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I need to read closely. After coffee. BYU would replace Alabama on the Tulane schedule. D’oh. Here I was laughing at the story of Birmingham, England not knowing its skyline from Birmingham, Alabama. I guess the joke is on me today.

Mal Moore said BYU could replace Tulane on the 2009 schedule in an effort to facilitate the Va. Tech game at the Georgia Dome, according to the Birmingham News.

Some fans no doubt will be frustrated the regular season trip to New Orleans looks to be out.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ian Rapoport gives us more news. He reports that Moore is ready for stadium expansion whenever Dr. Witt gives approval.

But the news doesn’t end there.

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Hart to have basketball oversight
The Birmingham News has a very important bit of news for the future of Alabama athletics in its story. So many nuggets here including that new executive director of Athletics Dave Hart will have oversight of everything, including basketball.

This is the one of those confirmations which must make for some consternation in Mark Gottfried’s office. While Alabama’s path to the Western Division crown looks easier than ever thanks to injuries, graduation and disqualifications among other teams in the West, it is time for Gottfried to deliver.

Hart said as much in the story. Though he didn’t name any coach.

“Every program should excel,” Hart said. Moore “has given coaches facilities and resources and when coaches have (that), you should expect excellence. You put the right coach in the right position, it is amazing what can happen.”

There is even more information not contained within the story on Rapoport’s blog.


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    Quick correction: BYU will not be on the 2009 schedule. What Moore said was that BYU would replace the Tide on Tulane’s schedule, thus freeing Alabama to play Va Tech. In that scenario, we play Va Tech, not BYU.

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    It was a poorly constucted sentence. I made the same mistake the first time I saw that. I was excited to add another quality team, and then I re-read the same sentence.

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