Practice buzz August 6, 2008

I’ve tried writing this five make that six times, but my computer keeps crashing. (that’s what I get for putting in some extra RAM). Anyway, this will be brief, and if this thing gets stable I’ll add a few notes later.

Attitudes just seem to be better
Nick Saban likes to say a positive attitude is critical for success. The right attitude helps you do the right things—things like working hard, and focusing on the team. There are signs the players are starting to get the message. When the players speak, they talk about the difference between last year and this year. And things just sound better.

“I feel like everybody wants to do better this year,” Alabama junior running back Glen Coffee said. He said players are working hard, learning the schemes during the hot summer days.

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Player after player is saying the same thing. This year’s iteration of the Crimson Tide is working harder. (J.P. Wilson is spending more time in the film room for example.) And competition for playing time is on the horizon.

“Competition brings the best out of everybody,” Coffee said. “Competition only makes you better.”

As long as competition doesn’t destroy the team by destroying relationships. It is a careful balancing act for coaches and players.

But another sign things might be getting better is that one player said the competition hasn’t damaged the relationships.

“We like each other a lot,” said Alabama senior tight end Travis McCall about his fellow tight ends. McCall has started 20 games in his tenure. He’s an upperclassman with the right type of attitude.

It is easy to say these things, but as practice rolls forward we can continue watching for signs of a new and improved attitude. Of course, the big test comes when the season starts.

Tiffin’s leg
How far can Leigh Tiffin kick the ball? He said that with his offseason work on strength and technique, that he can kick the ball 60+ yards. Fairly consistently.

What’s for breakfast before two-a-days?
What would you eat for breakfast before two-a-days? Coffee had a biscuit and grits to begin his day.

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