CBS & SEC renew deal

The SEC and the Tiffany Network renewed their relationship today with a 15-year extension. According to the official announcement: “In addition to the broadcast rights on CBS Sports, this comprehensive long-team deal includes certain digital, internet, wireless, Video-on-Demand, data and enhanced highlight rights across all CBS platforms, including CBS College Sports Network and Also, simulcasts of CBS Sports games will be available for distribution by the CBS College Sports Network.

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“This landmark deal allows THE SEC ON CBS to continue to be a cornerstone of our fall programming for many years to come,” said CBS News & Sports president Sean McManus. “The agreement provides CBS Sports with the opportunity to showcase the excitement, pageantry and rich traditions of the SEC across all CBS platforms. We are thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with one of the premiere conferences in the nation.”


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    “n addition to the broadcast rights on CBS Sports, this comprehensive long-team deal includes certain digital, internet, wireless, Video-on-Demand, data and enhanced highlight rights across all CBS platforms, including CBS College Sports Network and”

    I will be interested in how they use this to broaden their scope of coverage. I really like the idea of on-demand. I think that would be awesome if you could put the SEC games on-demand so you could watch them whenever you want. This is how all programming for TV is going, and I am sure the same will be for football games.

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    Dave(not that one, the other one)

    I’d like to see the games end up on a HULU like site, too. Where you could watch them on your computer. that’s how the young kids do it.

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    I believe this is a mistake and all but assures that the SEC will fall behind other conferences when it comes to developing a conference network. The Coaches Hot Seat Blog posted the following and I totally agree

    “…it seems highly unlikely that the SEC will start a TV network of its own, and if they do not move to start their own network now, they will regret that decision 5 years from now. Within a very short amount of time a majority of us will be carrying around a combination laptop/cell phone device that will be light, portable, flexible, with lots of storage, able to connect to very fast broadband Internet networks, and will allow for TV viewing anywhere of what is on your home TV. Many of us in the SF Bay area already have a device very close to this with our laptops combined with Slingbox, but the next generation of communication technology is going to make what we are carrying around today look primitive. Getting back to the SEC conference, the people that we talk to in the TV business believe that the SEC is taking way to narrow of a view of the reach that an SEC TV Network could have across the entire United States and world for that matter, and the strength of the SEC brand and its fans/alumni would most certainly command some very large advertising dollars. With several SEC schools already with local or regional media deals in place, and South Carolina moving in that direction yesterday, it looks like we will not be tuning into an SEC Tonight show anytime soon. 5 years from now not starting an SEC Network will look very foolish, and it will have cost SEC schools millions of dollars, that are so badly needed by all athletic departments in this day of spiraling costs. Certainly, SEC schools should not wait around for the conference to put together a network, and South Carolina is just doing the smart thing by putting together this new TV deal with Fox Sports South.”

    Notice these guys ar from the SAN FRANSICO BAY area..come on folks..if San Fransico sees a market for an SEC TV Network why can’t those in charge of the conference see this?

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    Ballplay Indian

    As bad as I hate to say it , ESPN does the best game broadcast, hands down…Did anybody see the Auburn Cotton Bowl brodcast in 06? It was absolutely terrible…..It looked like a bad home movie…

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    Our Cotton Bowl broadcast in 05 wasn’t any better. Fox needs to stick with baseball and stay away from college ball, even if bowl games run thin on national networks televising the games.

    I agree ESPN does do the best college football coverage. NOTHING beats an ESPN broadcast, SEC match-up on a Saturday night, especially LSU games. It seems as if they literally perfect those.

  6. 8

    I disagree, I think Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist do the best job in CFB.

    Also, it does not mean there is not going to be an SEC network. The SEC network was never going to take games away from one of its big deals CBS or ESPN. It was always going to come from the Lincoln Financial/Raycom game. Also, I do not see why you frankly need an SEC network. There are a lot of other networks that are trying to get in to CFB (CSTV, Fox Sports, CSS, etc…). I would try and get them to bid against each other, along with Lincoln Financial/Raycom. I am not sure that it is really necessary to have an SEC network, unless the SEC is sure it can make more money than its tertiary network deal. Honestly, almost every game that people really want to watch is on TV currently.

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