story behind that, but I suspect that it had more to do with failures on the part of the coaching staff than with race.

    That said, Auburn does face an uncertain situation at the Quarterback position. I don’t think that Tommy “promises” anyone a starting position on the team. He may have funny looking ears, but he’s not that stupid. If it weren’t for Tony Franklin coming to Auburn then I think that most folks would agree that Kodi had the starting QB job in the pocket this year. He was the only QB to get significant playing time last season. He was the heir apparent.

    It is a rare thing for a true two Quarterback system to find success in college football. I don’t believe that Auburn wants to implement this system. What Florida did in 2006 was not a classic two Quarterback system. They ran some specialty plays with Tim Tebow, but Chris Leak was the undisputed starter. Bama did the same thing in 1992 with David Palmer. I suspect that this is the system that Coach Tuberville wants to deploy. If Coach Franklin disagrees, then there might be a controversy.

    There is no reason for Auburn to show their hand if they really have made a decision. It only helps other teams prepare a game plan against them. If all goes well and there is no early season meltdown (An unfortunate Tuberville trademark), I could see them actually playing both Quarterbacks against Louisiana Monroe and possibly even Southern Miss. By the time they face Mississippi State, they need to have this issue resolved. Otherwise, it could be a long, hard season for Tony Franklin and the Auburn Nation.

  34. 48
    Brent from Auburn

    It’s amazing how fearful Shane is of the Auburn Tigers that he has to try to stir up something completely artificial so as to divide the Auburn fan base. This “column” shows how truly ignorant this idiot really is to think that players want a certain color of person to play QB rather than the best player equipped to lead a team to a championship.

  35. 49
    freaking genius

    with watts/zow, neither one could seperate themselves because each equally sucked.

    and shane, as usual, refuses to allow facts to get in the way of a good pot-stirring.

  36. 51

    Andrew Zow only set an all time passing record of 6000 yards. Tyler Watts was a good QB, capable of running a very complex offense. But he didn’t have the passing ability of Zow. Both were pretty good Quarterbacks. Who was the QB at Auburn in those days?

  37. 52

    My, my, my! You know, the only reason I link to this site through Finebaum’s site is for the entertainment value of the posts. The people, both Auburn and Alabama supporters, make this fun. I enjoy doggin’ Alabama as much as Bammer Babies enjoy doggin’ Auburn. That’s it, I don’t read and participate in this crap as a means of information. Apparently some participants do.

    Now SHANE, let me now rip you a new asshole! I’m sure you could use a new one because the current one is probably worn out from the improper use of your battery operated “Nick Saban Action Figure”. Thank God you have an unlimited supply of ice to keep the swelling down.

    Shane, why is Sylvester Croom not the head coach at Alabma? IT’S BECAUSE HE IS BLACK! PERIOD! The people that run the University (through their donations) would not allow it, because he is BLACK! PERIOD!

    BEAR BRYANT didn’t want black kids on his team until one night, in a drunken stupor, he fell and hit his head on a bar table and came to a realization that a black kid just might help him win.

    Tim Tebow is white/Chris leak is black, together they won a National Championship with a two quarterback system. You ARE a complete and total idiot. Perhaps the Saban should consider doing the same in his “process”. You know, keep JPW in right up until they need NOT to throw an interception or fumble the ball away. It would also allow JPW more time to make sure his hair looks OK.

    Shane, keep up the journalistic integrity, I’m sure TMZ or Entertainment Tonight or even the Obama Campaign may come calling for the service you provide. Perhaps even the PFRN may even take you back. Why did they dump you anyway, are you Black?

    Go get your battery operated Nick Saban Action Figure, fire it up and enjoy yourself while you still can. There’s only 9 days until the first set of Tigers kick Bama, 70 days until the LSU Tigers kick Bama and only 21 days after that for the racist laden, poorest coached, player rioting, one star recruited, untalented, quarterback controversial AUBURN TIGERS kick Bama for the 7th straight time.

    You are the Jessie Jackson of the Bama Nation!

    You are the Jerry Springer of the Bama Nation.

    You are the puppet of Paul Finebaum.

    You are the new Shorty Price of the Bama nation.

    You are the Mike Tyson of the Bama nation.

    You are the Bama nation’s worst nightmare.

    You are one reason that… IT’S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!

    I have come to expect the crap that usually spews from your mouth and/or keyboard. But i must give you credit, this one suprised me. I didn’t think you could even stoop this low. Get a life scum bag and keep a large supply of batteries, you’ll need em!


