Franchione to call Bama-Clemson game?

Kirk Bohls of the Austin-American Statesman reported that Dennis Franchione could serve as part of the ESPN radio team broadcasting the Alabama-Clemson game (H/T The Rap Sheet).

None other than former Crimson Tide coach Dennis Franchione, the scourge of the state. A source told me the former Texas A&M coach will provide color along with Dave Barnett for that game on Aug. 30. At least, it’s not in Alabama, but in Atlanta. We’re presuming Coach Fran would prefer a neutral site.

I bet Franchione could share a few colorful stories about dealing with the Alabama Athletic Department. I know I’d pay good money to hear some of the problems he experienced. It would be enlightening.

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  1. 4

    Everyone’s quick to toss Fran under the bus for stabbing us in the back, but we’d better hope he never comes forth with the truth on why he really left.

  2. 5

    Geez, if he sucks so bad how come this fanbase has continued to whine about him for 5 years?

    Kharma is a funny thing though. Now their savior is the same kind of guy.

  3. 7
    Ballplay Indian

    The Tide did have more success under Franchioni than any other “modern era ” coach….He did “right the ship” if I recall….And also brought them back from a “weakened state”…Hey, this is starting to sound familiar…I know….If yall Franchini again, then you will be “back” in no time…..

    BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH………That is some funny stuff right yonder……

  4. 8
    Amy 4 Bama

    Just like your coach who was carried out of Ole Miss in a pine box, Jack?

    And Ballplay, do you care to speak English and not Opelikan?

  5. 11

    You bring up the pine box & I’m glad. You still didn’t address why you’re still whining about Fran 5 years later.

  6. 12

    This is just awfully freaking funny.

    I love how bammers can justify Saban’s blatant lies before coming to T-town, but still think Fran did them wrong. It’s the same dizzy logic for which bammers have always been known.

  7. 14
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    bama fans know if “Hold the Rope” had stayed at bama they would be in good shape right now. That’s why they cry, whine and criticize him. If the BOT had been upfront with him he would have stayed.

  8. 16

    “I love how bammers can justify Saban’s blatant lies before coming to T-town, but still think Fran did them wrong. It’s the same dizzy logic for which bammers have always been known.”

    And I love how backwoods API hicks refuse to justify or even share their take on the whole pine box incident.

  9. 17

    ballplay indian, do you have a problem with women? didn’t you say you were in your 40s and yet your talking shit on the internet. i bet you lost a lot of lunch money in high school.

    count this as my signature:

  10. 18
    Amy 4 Bama

    Ballplay, I’ve already told you once that I’d be more than happy to iron your shirt, just as soon as your husband is done checking the oil in my Altima with it first:)

    And thank you Berman! You are so right!

  11. 20

    Let’s get this straight: it was okay for fRan to abandon Alabama the way Tuberville did Ole Miss, but it was a crime for Saban to abandon Miami?

    There’s that dizzy logic Alabama Tech barnzoes are famous for when they’re not lassoing up innocent dogies at a fraternity rodeo in barnville.

  12. 21
    Ballplay Indian

    jeez people….Do yall not have a sense of humor? Bama Amy, I am just kidding about he shirt . Berman Im a 15 year old stuck in a 37 year old body. Yes , its pathetic. But I do know how to have fun.

    Amty , it is good to see you fire back. Good line about the husband checking your cars oil …Original.

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