Practice buzz-August 12, 2008

Alabama practiced indoors today thanks to the rainy weather. Alabama football coach Nick Saban said the move inside was a good change of pace for the team.

As the Tide moves into a new week of camp, Saban said this time is tough on the team.

“This week of camp is probably the most difficult week,” Saban said. He pointed toward the potential to get a lull following the first scrimmage–a time when some players are wanting to get two-a-days over and move into single practice sessions. Saban said the players have remained focused this week and continue to make progress.

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Personnel Update
Freshman tight end Brad Smelley suffered an injured hamstring. He is out for a day or two longer, Saban said. No players were injured at today’s practice.

Attitudes improved
Saban confirmed attitudes are better on this year’s team relative to last year’s. He said there were fewer malcontents on the squad.

“You start getting a critical mass of guys on your team that buy into that and you have very few guys who don’t do it that way…,” Saban said. “And I think they recognize the guys that don’t buy in. And there are very few of those guys left around.”

Very few of those guys who aren’t doing it his way are on the squad. Do I hear a collective sigh of relief?

Simulating game conditions
As fall camp rolls along, Saban has the team spending some time working on critical elements of game situations. Sabn said he is starting to try to end each practice with some kind of game situation that will “help us finish games better, finish halves better.” He said there was a “big emphasis on being a better third down team, on turnovers and red area efficiency on both sides of the ball.”

Prince Hall update
Saban said linebacker Prince Hall has worked hard during the summer.

“I think he has managed his weight a little bit better. It is one of those situations where he needed to do everything right to get back on the team, and we are pleased with the progress he made…,” Saban said. “He has done a nice job in the camp.”

Hall still faces a suspension when the season begins.


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    Auburn Man

    Everyone knows that by now Tommy Tubbs would have resoved any disciplinary issues with Prince Hall by having the whole defense tackle him and take turns kicking him while he is down.
    Its the way of the Auburn Man.

  2. 3

    Saban doesn’t need to suspend Hall. He did his time this summer. Let the kid play. We need him at linebacker. Who are you guys kidding. We all know that Saban is not a strict discipline. That is fact boys. We just need Hall out there on defense. He did his time. Let him play.

  3. 4

    Auburn will also win the national championship in 2008! Write it down boys. They’re already discussing a potential possibility of giving Kodi Burns the Heisman before the first game of the season! I’m serious! Really serious. He’s the best player ever. No joke. No really. It’s no joke. Seriously. Come on now. I’m serious. War. Eagle. Hey.

  4. 5

    You got that WRONG wareaglehey. Julio will wrap up the heisman this year. I see him getting over 1000 yards receiving. probably will do some kick off returns and punt returns as well. I see him racking up around 2000 all purpose yards. Freshman of the year. All american. Heisman winner.

  5. 6

    I see Kodi Burns scoring 9,854,743 touchdowns in his first three games!! I see him piling up over a billion passing yards against that Louisiana hyphenated school and over a trillion rushing yards! I see Tuberville winning 800 coach of the year honors!

    Ballplay or Julio, enough is enough. *awaits the two to respond acting clueless*

  6. 7
    Bama Fan in NYC

    You guys do realize by submitting each response, the moderator (Capstone), receives your email and IP address.

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