  38. 54
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! “Shane’s Pain,” you ignorant slut. Its amazing how SOME AUBIES (not all) want to refer to Coach Bryant as a drunk. Yeah, he enjoyed his vodka but the man wanted to integrate the football program LONG before it was popular. It took a 42-21 thrashing by Southern Cal to make some people realize that blacks are JUST AS CAPABLE AND COMPETITIVE as whites. IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING about Coach Bryant (other than getting WHIPPED 9 TIMES IN A ROW), you would know that when he was HC at KENTUCKY he wanted to integrate that program LONG BEFORE it was the “popular” thing to do. They wouldn’t let him and he won anyway, but don’t go throwing baseless accusations out there you “I-MAN WANNABE!” Oh, wait. YOU ARE I-MAN! My mistake. Later!

  39. 55

    Enough with this racial crap. Let’s talk about the very stuff that Shane doesn’t want to think about…

    This is the year of “Saban” baby!

    “Saban” in a row
    “Saban” and “oh” in T’loser
    Tubbs wins his fifth time vs Saban in “Saban” tries.

    He skates by this year after going 0-2 against Auburn, but after every spread offensive type player in the country gets a look at what is brewing on the plains, and Saban fails to stuff Tubbs in recruiting this year, it will become evident that the “system” is crashing. After he loses in Auburn in 09 and falls to 0-3 in the IB, the hounds will begin to howl. And what will bammer do next? Giving Saban the keys to the castle is like the final full court shot or the 70 yd hail marry just before a loss. It never ends good and there’s nothing left to do but cry when it hits the ground.

    War “Spread” Eagle.

  40. 56

    your right Eye Man. I guess racism at Auburn would never allow a black qb to run the offense…

    Lets see, the only ones that come to mind are…

    Dameyune Craig, Pat Washington, Reggie Slack, Codi burns, and Jason Campbell.

    There’s probably lots of schools right here in Alabama that can name more, right?

  41. 57

    When was Centerpoint annexed by St. Clair County?

    Sorry Shane, I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers with the Bear comment! Although saying Bear “enjoyed his Vodka” is like OJ saying he would look for the “real killer”.

    So, what light will you Bammer Goobers shine on Tubby in 2011 when he leads Auburn to the 10th straight victory over Bama and whatever over-paid, over-hyped coach you have then?


    WAR “SPREAD” EAGLE!!! (Thank you DBAU93)


  42. 59

    what is the status of the jimmy johns investigation? i guess all his customers can breathe until after the great winning season of coach stumppie.

    i’m most positive none of the team were customers. yes, i’m sure of it, now that i think about it

  43. 60
    Steve in Ozark

    Capstone Report my eye. Shane writes about Auburn 25% of the time. Come on out of the closet, dude. This should be the Toomers Corner Report. You’re doing the bammers a diservice here.

  44. 61
    jack and coke

    Once again. The mighty Shane for brains, totally consumed with everything Auburn.
    Go back and watch your Julio video clips and cream on yourself.
    You’re a disgrace to the male race.

  45. 62
    NC Tiger

    What’s going to happen when Star Jackson enters the QB situation at the Crapstone? Same Thing, Einstein. Shane, you’re good

  46. 63

    Here we go again, Shane’s obscession with Auburn. When does it end? We are reminded constantly that this is a Bama board, yet more than half the articles are about Auburn.

    Why do we AU fans frequent this place?
    First, we want to make sure UAT fans are still obscessed with AU. Second, we want to make sure UAT fans are still delusional? Third, its so damn funny.

  47. 64

    When does it end? We are reminded constantly that this is a Bama board, yet more than half the articles are about Auburn.

    Please. Less than one-fifth of the articles on this website deal with Auburn.

  48. 65

    Shane, you have the advantage of knowing all of your “reports”. I refer only to the 27 listed on the menu. Of the 27, 12 are completely about Auburn, while a few others are partially about Auburn.

    Admittedly, I did exaggerate in saying half of your articles were about Auburn. Of those listed 44% are about Auburn, which is twice your claim of 1/5, or 20% for those of you in Tuscaloosa.

    Once again, when almost half of the articles on a supposed “Bama site” are about their cross state rival, it reeks of obscession. But the worst thing is that the subliminal message is that you really believe Bama is now living in Auburn’s shadow..

  49. 66
    Big Ed

    Hello, Shane. Wake up and smell the elephant dung. Auburn has two good quarterbacks, both of who can run the offense.

    Scary, isnt it?

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